Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 424: I Am a Little Unhappy, I Want to See Him

Chapter 424: I Am a Little Unhappy, I Want to See Him

Wherever Uehara appears, the world would definitely become magical.

On the way to Alabasta, Kabuto had more or less figured out the nature of the secret special forces SWORD. This was a spy force intended to sneak into the pirates.

This was really interesting.

A marine unit was used as a spy.

As a result, the first two recruits were real spies.

On the way to Alabasta, Kabuto reported this to Uehara, intending to let Uehara and Drake find a suitable place to meet.

“No need.”

Uehara’s voice sounded very friendly in the Den Den Mushi, “Mr. Drake is a Rear Admiral. I should go see him myself. When you get ashore, tell me your location!”

Uehara’s voice suddenly became a bit gloomy, “At that time, I will let him see… a pirate who is in the dark but has a bright heart!”

On the other side of the Den Den Mushi.

Kabuto couldn’t help but push up his glasses. He then grinned and said, “As expected, everything was secretly planned by Naraku-sama?”


Then there was a hint of realization in Uehara’s voice, “I was still wondering why the marine would give up on me, a suitable member to be lured into betraying the Baroque Works. It turned out that they were already prepared to recruit me. Sure enough, nothing was out of my expectations…”

Everything had been arranged.

As a result, in just half a month, the marine changed the ‘Only Alive’ on his wanted poster to ‘Dead or Alive’. Now, it seemed like they were worried about arousing the suspicion of the Baroque Works?

On the one hand, the marine expressed that all the members of the Baroque Works were treated equally. The bounty of all the members was dead or alive.

On the other hand, the higher-ups of the marine had sent Rear Admiral X Drake to recruit Uehara and invite him to join the secret special forces.

“What a poor show.”

When Kabuto said this, he couldn’t help but smile, “Even the gods are just playthings in Naraku-sama’s hands; how can a rotten marine escape the control of Naraku-sama…”


Uehara smiled and praised, “Kabuto, you did well. You managed to sneak into such an important force so quickly. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have gotten such important news. I thought you would have to spend some time in that marine base…”

“Because Naraku-sama made Baroque Works the enemy of the sea.”

Kabuto pushed up his glasses and said in a low voice, “I just happened to catch a Baroque Works agent at the right time…”


Uehara chuckled and ordered, “Then, according to our previous method, let that Rear Admiral X Drake have no one to rely on except us…”


Kabuto respectfully agreed.


Uehara sighed, “We are going to climb the reverse mountain now. Let’s talk when we meet!”

Red Line, Reverse Mountain.

This was the entrance to Grand Line.

The warship that was filled with orange trees under Uehara crossed the entrance of Grand Line and was slowly pushed to the top of the reverse mountain by the sea current. Kisame’s sharks surrounded the warship, and there were no twists and turns along the way.

“It’s really incredible!”

Kisame grinned and said, “I didn’t expect that there is actually a sea current that goes against the current in the world…”


[Side Mission: Cross the entrance of Grand Line – Reverse Mountain(1/1).] 

[Mission completed.] 

[Reward: +10,000 Life Energy, +10,000 Busoshoku Haki(Armament Haki), and +10,000 Kenbunshoku Haki(Observation Haki).]

Uehara nodded and looked at his system panel. He whispered, “Well, hurry up and cross the Reverse Mountain. We are going to meet a Rear Admiral after that!”


Nico Robin came out of the cabin and handed Uehara and Kisame a glass of juice each. Her face flashed with surprise, “Meet a Rear Admiral? Mr. Kabuto’s report, is the marine coming to hunt us down?”


Uehara took the juice and took a sip. He smiled and said, “That Rear Admiral should be here to invite me to join the marine and let me become a spy in the Baroque Works!”


Nico Robin shook her head speechlessly.

What was the marine thinking? They actually wanted Uehara to be their spy. Their Admiral were all Uehara’s spies!

The journey was very smooth.

Apart from when they left the reverse mountain, they encountered a huge whale blocking the entrance of Grand Line, but Uehara kicked it away!

The overseer of the Twin Cape Lighthouse at the entrance of Grand Line, Crocus, dared not speak but could only watch the warship drive past his place.

If it were twenty years ago… This overseer would never let Uehara, the guy who bullied whales, leave like this!


When Uehara came back here, the king of Alabasta, Cobra, was almost notorious. The country had completely fallen into revolution and rebellion.

Obviously, Crocodile’s plan had begun.

“Crocodile is really short-sighted…”

Kisame looked at the recent news about Alabasta and couldn’t help but sneer, “He only knows how to keep an eye on this desert kingdom…”


Nico Robin nodded and whispered, “Crocodile knows that we have returned to Alabasta. He wants to see us now, and it seems that he wants to talk to us.”

“Then let’s go and see!”

Uehara played with the orange in his hand and said with a little boredom, “It’s really interesting; he wants to take the initiative to expose his identity to us?”


There was a trace of embarrassment in Nico Robin’s eyes. She looked at Uehara and softly corrected him, “Crocodile means that he just wants to see Mr. Kisame. Probably to discuss the matter of replacing a Shichibukai…”

This was a little awkward.

Crocodile didn’t seem to care about Uehara.

“What about me?”

Uehara put down the orange in his hand and squinted his eyes with a kind smile, “Didn’t Mr. Crocodile mention me?”


Nico Robin fell silent.

After a long time, Nico Robin whispered, “Crocodile doesn’t seem to want to see you, but he promoted Mr. Uehara’s rank to a senior agent. This should be a promotion, right?”

“I got it.”

Uehara crushed the orange in his hand and waved to Kisame and Robin, “Well, then you go!”

“… Yes.”

Nico Robin nodded hurriedly.

Kisame could not help but grin, revealing his mouthful of shark teeth, “Uehara-sama, if you are unhappy, can I make Mr. Crocodile be more obedient?”


Uehara waved his hand indifferently, “It’s good to teach him a lesson so that he doesn’t always take you as a little brother. In the future, you will replace Jinbe as Shichibukai…

You go see him! I will find a place to rest.

Now I really want to see Drake as soon as possible and tell the marine about Crocodile and Baroque Works!”

After that, Uehara left with an unhappy face.

“Why is he so angry?”

Nico Robin shook her head helplessly and whispered, “If Mr. Uehara showed his powerful strength a little, Crocodile would never dare to ignore him… Moreover, isn’t Mr. Uehara’s original purpose to hide his strength?”


Kisame interrupted Nico Robin and grinned, “Miss Robin, if a god stood in front of you and humiliated him because you didn’t know him, do you think the god should be angry?”

“Should be…”

Nico Robin looked at Uehara’s back and slowly nodded, but then she saw Uehara suddenly disappear in front of her eyes.

This scene made the corners of her eyes slightly freeze.

“What… ability is that?”

“If you know too much, you will live for a short time.”

Kisame grinned and said softly, “Let’s go and meet this Mr. Crocodile and also teach him a lesson…”

Kisame tightened the shark muscles on his body solemnly.

Nico Robin could not help but frown. He muttered in a low voice, “I remember that Mr. Kisame is good at the water ability, but in the desert…”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Kisame was still smiling.

For Kisame, no matter where he was on the battlefield, as long as he wasn’t facing Aokiji, who specialized in using ice ability that restrains him.

When they went to see Crocodile, Uehara was lying in Nico Robin’s coffee shop, reading a book and receiving Kakuzu’s Den Den Mushi calls.

“Uehara, is it convenient?”

Kakuzu’s voice came over, “Uehara, Doflamingo has already offered 200 million to get your information. Can I sell it to him?”


This Kakuzu wanted to earn money no matter what!

After a moment of silence, Uehara suddenly said, “Let Doflamingo choose a place himself. I am a little unhappy and want to see him…”

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