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Behind the Scenes from Naruto

Behind the Scenes from Naruto







Behind the Scenes from Naruto

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(Marvel World)

Stark Tower.
Tony Stark walked into the building and pointed his finger at an employee who likes to drink juice: "You are fired, go to collect your liquidated damages..."
"Sir Stark, Mr. Uehara Naraku just passed the interview, he still did not sign a formal contract..."
"Isn't that just right? We don't even have to pay liquidated damages."

(Soul Reaper World)
On the battlefield of Soul Reaper and Hallows.
A young Reaper named Uehara Naraku was full of frustration: "Sorry, Captain Aizen, I am still too cowardly..."
"This is not cowardice."
Sōsuke Aizen smiled and shook his head, and patted the young Reaper on the shoulder and said: "This is kindness, kindness is a kind of noble character worthy of praise."
(Overlord World)
Nazarick's tomb.
Momonga looked at his friend and said in a deep voice: "Taki Mi, please use your ring to summon Uehara Naraku!
Let's overthrow this game's strongest world boss! After the game is closed, Uehara Naraku's favor's right. Will have no use..."
(The Pirate World)
That year, the Baroque Work recruited a new employees, and the president Warlord Crocodile held a cigar in his mouth and looked at some of the resumes with satisfaction. .
One of the resumes was an image of a young man smiling very kindly.
He is called Uehara Naraku.
(Naruto World)
In the 56th year of the Konoha calendar, Akatsuki has two more members, one of whom is called Uchiha Itachi, and the other is called Uehara Naraku.
He is an actor.
He is a conspirator.

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