Big Shot’s Reincarnation Sweeps the World

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Very Gentle to Him Compared to Eldest Brother

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Sheng Yue turned and glanced at Han Jingyu. When she found him expressionless, she secretly smiled.

Even if Sheng Yang surpassed Han Jingyu in Mathematics, so what? Her position in Han Jingyu’s heart remained unshaken, and a mere exam couldn’t change anything.

However, she didn’t see that Han Jingyu was holding a copy of Sheng Yang’s exam paper, his dark deep eyes gazing at it for a long time.


For the whole day, the students in Class 7 walked sideways like crabs in front of Class One.

It felt so damn good!

As for Sheng Yang, they felt a bit guilty. In fact, they wanted to apologize to her for misunderstanding her. They were so stupid as to take a pearl for a fisheye.

But Sheng Yang had been busy, either reading books or completing math problems. They couldn’t understand what she was writing on the paper nor did they dare to disturb her. Even when they had to pass by her, they walked on tiptoe.

School was over soon. Aside from Fang Duo who was her deskmate and Ou Ye who had already made friends with her, the students got no chance to talk to this new “god”.

She kept her word that she would get at least two first places, and now she had helped Class 7 win three first places in one fell swoop!

The Sheng Family home.

As soon as Sheng Yang opened the door, before she had time to change her slippers, Kang Weizhen greeted her with a smile, holding a steaming bowl in her hand: “Yangyang, your favorite bird’s nest soup.”

When Sheng Yang saw this bowl, the corners of her eyes twitched.

Since she drank some bird’s nest soup that first day, she saw a bowl of bird’s nest soup almost every day.

No matter how much she liked it, she couldn’t drink it every day.

Besides, she just picked it at random and didn’t like it all that much.

“Mom, you actually don’t have to be so attentive.” Sheng Yang actually wanted to say that she didn’t want to drink bird’s nest soup anymore, but then Kang Weizhen would definitely keep asking her what she wanted to eat, so she simply stopped Kang Weizhen.

Kang Weizhen’s eyes turned red suddenly.

Her daughter was so considerate.

Sheng Yang was startled. Did she say something wrong?

“Well, honey, why are you so good, so sweet…” Sheng Yang was suddenly taken into a warm, fragrant embrace. Her body suddenly stiffened. She was a little uncomfortable with such excessive intimacy, but she didn’t dislike it.

Because she could sense that Kang Weizhen was really nice to her.

After hugging her for a while, Kang Weizhen took Sheng Yang’s hand and led her in. She sat on the sofa, thought for a while, and seemed to have something to say.

She heard from her acquaintance at the school that the results of the math exam were released today. This time, the exam questions were very difficult, and even the top students didn’t do quite well.

Alas, her daughter was really pitiful. She hadn’t even adapted to school life yet but had encountered such a tough math exam so soon.

At this time, Sheng Yuxi came back home but no one greeted him. He went straight to the living room and greeted his mother with great enthusiasm, “Mom.”

“Hi.” Kang Weizhen had totally different attitudes towards her son and daughter, but before Sheng Yang returned, she also treated Sheng Yuxi this way.

Sheng Yuxi had already gotten used to it, and after all these years, he already had a strong heart.

However, Mom was very gentle to Eldest Brother.

“Mom, let me tell you something!” Sheng Yuxi said as he looked at his sister who was sitting quietly on the side, cracking a bright smile.

He didn’t know if his sister had told Mom or not, but judging by what he knew of his sister, she probably hadn’t.

Then he would tell Mom this great news!

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