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Chapter 489: Red Hair, a Nosy Guy in the Sea

Chapter 489: Red Hair, a Nosy Guy in the Sea

On the sea, the wind was surging.

When the Whitebeard Pirates marched towards Fishman Island and Kaido led the Beast Pirates to Punk Hazard, the marine certainly wouldn’t be idle.

The Marine Staff Officer Kabuto and Admiral Kisaru rushed from Marineford to the Holy Land Mary Geoise and directly crossed the Red Line. They took a warship from the other side of the Holy Land Mary Geoise and rushed to Dressrosa.

Kabuto and Admiral Kisaru stood on the bow of the ship. Kabuto was holding a Den Den Mushi in his hand. He looked at Admiral Kisaru and his mouth slightly curved.

“The latest news.”

Kabuto pushed his glasses and whispered, “Kaido’s revenge seems to be more urgent than we imagined. After the news of Whitebeard and Kisame’s war came out, the Beast Pirates have already moved out…”

“Two Yonko(Four Emperors) pirate group? Just thinking about it makes me feel terrible…”

Kisaru said as he looked down at Kabuto with a smile, “As expected of the New Generation Wise Admiral. It seems that everything is not beyond the expectations of Staff Officer Kabuto…”

“It’s just the advantage of intelligence.”

Kabuto shook his head modestly, and his face gradually became solemn, “Although everything is going according to our deduction, who knows what will happen in the sea? In the end, it still depends on the result of the battle between the two Yonko(Four Emperors) pirate groups…”

“Really humble…”

Kisaru smiled and praised.

Kabuto was actually quite likable in Marineford because his intelligence prediction was very popular in the marine recently. In addition, he was often able to predict accurately and was more and more valued by the World Government and the marine.

Logically speaking, such young people should be arrogant.

However, Kabuto was not arrogant at all. Perhaps it was because he grew up in the marine base and experienced many changes. He was very young and mature.

Regardless of whether the person in front of him was Admiral or an ordinary marine soldier, Kabuto would be polite, neither flattering Admiral nor arrogant toward ordinary soldiers.

What a magical person…

Admiral Kisaru imitated Kabuto and pushed up his sunglasses. The smile on his lips gradually became more and more intense.

Kabuto took a look at Admiral Kisaru’s actions and shook his head helplessly as if he had no way to deal with this Admiral, who was a little old and mischievous…

New World.

Punk Hazard.

Due to the order given by the top commander of the Marine Science Unit, Kizaru, all the researchers at the marine base here have been evacuated, and all the prisoners detained at the base have also been transferred to Impel Down.

The whole island was empty.

Under such circumstances, the Beast Pirates directly landed in Punk Hazard. They would temporarily stay here to find an opportunity to attack the Whitebeard Pirates.

Kaido didn’t hide this news.

This island wasn’t far from Fishman Island, and the Beast Pirates could attack or block this island.

Once Whitebeard got this news, he would certainly not sit back and watch the Beast Pirates around the battlefield. At that time, Whitebeard would rush to Punk Hazard and chase away the Beast Pirates.

This way…

The war would proceed as planned.

Unfortunately, the plan could not keep up with the change.

Kaido did not hide the news that he was stationed at Punk Hazard. He had not attracted the Whitebeard, but he had first attracted the most nosy person in Yonko(Four Emperors).

The Red-Haired Shanks.

Red Force of the Red Hair Pirates slowly wandered toward Punk Hazard. Obviously, Red-Haired Shanks did not come to Punk Hazard’s island for a vacation.

When the Whitebeard Pirates might start a great war because they attacked a Shichibukai, Shanks didn’t want Kaido to join the war.

He wanted to control the scale of the war.

Punk Hazard’s port.

Red Force slowly swam over.

Shanks stood on the bow of Red Force, waving his only arm and greeting the members of the Beast Pirates, “What a coincidence! Are you also here for a vacation?”

The vice captain of the Red Hair Pirates took a sip of juice and frowned, “Although this idiot Shanks is greeting them seriously now, in the eyes of those beasts, it should be a complete provocation…”

No matter how he thought about it…

Shanks, who was also Yonko(Four Emperors), was indeed provoking them.


Kaido happened to be near the port. When he saw Shanks, anger flashed on his face, “Shanks, this bastard… wants to meddle in other people’s business again?”

This time, he was here to stop the war between Whitebeard and Kisame!

Shanks, this bastard, doesn’t know anything and just wants to meddle in others’ business…

Naruto, who was sitting next to Kaido, saw Shanks action on the Red Force. He was a little confused and just waved his hand in response.

“Good afternoon!”

Naruto looked at Shanks who was laughing heartily on the bow and greeted him with a smile, “Hey, do you want to have a banquet together?”

After that, Naruto turned to look at Kaido, “That person is very enthusiastic. Is he an old friend of our pirate group?”


Kaido was silent.

The eyes of the entire Beast Pirates looked at Naruto speechlessly, and they fell into silence. The Red Hair Pirates were their nemesis!

Red-haired Pirates were known as the number one nosy bastard in the sea!


When Shanks heard the response of the Beast Pirates, his face couldn’t help but reveal a little surprise. He subconsciously touched his chin, “Kaido, that guy… seems to have a very interesting little guy!”


Benn Beckman stood beside Shanks and slowly said, “That guy is Kaido’s vice-captain! Uzumaki Naruto is only seventeen years old this year. Not long ago, he single-handedly defeated a super large fleet that challenged Kaido… So this guy first bound broke through 520 million Beli.

Benn Beckman was the vice-captain and also the head butler.

For the new star of the Beast Pirates, Benn Beckman must be paying attention. He also knew some information about Naruto, but it was only limited to the outside world.


Everyone’s first impression of Naruto was that this little guy was silly and looked like he had no brain.

“Eh? He is actually so young?”

Shanks didn’t think that Naruto was stupid. The interest on his face became even stronger. He smiled and said, “Let’s go, Beckman. Let’s meet Kaido and see this interesting newcomer…”

Two Yonko(Four Emperors) Pirate Groups…

Finally met in Punk Hazard!

The war between Yonko(Four Emperors) almost never stopped. It was obviously impossible for the Beast Pirates to give face to the members of the Red-haired Pirates.

In the eyes of a group of tall and strong guys, Shanks took his companion’s step by step to Kaido.

Shanks looked at Kaido with a smile on his face, as if they were old friends for many years, “Long time no see, Kaido…”

“Red Hair…”

Kaido’s eyes slowly fell on Shanks’ face. His palm slowly grasped his club, and Haki began to flow on his body!

The next moment, Kaido waved his club and smashed it at Shanks, “You bastard, do you want to hinder my business again?”

A surging wave of air swept through the surroundings!

When the group of people could not help but retreat under Kaido’s Haki, Shanks pulled out his sword and cleanly blocked the club!

Clearly, two strange weapons…

But in the hands of the two Yonko(Four Emperors), they maintained a complete balance…

The next moment, Shanks suddenly burst out a mass of Haoshoku Haki(Conqueror’s Haki), this Haki was even stronger than Kaido, the huge pressure constantly oppressed the people of the Beast Pirates!

The sky of Punk Hazard suddenly changed color!

The cloud in the sky was slowly divided into two by the two Yonko(Four Emperors)’s Haki.

Just as some of the members of the Beast Pirates were about to faint from Shanks Haki pressure, a huge golden demon fox tail wrapped them up.

Naruto was wearing a layer of golden chakra coat, and behind him was a golden tail formed by nine chakra coats. It was he who took the shot directly, protecting the members of the Beast Pirates in the Haki clash between the two Yonko(Four Emperors) safe and sound.

Jack glanced at Naruto, and after a touch of surprise appeared in his eyes, he whispered, “Thank you for protecting these good-for-nothing little guys, Naruto…”

For his own people…

Especially for the powerful people in his group, Jack the Drought had always been generous with his respect; but for those powerful enemies, Jack was often a little disrespectful…

“It’s fine.”

Naruto’s expression gradually became serious. His gaze was focused on Shanks who was confronting Kaido. He said in a low voice, “That red-haired guy… is very strong!”


Jack was a little stunned, but he still replied, “That guy is our old rival, Captain Shanks of the Red Hair Pirates… A nosy guy… There is no one in the sea who doesn’t hate him!”

“Hey, Jack, this is too rude!”

While Shanks was in a deadlock with Kaido, he also turned to look at Jack who slandered him. He said with a smile, “I haven’t said anything yet. How can you say that I am meddling in other people’s business out of thin air!”

He was clearly confronting Kaido, this Yonko(Four Emperors)…

Shanks was actually able to find time to refute Jack’s slander… This guy obviously still had a lot of strength left in this conflict between Yonko(Four Emperors)’s Haoshoku Haki(Conqueror’s Haki).


Kaido frowned and slowly put away his club. He asked in a low voice, “You bastard… Aren’t you here to hinder me this time?”

“It shouldn’t be, right?”

Shanks put away his sword and scratched his chin. He raised his head and smiled at Kaido, “So don’t always shout and kill, so impulsive…”

“Consider yourself lucky this time…”

Kaido’s face relaxed a little and he said coldly, “Since you are not here to hinder me, are you bastard really here for a vacation?”


Shanks shook his head and looked at Kaido seriously. He spread out his palm, “I will definitely not interfere with your matters, so I also want to ask you not to interfere with other people’s matters…”


Kaido’s expression gradually became subtle.

Even if Shanks did not continue, he probably knew what this red-haired bastard was going to say that was… This was none of your damn business!

Shanks looked at Kaido’s face and did not seem to mind. He still seriously said, “Give me face, Kaido! Don’t hinder the war between Whitebeard and Kisame, at least not now…”


A hint of anger flashed across Kaido’s face. He stared at Shanks as if he wanted to swallow the guy in front of him alive, “You… are you here to make fun of me?”

Damn it…

In vain, he thought that the Red-Haired had changed, but this guy was still the same as before… Wasn’t this guy still the same f*cking nosy guy in the sea?

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