Cheonma Wants to Live Quietly

chapter 31

“Woong, we will be leaving the Yeon residence sometime today. So get ready to leave.”

Woong stared blankly at Moonkwang. After staring for a while, he slowly regained his focus in his eyes.

“So soon? I haven’t been able to accomplish anything.”

Woong had recovered significantly. But no matter it wasn’t enough to compare him to his previous self.

Even so, he had not forgotten his task. His head was still full of ambition.

“We’ve not yet made proper contact with the goldenwall clan.”

And also he had not been able to enjoy Harin.

“Things are looking bad back home.”

“What? What do you mean? What is bad?”

“I didn’t tell you as you weren’t feeling well, but there was a problem even before I came here.”

Moonkwang summarised the happenings at the Jong residence. Woong burst out in rage after hearing the full story.

“Those scums dared to rebel against our clan?”

“They definitely have someone involved. But it seems they still haven’t found the accomplice.”


“We leave for Cheong geum ryeon.”

“Cheon geum ryeon? But we should avoid contact with them as much as possible.”

Moonkwang sighed in relief and nodded his head.

Finally, Woong was using his brain and coming back to his old self.

“We no longer have to avoid them. We should still be cautious but not it’s a matter of survival for our clan. We must do all that we can.”

“Is the situation that bad?”

“Yes. It is extremely challenging.”

Moonkwang answered before continuing on.

“We must go to chrome geum ryeon and transfer the funds, we will ask them for help with the investigation of the accomplice.”

Woong’s face hardened.

“If so…then our clan’s share will be significantly reduced.”

“There is no choice. We can still try to fight to claim as many shares as possible.”

Wong lowered his head with an angry expression.

Moonkwang cautiously asked Wooong.

“Do…you remember anything from that day?”

Woong seemed to be in a much better condition so he wondered if his lost memories might have returned.

But as soon as he finished his question, Woong broke out in cold sweat profusely.

“Oh..what, what is happening, my body feels weird all of a sudden.”

Woong’s face turned pale.

His legs were wobbly and his whole body was losing control. His body slumped against the chair and he experienced shortness of breath.


Moonkwang channeled his energy and shouted.

Woong looked at Moonkwang in shock. But realized he was feeling better.

“Pant, pant.”

Woong took a deep breath. And looked at Moonkwang with panic in his eyes.

“I, I don’t understand why. Why am I suddenly like this….”

Moonkwang looked at Woong pitifully.

‘The fear must be imprinted somewhere in his instinct. The question was whether he would be able to overcome it….”

Somehow he felt like this was a representation of the Jong clan’s near future. So he shook his head violently.

No that was impossible.


Gyeongwan and Yoo stared at Taesan speechless. The doctor standing beside him giggled away.

“You want to visit the brothel first before you head home?”

Taesan frowned slightly.

“The days I seem to have picked up the habit of repeating my sentences more than once.”

Yoo flinched slightly. But this was not right.

Taesan had just returned from the Yeon residence.

After meeting his fiance Yeon Harin. So how could he even think of going to the brothel even before he reached his home.

“It’s because you are suggesting something beyond an ordinary person’s imagination.”

Taesan nodded his head.

“You’re right I am not ordinary.”

That was not the intended message. Yoo turned to look at Gyeongwan. Like she was telling him to do something about this.

But what could Gyeongwan possibly do? He was the lowest-ranked amongst all of them. He was even ranked beneath Yoo.

Just as Yoo’s eyes reflected disappointment, Gyeongwan managed to say something.

“My prince, still shouldn’t you return home first?”

The doctor laughed out loud as though what he had just said was funny.

“Hahaha, have you ever seen our prince go against his words? Just accept it. And what’s so bad about going to the brothel before heading home?”

The doctor stepped forward to lead Taesan.

“This way, my prince. I know of a very good place.”

At those words, Taesan frowned.

“You are wasting your skills on something weird.”

“Hey, how is this weird? It was necessary. Since what’s most important to you now is the brother. Am I right?”

“Well, that is true.”

“I even researched your preference and chose this place. You can definitely look forward to it.”

Gyeongwan and Yoo looked at the doctor speechlessly.

Was that person talking away a doctor or a prostitute seller?

As the doctor was endlessly explaining and describing his effort, they arrived at the brothel.

“I’ve never seen this brothel before?

Taesan had visited almost every brothel in this area so he was well aware.

But the place the doctor had brought them to was an unfamiliar one.

“White Flower Inn?”

“They have exactly 100 prostitutes. Excluding Rouge. Rouge is quite the beauty, but apparently she came here recently after living someplace else.

So that meant that this was a newly established brothel.

After commenting that he had done his homework in such a short time, they entered the brothel.

It was rather early, but they were open and ready.

One of the prostitutes who identified the doctor quickly ran off to somewhere, while the ones nearby came together to greet them.

“Madam Rogue had been waiting for you.”

“Is that so. I’m sorry I left in a hurry the last time.”

“We’re used to waiting. We are well aware of the beauty of waiting.”

The doctor laughed and looked at Taesan as though he was asking him his thoughts.

Taesan nodded.

“Well…it’s not too bad.”

It was better than not too bad, it was pretty good.

Although he didn’t know how the doctor had found out about his preference, it was to his liking.

All the prostitutes had a certain amount of impurity lingering on their souls.

Not too much and not too little, their original soul was not combined with the impurity either.

All the prostitutes here were similar in that sense.

In other brothels, there had been some that he shouldn’t approach. Like the one he was caught in.

In the past, he had been curious about what those were, but now he knew for sure.

That was the influence of a vengeful spirit.

If someone died while strongly blaming someone else, then a vengeful spirit would haunt the person. And if the vengeful spirit stuck around for too long, they will combine and mix in with the person’s original soul and spirit.

So it was dangerous to enjoy the spirit of someone who had murdered several people. As they were often found with a vengeful spirit.

But it didn’t mean that everyone who had murdered another had a vengeful spirit. Just as how one could still be cursed by a vengeful spirit even without having committed a murder.

There were countless possibilities.

Just like how in life there were various stories.

Anyhow it was a brothel that met his expectations. He could see himself being a regular here.

If he calculated one per day he would be here at least for a hundred days. And if there was a change in prostitute then he could feed on the new soul.

He was calculating his possibilities when Rogue appeared.

She seemed near her thirties, she was a beauty and with her maturity, it added uniqueness to her beauty.

Rogue bowed and greeted Taesan before greeting the doctor.

“We have been waiting for you to visit. Please come in.”

Taesan nodded, then Rogue looked at Gyeongwan and Yoo and asked.

“For these two guests….”

“Give them whatever they want.”

Taesan replied before hastily going inside…

Rogue smiled captivatingly before asking Gyeongwan and Yoo.

“Would you like a room for the two of you to spend together? There are several rooms that no one knows about.”

Gyeongwan blushed furiously at Rogue’s suggestion.

“We are here to guard the princes’ room.”

As Gyeongwan replied sternly, Rogue turned to Yoo and covered her mouth before smiling in a meaningful way.

“He must be a handful.”

Rogue left it at that before going back inside.

Then Yoo followed her leaving Gyeongwan coldly behind.

Gyeongwan had sensed the sudden change in Yoo’s cold manner and somehow felt anxious.

Then the doctor patted on Gyeongwan’s shoulder, as though in encouragement.


The head of the blood pack clan Chu Jokwang was unable to hide his anxiety.

From the person standing behind him like a guard.

He was the person that those scary masked people had left behind.

The fearful memory from that day influenced his impression of this man to feel scary as well. No, he was scared. This man’s battle skills were so great he knew that even the entire blood pack clan would not be able to win against him.

Had it not been for this man, the Jong clan would already have wiped out the entire blood pack clan.

‘That is that….so I wonder if we are allowed to make money the way we want now?’

Now that they no longer had to pay the Jong clan any tax it was a huge gain to them, but with their nature of thieves, they grew more ambitious.

But their ambition was not to be exposed.

Because of the watchmen standing behind them.

They were not skilled enough to fight against the Jong clan if this man disappears.

In fact, if this man decided to leave, they were in a state to beg him to stay.

‘First, we need to proceed without him finding out….’

Chu Jokwang was planning to sell the Jong Clan’s secret to earn some money.

To be honest, the Jong clan were not to be meddled with.

So if they put their minds to it, they would be able to wipe out the black thieves.

And if that were to happen, the man standing guard would silently disappear.

Chu Jokwang was well aware that they were only the paws in a game. He had lived his entire life as a pawn.

So the plan to sell out their weakness was a matter of survival.

“I….I’m about to go out. What about you sir?”

Chu Jokwang turned his head around to ask the guard.

The head of the Dong ho foundation, no, the warrior of Cheonma’s clan, looked blankly at him. His menacing eyes scanned Chu Jokwang.

Chu Jokwang avoided his eyes.

The Cheonma clan warrior spoke calmly which made him even more terrifying.

“How many of your subordinates are skilled enough for me to use”

“What? To…to use?”

The warrior looked at Chu Jokwang indifferently.

Chu Jokwang answered hurriedly.

“If I pick well, there must be at least 15.”

“Pick 5. Including yourself.”


The Cheonma clan warrior no longer replied and stood still.

Chu Jokwang then suddenly realized he was at a turning point in his life.

‘That is that, but I still need to earn some money.’

If only the five of them were going to make a run for it then he thought it would be okay to take all the money for himself.

He slowly left the room.

Thankfully the Cheonma warrior did not follow.

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