Big Shot’s Reincarnation Sweeps the World

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Young Master Yi, Every Girl’s Dream 2

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Yi Juncheng had long gotten accustomed to her indifference. He agilely jumped down from the high platform and walked straight to a stone table, on which there was a box of spices.

He smiled awkwardly. He had never imagined that one day, when he wanted to hit on a girl, his handsome face and tone physique were not even as useful as a small box of spices.

“I know you’re interested in this. This is the spice recipe.” A thin piece of paper was sandwiched between Yi Juncheng’s slender fingertips. His casual smile was as beautiful as a painting.

Sheng Yang craved knowledge. Yi Juncheng knew that he had struck her weakness. Her amber eyes brightened visibly, much brighter than they had been at him, and they were so beautiful that her indifferent features suddenly came to life.

Seeing this, Young Master Yi sighed, feeling quite frustrated.

“How much? I’ll pay you.” Sheng Yang took out a limited edition black card that had an unlimited balance.

“No, just take it as a reward for saving my life.”


Yi Juncheng casually tapped on the stone table and raised his eyes. “There’s only one copy of this recipe in the world. Are you sure you don’t want it?”

Sheng Yang couldn’t help but gulp.

The man played with this priceless treasure, his voice casual and lazy. “If you want it, just take it. If you don’t want it, I’ll just burn it.”

“…” Sheng Yang knew he meant what he said.

It was a recipe with inestimable value, but for Young Master Yi, it was nothing.

But for Sheng Yang, it was very precious.

Her eyes were glued to the recipe and she fell into a fierce inner struggle.

After a short silence, she said, “OK.”

Yi Juncheng smiled. “Treat it like a welcoming gift from a new neighbor.”

Upon seeing her accept it, he was very pleased. After all, she had just refused the piano worth 20 million that someone wanted to give her the other day.

But he lowered his eyes. “Who wanted to give you the piano that day?”

“None of your business.”

Yi Jun shrugged, meaning that he wouldn’t ask about this matter again.

The little girl really had a bad temper.

He didn’t want to piss her off.

Given the cold shoulder, he just smiled. Somehow he thought she had many secrets. Things were getting more and more interesting.

Not far away, in a hidden place under a towering tree, a person covered in camouflage all over was speaking to the phone in a low voice, “Young Master Yi has come to Yan City. He seems to be pursuing a girl.”

An icy male voice came from the phone. “Let him, but don’t let your guard down. Report to me if anything happens.”

On Yi Juncheng’s side, Sheng Yang had already left and a person was standing beside him, his head down.

“Young Master, those people are following you again. Shall I…”

“No need.” Yi Juncheng’s handsome and noble face was concealed in the darkness, looking mysterious and attractively wicked. He lazily raised his eyes.

“Whizz—-” He casually threw a dart behind him which directly struck a bullseye, and the precious piece of porcelain five meters away instantly shattered to the ground.


Late at night, Kang Weizhen was still handling some work affairs in the study. Currently, her husband was on a business trip and there was a large backlog of work. Her eldest son was at the branch office and couldn’t help her. To spend more time with her daughter, she had to burn the midnight oil.

She rubbed her temples, but when she thought of her long-lost, newly-found daughter, she smiled. Just as she was about to continue working, her phone on a glass plate suddenly vibrated violently, which dispelled some of her drowsiness.

She looked down and when she saw that caller ID, she pursed her lips and her eyes instantly turned cold.

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