Big Shot’s Reincarnation Sweeps the World

Chapter 50 - You Can’t Make Bricks Without Straw

Chapter 50: You Can’t Make Bricks Without Straw

He seemed to change into another person and his gentleness from earlier disappeared. “What? You don’t want to keep your word anymore? Now you even want to lecture me about the way I live my life?”

“No, I just think it’s good for you. If Brother-in-law controls all the family businesses, our kids and I will be in an extremely awkward situation. You should think about me and your son.”

“Hmph… Cut the crap.” Sheng Yang turned impatient. “I have some people waiting for me.”

Jiang Xinyi seemed to be accustomed to his cold attitude. Without tears or even disappointment, she quickly pulled herself together, prepared to go to the dinner party alone.

In terms of talent alone, she was no lesser than Kang Weizhen. What she lacked was opportunity and a good husband to rely on.

Sheng Yue was browsing the school forums in her room, irritable.

“Alas, why did Sheng Yang refuse?”

“I’m fed up with Sheng Yue’s face. Now I have no interest in the school celebration this time.”

“Well, shall we ask the people of Class 7 to convince her?”

The forums were all filled with such comments, which almost drove Sheng Yue mad.

Upon vaguely hearing that her mother was going to a dinner party, which the most popular miracle-working doctor Ming Qi was also going to, Sheng Yue bounced up from the bed and ran out without even putting on her shoes.

“Mom, where are you going?” She stood on the second floor and looked at Jiang Xinyi. She was all dressed up, wearing a spaghetti-strap skirt that set off her figure, along with soft and fluffy fur, looking sexy and elegant.

“I’m going to a dinner party,” Jiang Xinyi said softly.

“Mom, I want to go too.”

Jiang Xinyi frowned. “Your academic performance has declined lately. Why don’t you concentrate on studying at home?”

If Sheng Yue lost to Sheng Yang again on the next exam, how could she explain to Madam Sheng?

She couldn’t count on her husband, but her daughter couldn’t be a burden anyhow.

“Mom, I was too careless this time. I promise you it won’t happen again. Please take me to the dinner party.” Sheng Yue had already gone downstairs, begging pitifully. A lot of students at school were fans of Ming Qi. They even decided to become medical majors because of Ming Qi. If she could meet Ming Qi and become acquainted with him, the students would envy her very much.

Jiang Xinyi agreed in the end. “OK, get dressed up. It’s not an ordinary dinner.”

“Thank you, Mom.”


After arriving at the dinner party, they discovered that this dinner party was different from usual.

Although the Sheng Family was viewed as a famous family in Yan City, they were nothing compared to the renowned families in the capital.

But Ming Qi was a celebrity in the capital.

Doctors were needed by everyone. Ming Qi was the personal doctor of several top-notch tycoons. Becoming Ming Qi’s friend would be equivalent to having a supreme network of contacts and a top medical team—no—a medical empire.

So everyone in Yan City racked their brains to win a chance to become acquainted with this big shot.

Almost all the celebrities of Yan City were at today’s dinner party.

Jiang Xinyi found the person who gave her the news and begged him to introduce her to Ming Qi.

“Mrs. Sheng,” the person said coldly, “It’s not that I don’t want to help you, but you see, there are so many people waiting to talk to Doctor Ming. Even the chairman of Kaidi Group has to wait in line. I’m afraid it wouldn’t make any difference even if your husband had come with you today.”

Jiang Xinyi suddenly asked, “Then what if my brother-in-law and sister-in-law came?”

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