Cheonma Wants to Live Quietly

Chapter 122

Cheon Chushinui was resting a little far away after thoroughly examining one corpse. “Oh, I’ve been doing this for a really long time, so it’s not good.”

In the past, he had almost dismantled dozens of corpses a day, but now that he was older, he had lost his energy after only doing one. Ilchimkai looked at this kind of Cheon Chushinui with curious eyes.

“You are really good at this.”

Cheon Chushinui smirked at the praise of the chimpanzee. “How many corpses have I dismantled? My brother who doesn’t have as much experience as me and can do that to that level is even more amazing.”

“Because I’m a little different from other lawmakers.”

Saying so, he looked at Cho Seo-ran, who was sitting nearby, with his pale expression. No matter how good a member of the council Cho Sae-ran was and had a lot of experience, how many times had she had to investigate a corpse like this? Only one corpse was identified, and as a result, Cho Seo-ran was exhausted both physically and mentally.

Moreover, she realized that he was still not very good at handling corpses. Researching and making drugs was something she was confident in, but this was completely different from that.

“I don’t think I have any talent for this.” As Cho Seo-ran said this, Cheon Chushinui looked at her silently.

She, who felt the gaze, made an anxious expression. “Why are you looking at me like that? What else are you going to do….”

“No, because it’s called talent, there’s something that comes to mind.”

At this, she nodded lightly. For some reason, Cheon Chushinui’s gaze was uncomfortable, so he didn’t want to talk more about it. But suddenly, even Ilchimkai brought up a similar story.

“Well, it’s not like there’s no way to get talent.” As he said, this, Chushinui’s eyes lit up.

“Did you notice too?”

“Then how can you not know? And honestly, you and I can say we went through it. Right?”

Cheon Chushinui giggled. “Right. We’ve been through it, indeed. So, did you have any achievements?”

“There was. To be honest, I just broke the wall with enlightenment, didn’t I? Without that help, it probably wouldn’t have been possible. Medicine has also recently been disrupted.”

“So am I. To be honest, I’m not really interested in martial arts, but in the medical field, I got a lot of help.”

“It seemed that way to me. You are much better than before Now I think I have to admit it.”

“What do you mean? Are you saying that I am higher than your brother?” As soon as the monster nodded, Seo-ran’s eyes, who was watching him, became full of light. With her surprised eyes, she alternately looked at both Chushinui and Ilchimkai.

“Ah, honestly, from the first time I met you, I’ve been on top of medicine. He knows how to spit and spit, but he wasn’t in the medical field.”

At a glance, the monster deftly noticed her impression. “Why is this going well again? You made me a little bit chubby, but are you really trying to climb?” Cheon Chushinui reached out his palm and interrupted the scoundrel.

“Now is not the time, so be quiet.”

“What? This bastard is real!”

Cheon Chushinui turned to look at Cho Seo-ran. “So what do you think?”

“Yes? What, what?” She began to stutter her words in embarrassment. She had low expectations in her eyes. The man calmed her excitement, and there she snuck in.

“What is it? Don’t you want to change, this is it.” Cho Seo-ran asked cautiously.

“I… Is it possible?” Cheon Chushinui chuckled. Her smile seemed very dangerous for some reason.

“Of course it is possible. You just have to trust us.”

“Yes? What, with the body?” Cho Seo-ran was startled, and covered her chest with both her hands and staggered back behind her.

Cheon Chushinui painted her impression. “Ai, really. It’s not what I’m going to do with you! What are you doing?”

The scoundrel said with a smirk. “I do not know. You, who are aiming for the body, know how to do it.”

Cho Seo-ran staggered behind her with a firmer expression on her face. “Ah, brother! Really!”

Cheon Chushinui mirrored her impression. The scoundrel simply giggled and laughed.

* * *

Byeok Tae-san was listening to Ok Hwa’s report. She wiped out his memories by interrogating Jamgeukcheon through Haomundo. However, there were not many memories left in Jamgeukcheon’s mind.

“It was as if I was just messing around with a few important pieces of information.”

At Ok Hwa’s words, Byeok Tae-san stroked his chin with a curious expression. Maybe that statement was true.

“Then what about that Jangbodo?”

“It was the last memory he had, so it must have been a little strong. It was a mess, but I was sure of the answer.”

Still, he cut and combined what was jumbled up into useful content. To that extent, it was nothing to Haomun or Ok Hwa, who dealt with information.

“Jamgeukcheon obtained an elixir through Jangbodo.”


“They call it Gongcheong Petroleum, but it doesn’t seem to be, and it seems that someone artificially worked to give him medicine.”

Byeok Tae-san nodded. There was definitely a possibility. And seeing that it was the last memory, it was clear that the medicine he took at that time had a special effect. Or the place where the drug was located had a special effect.

If one were to look closely at the nameless organization, they would have an excellent knowledge of Jinbeop. Even then, what would you have done using the jinbeop?

“What do you think?”

“If the memory of Jamgeukcheon is true, it seems that the drug was the cause of the dead Jamgeukcheon resurrected into another body.”

“By the way, no matter how much medicine you get through Jangbo-do, it’s crazy to eat it without any doubt.”

“Even as soon as I found the drug, I felt like I ate it.”

If so, that was for sure. There was something in the very place where he had gotten got the drug.

“If there are any rumors or information about Jang Bo-do, please collect them.”

“Anyway, I have delivered the instructions to Haomen. You will see results soon.”

At this, Tae-san nodded. It was definitely convenient to be with Ok Hwa. He knew how to do it, even if he didn’t have to say it. Maybe even now, he was only talking about Jang Bo-do, so he answered that question.

“Do you have more to report?”

In response to Byeok Tae-san’s question, Ok Hwa briefly reported on the current progress.

The truth analysis was done to some extent, and through the information obtained from Seungdoheung, how much of the location of the Temple of Heaven was grasped, how they were being monitored, and the details of controlling Go Junkwang and Seo Do-gun’s sub-organizations were reported step by step.

“Finally, we are monitoring and identifying unknown organizations connected to Go Jun-kwang and Seo Do-gun. As long as Confucius gives permission, we will start cleaning up immediately.”

Byeok Tae-san nodded his head. “Clean up.”

After Ok Hwa bowed her head politely, she carefully backed away. When she opened the door to leave Tae-san’s room by the wall, she saw a monster waiting outside her door. And after that, he could see Cho Seo-ran with her head bowed.

Ok Hwa was slightly perplexed, but she quickly corrected her expression, and she bowed her head slightly to greet them. With that, she quickly retreated. she left the door open.

“Hehe. Confucius. Haven’t you slept yet?” At Cheon Chushinui’s words, Byeok Tae-san frowned.

“What else are you up to?”

“Hey, it’s not a plan. Confucius, I feel sorry for you when you say that. I’m not a person who always lives with only one loyalty to Confucius. Everything I say and do is a result of my heart for Confucius Daa.”

Byeok Tae-san blew the words of God’s Word to the back of his ear and turned her gaze slightly to scan the monster and the Chaucer column.

“If you have something to say, come in and do it.”

“Hey, what do I have to say? Just when Confucius sleeps… I’m just curious about that.”

Cheon Chushinui said that and went inside. Then, Ilchimkai and Cho Seo-ran quickly followed. He then closed the door. Byeok Tae-san looked at them silently. All three were clearly more nervous than usual.

“What kind of accident did you have?”

Everyone was startled by Byeok Tae-san’s cold words and clapped their hands fiercely.

“Hey, it’s an accident. It’s not like that. It’s real. Oh, is it real? Please trust me.”

“Then?” Byeok Tae-san glanced at the three once again. After hesitating for a moment, Cheon Chushinui carefully opened his mouth.

“I… Confucius. Maybe our quarrels… That’s what Confucius did, right? Is that what you did for us?”

“I don’t know what that is, but I know what you’re talking about.” Byeok Tae-san’s gaze fell on Cho Seo-ran.

Feeling her gaze on him, Byeok Tae-san turned and headed to the bedroom connected to his office. “Follow me.”

“Yes?” Chao Seo-ran was bewildered and looked at Byeok Tae-san, Cheon Chushinui, and Ilchimkai alternately.

As if Cheon Chushinui was doing something, he blinked hard at Cho Seo-ran. “Why aren’t you following me?”

“Yes? Am I alone? Is that Confucius’ bedroom over there?”

Cheon Chushinui and Ilchimkai gently pushed Cho Seo-ran’s back. tuck tuck. Cho Seo-ran rushed forward without realizing it to the unexpected attack.

When she came to, she found Tae-san in front of her. “Ah… … !”

All of a sudden, his mind went haywire. He could not think normally. When he said that he would awaken his talents, he Cheon Chushinui and Ilchimkai. He came all the way here because Byeok Tae-san said that he could do it.

‘It’s not like this….’

By the time one were to think so, it was already too late. When she came to her senses, Cho Seo-ran was right into the bedroom of Byeok Tae-san.

Her heart was beating like crazy. Seo-ran swallowed dry saliva and lifted her head. Tae-san’s face was visible. Byeok Tae-san was looking down at himself with a supremely calm expression.

“Do not tremble. Because it doesn’t matter.”

Then, what did it mean? In the eyes of Cho Seo-ran full of tension, Byeok Tae-san raised his hand. And when he thought that his hand was on his head and that he was going to stroke his head, his mind went blank.

* * *

Cho Seo-ran slowly opened his eyes. After blinking a few times, the ceiling came into view. Startled, she got up and looked around. She couldn’t remember anything.

‘The clothes… are they on?’

Seo-ran tried her best in tracing her memory. Something seemed very difficult. It was like persevering when you decoction or prepare a single drug. She was happy nonetheless. She thought she felt a kind of sense of accomplishment all night long.

‘Ah… So did I do something?’ Cho Seo-ran’s face turned bright red. She cautiously got off the bed and went outside.

As soon as she opened the door, one could see a place that Byeok Tae-san used like an office. No one was there. Even though she was relieved, she felt strange going again. She cautiously got out of there.

She then paused as she tried to search for Chushinui and Ilchimkai.

‘Probably… I’d rather not see you now.’

Cho Seo-ran cautiously left the place. in addition to this, she set out to find a place where no one would be.

* * *

Byeok Tae-san stood in the middle of the only gymnasium in the manor. The reason he came here was to purify her spiritual power obtained by burning Cho Seo-ran’s soul last night.


It was indeed amazing. In fact, after she came into contact with the Bangangsi, she almost stopped picking and burning people’s souls. This was because the efficiency or quantity was too low compared to the half-gang.

However, that thought changed yesterday. To be honest, she had no intention of choosing the soul of Cho Seo-ran. However, seeing Cheon Chushinui’s faithfulness and one gulp of a monster working so hard, her heart moved slightly.

In addition to this, she would continue to maintain a good relationship with the Thousand Pharmacy, and she must continue to use Seo-ran, but she thought it would be okay to do it once, as it would be good if she burned her soul and created a foundation for her to develop.

The results were surprising. The spiritual power extracted by burning the spirit of Cho Seo-ran was close to an elixir. Was it because she was a drug maker?

“It’s a thousand medicine room….”

Byeok Tae-san’s lips, who muttered softly, slowly rose.

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