Big Shot’s Reincarnation Sweeps the World

Chapter 46 - Little Monster

Chapter 46: Little Monster

“Hmph…” a student from Class One said to Class Seven, “Ladies first. Our class knows how to like gentlemen.”

Fang Duo said with arms turned out, “Oh? Do you mean the result of this race doesn’t count?”

“Of course not! You should send a boy to compete with Zhao Biao again.”

“Why? Does the result of a race not count unless your class wins?”

The two classes were quarreling again. At this time, the physical education teacher walked over casually and said, “Hey, stop quarreling!”

The students shut up but were still fighting silently with their eyes. As they glared at each other, they seemed to be sending out lightning and thunder.

With his hands behind his back, the physical education teacher asked Sheng Yang mildly, “What’s your name?”

He knew all the other students but not this one. She seemed to be a transfer student.

Yes, if she weren’t new to this school, he might’ve spotted this genius long ago in the past two years!

“Teacher, her name is Sheng Yang.” Fang Duo’s eyes sparkled.

“Oh, Sheng Yang.” The physical education teacher asked in front of everyone, “Are you interested in becoming a track and field student?”

Upon hearing that, Zhao Biao hesitated for a while before saying, “Teacher, didn’t you say that no one can transfer to track and field in the third year of high school?”

The physical education teacher gave him a sideways glance. “Special treatment for special circumstances.”

Then he looked at Sheng Yang, still smiling kindly. “Sheng Yang, you’re really talented in track. If you’d like, I’m confident I could help you join the national team.”

“Wow—” The students all gasped in shock then looked at Zhao Biao meaningfully. Even Zhao Biao had only trained on the municipal team a few times. How could the physical education teacher be so sure that he could help Sheng Yang join the national team?

National team! What did that mean? It meant she was among the best in the country.

Sheng Yue couldn’t help standing up. “Teacher, my cousin has never done track and field. You can’t jump to this conclusion just because she defeated Zhao Biao…”

Upon hearing Sheng Yue’s words, the Class One students immediately echoed: “Yes, Teacher, Zhao Biao deliberately let her win.”

“Do you think I’m stupid?” The physical education teacher took out a stopwatch. “I timed your run. Did you see how fast she was? And she didn’t even pant after running. She definitely has great potential.”


Everyone looked at Zhao Biao. So he didn’t deliberately let Sheng Yang win?

Zhao Biao’s face turned purple in embarrassment. Under their contemptuous stares, he yelled, “If you think you can outrun her, try for yourself!”

Damn it, she was like a monster.

There was a dead silence, and the Class One students all looked at Sheng Yang incredulously, their faces twisted and struggling.

Who just said that the girl cheated during the relay race?

Zhao Sheng was in a good mood although he was from Class One. He had long said that they shouldn’t underestimate this girl, but these idiots said he was bewitched by her!

Sheng Yue looked at Sheng Yang with a complicated expression. In fact, she had already realized that Sheng Yang won on her own merits but she didn’t want to see her succeed, so she made up that excuse for the PE teacher.

The last thing she wanted was for Sheng Yang to succeed.

She always thought Sheng Yang was inferior to her in everything. Even though Sheng Yang had returned, she was still the only princess in the Sheng Family and no one could threaten her position.

But now, a strong sense of crisis silently overwhelmed her, suffocating her.

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