Cheonma Wants to Live Quietly

chapter 19

Taesan stopped in his tracks and slowly turned his body.

The doctor looked at Taesan and took a deep breath.

The atmosphere was so serious that it was chilling.

Also, Gyeongwan and Yoo who sensed such an atmosphere moved slowly to encircle the doctor.

“Ha, haha, hahaha. Why are you doing this to me? I just said it because the Prince doesn’t have the best body condition right now. I-I said a bit too much, well… I’m sorry.”

Taesan spoke while staring at the doctor.

“Do you think it’s a miracle for me to live after the diagnosis?”

The doctor spoke enthusiastically as if he received some energy.

“It’s not only that. It’s a miracle to be alive. I mean, impossible. There is an extent in a disconnected heartbeat. If a detailed heartbeat is completely disconnected, it means death.”

“So, do I look like a dead person?”

“Mmm… well.”

The doctor rolled his eyes to see the reaction.

“Or am I a ghost? Is that what you were thinking?”

The doctor strongly shook his head.

“No! Not at all! What ghost? I’ve never thought of that!”

It was a lie.

Honestly, when the doctor measured Taesan’s heartbeat, the first thing he thought of was a ghost.

“Anyway, your body is at serious risk. It’s very serious so you need to get cured immediately. It will be over if you collapse.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.”

“Can you put your life on it?”

“I can’t.”

As the doctor replied confidently, everyone looked at the doctor with confusion.

What kind of person is he?

“Why are you so sure if you can’t put your life on it?”

“My diagnosis is certain but you are alive so I can’t put my life on it.”

Taesan laughed.

“If you are not going to put your life, then shut up and follow me. Otherwise, you can quietly go home.”

“What should I do if you do collapse?”

If Taesan dies, who would remove the restriction on the doctor?

Taesan didn’t reply to the doctor and continued walking.

Then, the doctor followed closely.

“I will follow you. I will never leave you.”

Taesan laughed again.

“You can’t trust me? You think I will collapse all of sudden?”

“Then how can I trust you? You put restrictions on me during the first meeting.”

“Tell me any time if you don’t like it. There are many choices.”

The doctor slightly turned his head and complained.

“That choice can lead to death or failure and you expect me to choose? Don’t suggest it at all. It’s just a play on words…..”

“I hear you.”

“Oops, I’m sorry. I thought you had bad hearing as you don’t feel well… I will be careful.”

Taesan stopped again and looked at the doctor.

The doctor turned pale all of sudden.

He wanted to say something but he couldn’t dare to speak. He was sweating all over his body.

“I want to live quietly and peacefully. So, I hope you cooperate as well. Don’t test my temper.”

The doctor vigorously nodded his head.

He felt like he was on the brink of death.

Taesan turned around and continued walking.

The doctor sighed and wiped his forehead.

“Gosh, I almost died.”

The doctor suffered and still managed to stay near Taesan.

Also, he checked where Gyeongwan and Yoo were. There was quite a distance.

The doctor lowered his voice as low as possible and asked, “Mr. Prince. How did you find out my identity?”

“I don’t know who you are.”

“You are good with jokes. Were you associated with the magicians by any chance? Is it like a secret sector in the Golden Wall clan? Are those two people believers as well?”

“I don’t know what magician you are talking about. Also, since you are talking about that magician, I’m not sure if that magician knows about this.”


The doctor closed his mouth in surprise.

Taesan quietly watched the doctor.

“Keep talking. I want to see how long you will talk. I’m really curious. I want to see what’s at your dead end.”

The doctor made a sad face.

He got into trouble while trying to speculate.

On the way back after doing everything at the brothel, the doctor quietly followed Taesan.

His face was mixed with adoration, respect, intimidation, curiosity, and doubt.

The doctor looked at Taesan’s back while mixing all the emotions in his head.

Last night, he observed something unbelievable.

‘It was for 45 minutes.’

Moans that sounded like screams were inside the room where Taesan entered with a lady for 45 minutes.

At first, the doctor considered there was a lot of exaggeration when he heard the information, rumors, and people’s comments.

But, it was true. He didn’t understand how that was possible.

Perhaps, that lady ripped her throat.

However, what the doctor was surprised about wasn’t about Taesan’s nightlife where he was nicknamed as a beast.

He was surprised by the lady there.

‘Why are there so many pure ladies?’

Of course, they were way less attractive than the maids including Danyoung whom he saw at the Golden Wall residence.

Strictly speaking, it was improving the quality by imitating the pure beauty.

However, still, it was surprising.

Also, all the beautiful ladies who spent one night with Taesan gave one clue to the doctor.

‘The Prince has a skill to improve their quality by purifying them.’

Doing it for 45 minutes was a way to gain some time for purification.

‘I want to ask him. I want to ask what’s going from A to Z.’

The desire for knowledge and survival began to fight each other.

Thinking about when he would leave this place while staying at the brothel last night had disappeared already.

What replaced that was how to get information by appealing to Taesan.

Since then, the doctor became anxious.

The doctor observed Taesan’s mood. He seemed somewhat happy.

However, the doctor shouldn’t make assumptions.

Perhaps the desire for knowledge made him want to see things in his own way.

He thought of the experience on the way to the brothel last night.

Who would experience the verge of death nearby? A chill spread all over his body and gave him goosebumps.

At that moment, Taesan turned around after stopping.

The doctor didn’t dare to make eye contact so he turned his face to the side.

“You said you know some medical skills.”

As the medical story was discussed, the doctor’s face brightened up.

“Of course. I consider myself the best in terms of medical skills. There are about 5 doctors in this world who are considered better than me.”

“There are five people?”

The doctor made a sad face.

“Even if I’m great, I can’t surpass doctors who handle poison, cure, and acupuncture. They obtained skills from experience and time so if I am given time, I can become the world’s best.”

The doctor spoke with confidence.

“Is that so?”

Taesan turned his vision and looked at Gyeongwan and Yoo who might be able to overhear the conversation.

Yoo spoke after getting Taesan’s attention.

“Everyone approves of him.”

The rumor about the doctor was well known so he had a good reputation.

If you don’t compare him with the doctors who specialize in poison, cure, or acupuncture with have special skills, it is assumed that the doctor was the best.

The doctor opened his shoulders and looked at Taesan.

“When you said the fifth doctor, you are referring to the magician.”

Yoo looked at the doctor to confirm and the doctor nodded in surprise.

“Correct. The magician doctor is surely above the cure and poison doctors.”

Yoo had heard quite a lot about the magician doctor so she nodded her head. However, she didn’t have a clue as to who another person would be.

It was true because the blood doctor had a hidden lifestyle and he didn’t appear in public.

Also, Cheonma’s religion hid the existence of the blood doctor so it was lesser known to people.

Yoo was curious, but she didn’t ask who the other person was. She just considered the information only known among doctors.

As Taesan’s mood seems alright, the doctor thought it would be fine to ask about Taesan’s techniques.

While he was thinking like that, Taesan asked all of sudden, “Can you cure someone with decapitated or amputated limbs?”

“Well.. it depends on the condition. If it’s cut clean, you can reattach it properly. Once it is detached, it is possible to reattach but it won’t be able to move like before.”

“Oh yeah? To what extent is it possible? You can’t revive the heart once it is destroyed… Can you recover penetrated liver or stomach?”

“It is possible to reattach most of the organs. This applies to limbs and skin as well. If one doesn’t die immediately, it is possible to revive.”

The doctor spoke without any facial expression and Yoo and Gyeongwan looked at him with impressed looks.

After hearing the story, they felt what it means for the doctor to join them.

It was possible to understand a bit about what it meant to have a spare life.

“Good. Then, help those guys to train.”


The doctor looked at Taesan. Then, he turned his head to see Gyeongwan and Yoo.

“You mean those two?”

The doctor was confused.

He assumes that those two are strong.

Of course, the doctor had less martial skills.

This also applied to the people brought by the doctor. They aren’t people who could get something by fighting.

That’s why the doctor was in a dilemma and Taesan talked to Gyeongwan and Yoo.

“You heard him. Don’t worry about losing limbs. Wear a good shield. Don’t cut the neck.”


The two people looked at Taesan in surprise from the random comment.

“It’s best to improve the skill in battle.”


“It’s not good to waste time so start from today. If you have the urge to kill each other, you will earn more.”


“You become stronger after experiencing pain. Manage it well so they don’t die.”

The doctor replied with a bright smile.


“If you start such training from today, there may be a problem in guarding you.”

“Don’t worry. I will be away only for 1 month.”


“So, train yourselves for 1 month to keep the value as my guard.”

Gyeongwan and Yoo looked at Taesan with a pale face and woke up and then they turned their heads to look at the doctor.

They expected to hear that the training was nonsense so it shouldn’t be conducted.

However, the doctor looked at two with a sad face and spoke.

“If you don’t die immediately, I will use any means to fix you so don’t worry and fight. It’s a proven technique, so you must trust the Prince. Your skills will increase.”

“Sorry? Proven training? Who trained like this and where?”

The doctor laughed instead of giving a reply.

It wasn’t a lie. This technique had been proven in the Cheonma religion.

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