Cheonma Wants to Live Quietly

chapter 14

When it was the middle of the day, Taesan came out of the room.

He was absorbing the soul from the spirit the whole night and connected his heartbeat by the Magical Spell.

People who were in front of the room paid attention to Taesan.

Gyeongwan looked calm as usual.

However, Yoo looked like she was seeing a beast.

Lastly, the three guys from the Black Union appeared to have mixed feelings of shock and respect.

Taesan first looked at those three thugs.

“What, are they still alive?”

That comment made the three thugs panic.

Gyeongwan responded dully.

“They were talking until just now.”

Taesan eagerly looked at the three people.

Three guys looked desperately at Taesan.

Taesan looked at them and then looked at Yoo.

Yoo was surprised and stepped back while not realizing it.

She must feel alert as she heard the noises for the whole night.

“Organize it.”


“You heard them all night. Organize the ideas.”

Yoo’s face turned red.

“What are you talking about right now? Are you trying to harass me?”

Taesan moved his head and laughed after realizing what she meant.

“What, are you also becoming filthy?”

That made Yoo angry. However, Taesan spoke first.

“You heard those thugs speaking all night. Tell me what they said. Don’t tell me you just let them talk and did not listen to the story. If you did, that’s really disappointing…..”

Yoo blushed even more.

She had a misunderstanding. The sounds that came out all night made her confused.

She was so embarrassed that she spoke as if she was shouting.

“They are from the Red Dragon group!”

“I already know that since I heard it yesterday.”

Yoo took a deep breath. She calmed herself.

“They are weaklings. The Red Dragon Group sent the ones they can get rid of.”

“I see that. They are less filthy compared to others.”

She didn’t understand what that meant but she decided to recapitulate her words.

“The guy who came yesterday is only known to the vice owner of the Red Dragon Group.”

Yoo then continued to summarize what she heard last night.

Actually, she said a lot but most of them were useless.

However, if they were combined well, some could be disguised as useful information.

By looking at that guy’s abilities, he wouldn’t be working under the Red Dragon Group.

That meant that there was another organization behind the Red Dragon Group.

The order they received was not to kill Taesan but to bring Taesan to the Red Dragon Group.

While the guy was holding Gyeongwan last night, it was a simple and effective plan to kidnap Taesan.

What they didn’t expect was for Gyeongwan’s ability to be way stronger and Yoo was with them.

“They said they were planning on intimidating you a little bit. However…. Actually, if they did kidnap you, things would’ve turned out differently.”

It meant that they would kill Taesan.

If they did, the Red Dragon Group wouldn’t exist anymore.

Also, they must suffer from the consequences as they were involved in such a case.

“So, do you think the Jong family is behind this?”

“That’s a logical assumption.”

Taesan nodded his head and looked at Gyeongwan.

“What do you think?”

Gyeongwan’s face showed emotions after a while. He seemed terrified.

Gyeongwan was thinking for a bit and put his head down to avoid Yoo’s eye contact.

“I don’t think it’s the Jong family.”

Taesan laughed.

“Let’s go back now. I should sleep after eating.”

Taesan began to walk and Gyeongwan swiftly asked, “What do we do with those thugs?”

Taesan looked back.

Three guys who were pale looked sadly at Taesan.

“Bring them.”

They were relieved.

“What’s the reason that you don’t think it’s the Jong family?” Yoo asked and Gyeongwan hesitated.

“Are you saying this perhaps because you think I’m upset?”

It was correct but she couldn’t say it was correct. Still, she asked so he felt he should answer.

“That’s because the Jong family wouldn’t move explicitly like that.”

Such a response made Yoo nod her head.


The Jong family is sly. Just as Taesan said, they are sneaky but Yoo thought sly would be a better description.

They wouldn’t move explicitly like that.

If someone in the family would move like that, the house would stop them.

The Jong family would do something more secretive.

‘If so… who is using the situation?’

Who would be able to hire a strong person, and who would run away after having an arm chopped while using the situation?

‘There are endless places that can do that.’

However, after filtering out the places that would intentionally do that, there were only a few left.

‘Golden Union?’

Yoo’s face and head seemed puzzled.

Soso looked surprised while greeting Taesan returning to the Golden Wall residence.

There were more people since leaving and those three thugs looked very dirty.

“Are you back, my Prince?”


“Who are these people behind you?”

“You said you need some assistance from those who are strong.”

“Sorry? When did I…………”

Soso thought of something and looked at Gyeongwan while she was in the middle of saying her words.

She didn’t say she needed workers to Taesan but she said it to Gyeongwan subtly.

Soso gave a mysterious face.

Gyeongwan didn’t forget the subtle comment and it was surprising that he told that to Taesan. It was more surprising that Taesan remembered it and brought the workers.

However, the people who were really surprised were the three thugs chosen as workers.

They were men from the Black Union. They didn’t want to do mundane chores.

Taesan turned his body and looked at them while pointing at one person.

“Black one, Black two, Black three.”


“That’s your name from now on.”

“What’s going on?…..”

Taesan laughed. However, that laugh seemed very scary.

The three guys cleared their throats.

“Shouldn’t you get new names? You are now reborn after being dead.”

The three people understood Taesan’s intention and nodded their heads at the same time.

“That’s absolutely true. I’m Black One from now on.”

“I really like my name.”

Taesan spoke to Soso.

“Did you hear that? You can call them with their names and use them freely.”

Soso asked while looking surprised, “Use them? Me?”

They looked very strong. They also seem to have a temper.

‘How can I control such people?’

She was concerned about dealing with the three bosses.

“Speaking of which, they may not listen to you. They will die then so such guys can get annoyed if they decide to risk death.”

“Why are you saying such scary words? I will just follow the lady’s words. If I’m ordered to death, I will pretend I’m dead. Trust me please.”

“I’d rather trust dogs than you.”

Taesan gave a gesture to make them follow him and went inside the room.

The three black guys went inside quietly and Gyeongwan and Yoo went closer to watch them.

Taesan talked to Gyeongwan after going inside.

“I know a useful pressure point attack and there are three guys to practice on so learn it.”

“I will.”

Gyeongwan accepted Taesan’s words naturally.

However, the three guys couldn’t do so.

Practicing pressure point attacks using them. How cruel was that?

However, they couldn’t dare to say no. If they did, they would literally die.

Yoo was surprised.

Honestly, she didn’t have good emotions towards Taesan so far.

She had a very strong impression of him being restless and useless. Also, he was cynical so he would say things that would hurt other people.

However, Taesan seemed different today compared to what she used to know.

‘This pressure point attack…..’

Where on earth did he learn that?

Whether Yoo was watching or not, Taesan explained the pressure point attack to Gyeongwan in detail while a black guy was in front of him.

“First remember here, here and here. These three points are basic. Then, there, here, and here can be applied as well. There are various effects based on orders so remember well.”

“Yes. I understood.”

“There are orders in releasing the power. The control is the core so practice it well.”

“I will remember.”

Taesan explained the pressure point attack in detail.

It wasn’t only Gyeongwan who was listening to the explanation but the only person who understood the method was Gyeongwan.

Gyeongwan who was listening to the explanation was really amazed.

Taesan was speaking about the power flow but he could sense it without a special explanation.

Gyeongwan carved his senses after using the spare power which Taesan used to kill the Red Dragon Group leader.

It was impossible to find out the people’s spirits were moved in here.

“How is it? Do you sense it? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know. You will get used to it as you practice.”

“I think I can.”

“Yeah? Then do it. First… start by making it blind?”

“Sorry? Going blind? Hold on please! Wait, please! I won’t do anything stupid! You don’t need to do anything complicated like a pressure point attack!”

Black One shouted in fear.

How could he stay calm if, in a matter of moment, he would get a pressure point attack which would make him become blind?

Of course, Black One’s shout was empty.

All of sudden, Gyeongwan pressed Black One’s pressure points and added power.

Taesan nodded his head while seeing it.

“Accurate. You got good senses.”

“Thank you.”

“Unwinding the pressure point attack is about five times harder so I will tell you later. Well… honestly, you don’t need to know how to unwind. Nothing will happen if you add power every three to four days.”

Black One’s face turned pale.

Taesan made a gesture to Black One who was under the pressure point attack. Then, Black One went outside without power while his head was down.

“Try the other two with different techniques. It is also practice as well… Let their hearts explode.”

As the two heard his comment, he thought Black One was really lucky.

Yoo looked at Taesan who was ahead of her with a terrified look.

If she didn’t go the brothel with him, she wouldn’t feel like this.

‘He does it every night.’

Yoo knew that Taesan was sick. Also, she observed Taesan losing his mind and fainting in the past.

She was very surprised at the time.

However, looking back, she was doubtful of the fact that he really was a sick person.

Yoo really cherished Harin, and that’s why she became Harin’s guard.

Actually, with Yoo’s abilities, she could get a high rank at the training ground.

However, she was stubborn in becoming Harin’s guard.

Yoo’s eyes blinked while glaring at Taesan.

Two people who were ahead of her stopped all of sudden.

This time she looked directly. Taesan stopped first and Gyeongwan followed.

“What’s wrong this time?” Yoo asked cautiously. Honestly, she didn’t feel much but she couldn’t assume anything due to what happened last night.

“I smell blood.”

Yoo gave a curious look as Taesan spoke. She lifted her nose and began to sniff.

“I don’t smell anything.”

It was the same for Gyeongwan. He looked at Taesan as if he couldn’t smell anything.

Taesan said in frustration, “Do you only smell with your nose?”

Where else do you smell things from? Yoo looked at Taesan with a pathetic look.

On the other hand, Gyeongwan listened to Taesan so he used all of his senses.

He even used his sixth sense.

Then Gyeongwan whispered.

“I smell blood.”

Yoo looked at Gyeongwan and Taesan in disagreement.

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