Becoming The Business Magnate's Spoiled Wife

Chapter 46 - Discussing Compensation

Chapter 46 Discussing Compensation

Chaotic footsteps sounded. Qu Qi looked at Qu Xiao who was sitting in the living room in panic and fear.

“What? Are you a little disappointed to see me still alive? How much did you spend to hire that trash to kill me?”

Qu Xiao’s lips curled into a mocking and contemptuous arc. Her eyes were rolling as she continued to speak with a smile, “The police have already caught him. He couldn’t help but be frightened and quickly confessed that you were the one who instigated and hired him to tail me secretly, and even cause an accident.”

Qu Qi’s pupils dilated as she rushed in front of her. Her voice was hoarse as she quibbled, “It has nothing to do with me. Don’t talk nonsense!”

“I have conclusive evidence. Although you used an anonymous method to contact him, there are always oversights…”

Qu Xiao knew very well that Qu Qi was very cautious. The driver refused to reveal who his employer was. She must have paid him extremely well.

She could only lie to Qu Qi like this.

Qu Qi was flustered. Qu Xiao lowered her eyes and smiled lightly. Step by step, she broke through her psychological defenses and continued to speak, “When the police come to arrest you, do you think your family will come to save you? I’m afraid that Father will disown you, right?”

“Although Father is very good to you now, it’s only because you’re obedient and help him to scheme against me!”

“However, since what you did will negatively affect him, do you think that he will still help you? Qu Qi! Use your brain…”

Qu Qi’s face was pale. She knew that what Qu Xiao said was true. Mr. Qu was extremely selfish. He would definitely leave her to fend for herself.

At this moment, Qu Qi’s eyes were full of anger. She picked up the vase placed on the coffee table and smashed it at the back of Qu Xiao’s head in anger.

“Go to Hell!”

Qu Xiao bent down and dodged it. She took the opportunity to push Qu Qi’s shoulder.

Qu Qi’s body fell to the ground weightlessly.

The broken pieces of the vase scratched her left face. A hideous and horrifying wound formed and started bleeding. “Ah!”

Qu Qi covered her face and screamed.

Yang Mei came back from outside and rushed to the living room when she heard the scream.

She picked up Qu Qi and glared at Qu Xiao with her beautiful eyes. “What have you done!”

Qu Xiao looked at them indifferently and was too lazy to answer.

Yang Mei treated Qu Qi’s wound urgently. She raised two fingers and poked Qu Xiao’s face while exuding a vulgar aura, “You ruined Qi Qi’s face. You have to pay the price. What if she gets disfigured? Are you going to take responsibility?”

Yang Mei thought of the person backing Qu Xiao up, “Give me five million and I will help you hide it from your father.”

“You know what happens when he gets angry!”

Yang Mei shouted arrogantly as if she thought Qu Xiao was still afraid of Mr. Qu. There was even a hint of pride in her eyes.

Qu Xiao, on the other hand, could not help but laugh as she stared at her.

It seemed that Mr. Qu had still not told his wife that he was no longer the CEO of Qu Group. He was probably embarrassed, right? “I… Don’t have money.”

Qu Xiao spread her arms and sat steadily on the sofa. She looked at Qu Qi, who was gritting her teeth. Her red lips parted slightly as she uttered a few words.

Yang Mei blinked in disbelief.

Her mind was racing. Perhaps Shang Yan did not spoil Qu Xiao materially? Then perhaps she could take this opportunity to drive her away from the Qu family!

“Then as long as you promise to break all ties with our family and never fight for our family’s assets in the future, I will offset the five million in compensation and won’t pursue the matter of you hurting Qu Qi.” Yang Mei was still thinking about assets?

Qu Xiao wiped the blood stains on her fingernails and said indifferently, “In your dreams!”

“This family is my family too. Mr. Qu is my father. When he dies, of course I will receive a part of the inheritance.”

“Although I dislike this family’s dirty money, I won’t give it up so easily. What right do you have to force me?”

Yang Mei didn’t expect Qu Xiao to be so difficult to deal with. Her eyes were filled with hatred as she wanted to get the security guards to chase Qu Xiao out.

Qu Xiao quickly took out her phone and dialed Shang Yan’s number in front of Yang Mei and Qu Qi, mumbling in a sobbing and nasal voice, “Hubby, the Qu family are bullying me! They’re talking about chasing me out, and they’re even forcing me to sever all ties…”

Fresh blood seeped out from the gaps of Qu Qi’s fingers. Looking at Qu Xiao’s relaxed expression, she could not help but feel a trace of fear in her heart.

At the same time, Shang Yan, who was worried about Qu Xiao and waiting outside the Qu family’s villa, immediately came to the living room. He furrowed his eyebrows and scanned the debris on the ground. He nervously raised Qu Xiao’s palm and asked in a gentle voice, “Are you hurt?”

Qu Xiao shook her head. A sense of security rose from the bottom of her heart.

“CEO Shang! Don’t listen to Qu Xiao’s nonsense. She was clearly the one who pushed my daughter down and injured her. We are only discussing compensation!”

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