Cheonma Wants to Live Quietly

Chapter 121

It didn’t look like they had these guys in every fortress.

“Five.” Explosions occurred in five places. And considering the person who just died by Byeok Tae-san, the only person in this manor who could deal with them was Byeok Tae-san alone.

“You go over there. Save people.” Byeok Tae-san left behind those words and disappeared.

It suddenly disappeared from his sight, but the three of them here had been through too much to be surprised by this sight.

“Let’s go.” Cheon Chushinui moved first. And then, Ilchimkai and Cho Seo-ran followed. “Are we too strong to fight?”

In response to Cho Seo-ran’s question, Ilchimkai nodded with a heavy expression on his face. “It’s hard to bear.”

At this, the atmosphere became heavy. “Hurry up. We need to get people together first.”

If everyone was united, they would come together as well. Wouldn’t it be much easier to deal with Byeok Tae-san if one were to do that?

“We are aiming for the palace where Confucius is staying.” Seo-ran said so and turned to the other side. When Cheon Chushinui and Ilchimkai saw it, they nodded and then tore them sideways.

“Go to the central hall! Everyone go to the central square!” The central hall was the hall where Byeok Tae-san was staying. If one were to say that, everyone would understand perfectly.

Cheon Chushinui and Ilchimkai shouted first, and everyone who heard the sound ran to the central hall, shouting the same.

* * *

Byeok Tae-san rushed to the nearest one. He was a man in a black suit, and he resembled him to an unpleasant degree. His face was not the same, but his body type and constitution were almost identical.

Another thing was the atmosphere. Earlier, he was blazing like fire, but this one was as dark as a dark night. Headquarters rushed to Byeok Tae-san first.

“It’s good for me to be comfortable like this.” The man’s fist flew towards Byeok Tae-san’s nose. He raised his hand and squeezed his forearm, avoiding his fist just by raising his head. Then, as he rotated his body, he slapped his neck with the elbow of his arm that gripped his forearm.

That one number ended his life. The black soul came out and was caught in Byeok Tae-san’s hand. Byeok Tae-san flew again while burning it. He extended his senses in all directions. He was in the middle of dismantling Jinbeop, so it was fortunate that his senses became clearer than before.

Tae-san flew his body to the most urgent side. Also, he didn’t forget to check the others.

It had been a long time since he had been this busy. This wasn’t bad either.

“Unless the kids die.” Wall Taishan mumbled so and hit his second target.

* * *

Danyoung, Soso, and Chaewol became closer to each other after accompanying Byeok Tae-san to Homuryeon. In fact, Byeok Tae-san’s quarrelsome people were very close. But among them, there was bound to be a closer relationship, and these three were representative.

So, even when we came here this time, the three of us went together. The three of them were running hard in the center forward. And in the distance behind the three, a man in black was standing and slowly turning her head to this side.

Whoa! A strong wind seemed to push the backs of the three of them.

The three women knew very well what that meant. It meant that the man in her black was approaching quickly. With such a tremendous speed, the man clasped behind the three of them in the blink of an eye.

The man tried to stir. From his point of view, these three people were like ephemera, whose necks would fly off at the same time with just one gesture. So she just did it.

Whoa! The sharp energy in her man’s hand swept through the three women. Now her neck will fall.

“Huh?” But nothing happened. The three women were still running hard, and only her man stood still. The man glanced alternately at her aura condensed in her hands and the three women running away.

The condensed aura in her hand stretched and became a sharp sword (气劍). The man swung the blade of energy.

Whoa! The blade that flew right at the necks of the three women swept through the three as it was. The man’s eyes widened. Nothing happened.

“What nonsense. Am I too old?” Outwardly, she looked only in her early twenties, but in reality, she was nearly a hundred years old.

“I’m going to have to grab it myself.”

They were beautiful enough to not just kill them if they had sexual desire. But her man had no sexual desire left. All that remained was her desire for her slaughter. The man blew his body again.

The man’s hand gripped the neck of her Soso, the woman in her robe, among them. Awkward! No, she was going to do that. If only her hand had suddenly appeared and grabbed her own wrist.

“What are you?” Her man turned her head to stare at the one who grabbed his wrist.

Byeok Tae-san smiled at the man’s reaction. “I am free now.”

The man tilted her head slightly, as if he didn’t understand what he meant. “You really have different personalities.”

Everyone was really different. One guy couldn’t control his lower back, so he found and subdued women and tried to do bad things. Another guy wanted to inflict pain on his opponent, so he grabbed several and said that he would cut them step by step starting with his fingertips.

In addition to this, this guy was only interested in killing people. So he had to hurry. They really killed them in one fell swoop.

“First… Let’s start with three hits.”

At Byeok Tae-san’s words, the man grinned. And she immediately swung and swept Tae-san’s lower body against her wall with her feet. her chin. Byeok Tae-san blocked his feet with the soles of his feet.

Then, he grabbed his wrist and swung his opposite palm.

Damn! Her man’s eyes fluttered open. The force of pulling and hitting were added, and a tremendous shock shook the brain.

Byeok Tae-san grabbed her man by the collar and lifted him up. His wrist was now released. Byeok Tae-san’s wrist had all the bones broken and it seemed difficult to move again. When he tapped the man’s cheek with cold energy, the man’s focus, which had been released, slowly returned.

The man looked at Tae-san with her bewildered eyes. “There are still two left.”

Byeok Tae-san let go of the man’s neck. Both cheeks of the man who was about to collapse were on fire. damn! Her man’s eyes flicked upward again. she lost her mind Byeok Tae-san turned back with a refreshing expression.

From a distance, Danyoung, Chaewol, and Soso were looking at this side with fearful eyes, crouching slightly. “You look surprised. Now that I scolded you instead of you, it’s okay.”

At this, Byeok Tae-san grabbed the waist of the fallen man and lifted it up.

And he headed to the hall where he was staying. “Go and tell them to gather all the ones I defeated.”

After this, the three women nodded her head quickly, she ran back and forth. Byeok Tae-san smiled pleasantly and moved on to her steps.

* * *

The first floor of the hall where Byeok Tae-san stayed. Five corpses were placed side by side. And the man who was not yet dead was sitting a little further away. Her whole body was tied tight. It was quite wide, so everyone could come inside and take a look.

When Byeok Tae-san lifted her finger, Cheon Kyung-wan and Yu Seo-yeon stepped forward and took her tied-up man to the colonel in front of the wall Tae-san. Her man avoided Tae-san’s gaze with her fearful eyes.

“Look straight at me. When talking to an adult, where are you avoiding your gaze?” At the words of Tae-san, the man quickly raised her head and looked at him.

There was a deep fear in his eyes. If someone you didn’t know saw it, it would look ridiculous to do this with just three cheeks, but in fact, Byeok Tae-san didn’t just slap her on the cheek.

He slightly mixed the power of the Great Honma Ball. As it touched the soul of the man, he was now in a state of fear of being denied his existence.


The man quickly answered Byeok Tae-san’s question. “It’s Jamgeukcheon!”


Byeok Tae-san turned his head and looked at Ok Hwa. At the same time, there was also Cheon Chushinui near the Hwaok. The two people were the most knowledgeable about this type of information, so he checked to see if they knew the name.

“Among those who are active recently, no one comes to mind. but… I remember that the name of the person who got the nickname “Blood Beast Maniac” about fifty years ago was probably Jamgeukcheon.”

Byeok Tae-san turned his head again and looked at Jamgeukcheon. Zamgeukcheon nodded his head impatiently.

“Yes. That bloodbath is me.” In fact, the Blood Crazy Horse was a very famous Madu fifty years ago. He always ripped people to pieces and killed them, and he enjoyed scattering the shredded remains everywhere to arouse the fear of those who saw it as much as possible.

“It is known that he was a little less than a teenager at the time.” At the word “teenage master,” Jamgeukcheon’s impression was slightly distorted.

This was because it was something he couldn’t help but admit. “Is this guy dead too?”

Ok Hwa then answered Byeok Tae-san’s question. “It is known. I heard that he was beheaded by the sword king of his time.”

“Don’t be funny! Why am I dying? I am alive and well!” Jamgeukcheon was furious. But as soon as Tae-san stared at the wall, he crouched and crouched down.

“Do you remember anything?”

Byeok Tae-san’s question was about to speak as if it was natural, but he bit his mouth. In addition to this, he had a confused look on his face. His eyes fluttered relentlessly.

“Hey, can’t this be?”

“Anything is good, so think about what you remember.”

He remembered that he was a sleep lover and a blood-blood madman. However, the rest of the memories seemed to be foggy.

“Ah! Jangbodo too! I remember Jang Bo-do!”


“Yes. I got Jang Bo-do and found it…”

Zamgeuk Chun ripped his hair out again with a confused expression. “It would take a month to hear everything. Leave it to Haomen. Shake it off.”

Ok Hwa bowed her head, and Cheon Kyung-wan and Yoo Seo-yeon stepped back again with Jamgeukcheon. Byeok Tae-san looked at Cheon Chushinui this time. Naturally, there were also Ilchimkai and Cho Seo-ran nearby.

“You check that body.”


“Check your body shape, constitution, gimaek, everything. All the guys I’ve met so far look alike, can’t you figure out something?”

“Uh… all right.” Cheon Chushinui answered first. However, the other poems he got proved to be very little from the sieve, so he wondered if these were any different. At this, Byeok Tae-san turned his head and looked at Seung Do-heung.

“What is the truth?”

Seung Do-heung answered with a tense posture. “Dismantling! I think it will take about three days!”

“Three days?” Byeok Tae-san frowned. Seung Do-heung, whose heart plummeted, quickly made an excuse.

“The scale of Jinbeop is too large. It is spread all over the manor as well as outside the manor.” Byeok Tae-san heard those words and stroked his chin. “Have you done the analysis?”

At this, Seung Do-heung’s expression darkened. “I don’t have time to perfect my analysis. Analysis alone is a necessary base for at least a full moon.”

Tae-san merely nodded. “Then let’s start with the analysis.”

“Yes?” Seung Do-heung, startled, raised his head and looked at Tae-san. “Isn’t analysis of this place going to improve my skills? If not, just destroy them all.”

Seung Do-heung was terrified at the word “break” and shook his head violently. “It’s not possible! Don’t break it! Analyzing will definitely improve your skills! I have never experienced such a high level of notation!”

“Great. Don’t expect it.”

Byeok Tae-san, who had spoken up to that point, got up from his seat. And then he spoke, looking around the room with cold, eerie eyes. “Be stronger. If something like this happens today, you should be able to survive on your own.”

After saying those words, Byeok Tae-san quickly climbed upwards. Everyone’s eyes then turned to Jamgeukcheon. Jamgeukcheon’s skills were slightly inferior to that of a teenage master.

Six people like that appeared today and ran wild. In such a situation, how much stronger do you have to be to survive on your own? Everyone trembled.

Somehow, the future didn’t seem so comfortable.

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