Becoming The Business Magnate's Spoiled Wife

Chapter 44 - Disciplining a Younger Sister

Chapter 44 Disciplining a Younger Sister

Bang! The muffled sound of something being smashed came from a room in the Qu family’s villa.

A broken mirror reflected Qu Qi’s distorted facial features due to jealousy and hatred. She was so angry that she gritted her teeth and stood on the table. Then, she calmed down and took a deep breath. She cleared her throat and dialed Shang Liqing’s number. She raised her hand and touched herself in the mirror while pleading in an aggrieved tone.

“Qingqing, help me… help me deal with Shang Yan and Qu Xiao…”

Qu Xiao, caught up in a brief moment of euphoria, gradually came to her senses.

Her eyes were filled with worry as she asked, “Will this affect you?”

Shang Group had always been low-key to prevent unwanted articles published about them.

Now that entertainment channels had seized this chance to publish articles about Shang Group, Qu Xiao felt a little guilty. Shang Yan used his finger to press against her lips and comforted her with a deep and gentle voice, “We are husband and wife. When faced with problems, of course we should resolve them together.”

“These are all things that I should be doing. Instead of apologizing, perhaps you can use other ways to thank me.”

Shang Yan’s thin lips curved into an ambiguous arc as he gently rubbed his fingertips against Qu Xiao’s lips.

His rubbing made Qu Xiao’s entire body tremble slightly. She shyly opened her arms and hooked them around Shang Yan’s shoulders. She took the opportunity to sit on his lap and gently kissed his thin lips. Then, she turned her head away at an extremely fast speed and hid her smirk. Shang Yan saw her shy and lazy cat-like side profile and gently bit her pink earlobe.

“Ah…” Qu Xiao moved her body sensitively, wanting to avoid his touch. “We’re in the living room.”

Dong dong. As soon as Qu Xiao finished speaking, there was a heavy knock on the door at the entrance.

Shang Yan was filled with dissatisfaction as he turned his head. Qu Xiao quickly stood up and tidied up her somewhat messy and wrinkled dress and hair.

At the door, Shang Liqing crossed her arms. Her eyes flickered with contempt and disdain as she stared at Qu Xiao and said sarcastically without holding back.

“I was wondering how you bewitched my brother. So it turns out that you relied on your body? It does have some charm, but where did that gaudy smell come from!” Shang Liqing deliberately pinched the tip of her nose and waved her hand as if to disperse the smell.

Shang Yan’s eyes were cold as he stared at her and berated, “She’s your sister-in-law. Where’s your manners?”

Qu Xiao patted Shang Yan’s shoulder lightly, not wanting his relationship with his sister to become estranged because of her.

However, Shang Liqing’s words were harsh. It was obvious that she was here for her. Qu Xiao naturally could not tolerate it. Her eyes curved as she opened her mouth to retort, “I’m being intimate with my husband in my own home. Do I need your permission?”


“Moreover, it seems to be your fault for barging in.” “You have no manners. If you do this again, be prepared to deal with the consequences!”

Qu Xiao’s words made Shang Liqing speechless.

Shang Liqing was so angry that she clenched her fists and stared at Shang Yan as she asked, “Second brother! Aren’t you going to deal with her?”

Shang Yan held Qu Xiao’s palm and rubbed her knuckles as he said indifferently, “Your sister-in-law is right.”

Qu Xiao raised her neck proudly and asked Shang Liqing with a raised eyebrow, “Since you’re so concerned about our love life. Perhaps you want to be in a relationship yourself? I heard that an uncle’s fat son came back from overseas recently. You two seem to have things in common. Why don’t I introduce him to you?”

The uncle’s fat son was so fat that he would pant after just taking two steps.

Shang Liqing felt nauseous just thinking about him. She gritted her teeth and pointed at Qu Xiao. “You’re ruthless!”

Shang Liqing took a deep breath and averted her gaze. She stared at Shang Yan and asked, “Second brother, how long has it been since you went back to visit Grandpa? He hasn’t been well recently and is constantly asking for you. Come back with me to visit him!”

“Qu Xiao can stay at home. If Grandpa sees her and gets angry, it will be troublesome.”

Shang Liqing turned around and left after saying that. She walked to the courtyard outside and waited for Shang Yan.

Shang Yan frowned slightly, as if he was in a difficult position.

Because of Qu Xiao’s previous actions that hurt Shang Yan, Grandpa Shang had always hated her.

Qu Xiao shook her head very sensibly. She bent down and squatted in front of Shang Yan and said, “It just so happens that there are some things in the company that I need to take care of. You and Liqing go ahead! Say hello to Grandpa for me…”

Her forced smile made Shang Yan’s heart ache a little.

“I’ll be back as soon as possible.”

Shang Yan caressed Qu Xiao’s face as he promised her. She held Shang Yan’s palm and rubbed it against her palm. “Okay, see you


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