Becoming The Business Magnate's Spoiled Wife

Chapter 42 - War of Public Opinion

Chapter 42 War of Public Opinion

The kiss was hot and long.

Qu Xiao’s nightgown had unknowingly fallen to the ground. The sling had slid down to her shoulders, and her round and full breasts were gently swaying

Shang Yan’s remaining rationality was also shattered by a few soft moans that she gently spat out. He used his palm to support Qu Xiao’s slender waist and gradually lifted it up until he held her soft breasts. Her breathing was rough as he massaged them. Seeing her snow-white skin move under his massaging, the object beneath his crotch grew harder and larger once again.

Qu Xiao’s entire body leaned weakly against Shang Yan’s body. She instinctively used her small hand to hold onto his crotch. The warm touch caused Shang Yan to let out a grunt twice as he kissed Qu Xiao’s collarbone. “You… you be gentle. I’ll do it myself!” At this moment, Qu Xiao remembered to consider Shang Yan’s physical condition. She swayed her waist as she lay on Shang Yan’s chest. Her perky buttocks searched for a hard object before she slowly sat down. The tight tunnel was like countless small mouths sucking evenly. Shang Yan’s muscles tensed as he supported Qu Xiao. He could not help but begin to push back with force.

The sound of intimate lovemaking filled the entire bedroom. Qu Xiao played with her long hair that was drenched in sweat as she raised her neck and panted.

The posture of riding made her a little tired. Her movements slowed down very quickly.

Shang Yan’s eyes revealed an insatiable light. He suddenly flipped over and pressed her under his body. His strong arms lifted Qu Xiao’s legs and her swaying feet rested on his shoulders. “Oh! Shang Yan, your legs…”

Qu Xiao could not help but exclaim in surprise. Shang Yan’s head was covered in fine sweat as he charged forward with a muffled sound. Every time, he would hit a deeper spot.

“Don’t get distracted!”

Shang Yan saw Qu Xiao’s flushed face. Seeing her docile look, he whispered in a low and hoarse voice.

The next morning, the room was still filled with an ambiguous smell. Qu Xiao felt her entire body aching as she opened her eyes. She lowered her head and glanced at the purplish-blue hickeys on her chest and neck. She could not help but glare at the man beside her in a coquettish and resentful manner.

She recalled the scene from last night that made her blush. She suddenly wanted to lift up the silk blanket and asked, “Can you move?”

Shang Yan held her hand and did not let her move.

The next second, Shang Yan handed his phone over with a dark expression and reminded her, “Take a look. Do you need me to step in?”

Qu Xiao was puzzled as she pulled at the screen. She saw Qu Qi condemning her on social media through a long article, “The daughter of the Qu family, Qu Xiao used despicable methods and acts to cheat her father of his shares in the company and even chased him out of the company.”

“Our father’s mood is very unstable. He has to rely on a large amount of sleeping pills and alcohol to fall asleep every day.”

“I’m currently unable to contact Qu Xiao. Qu Xiao, when you see this, I hope you can get in touch with me as soon as possible. After all, we’re family.”

Qu Xiao used her finger to gently press between her eyebrows. She shifted her body and nestled in Shang Yan’s embrace as she muttered under her breath, “She’s learned her lesson. She now knows how to influence public opinion to punish me…”

Shang Yan had originally wanted to tell her that he could help remove all the negative trending searches regarding her and even cancel Qu Qi’s account.

“Can you make the news spread more widely?”

Qu Xiao raised her sparkling eyes and stared at Shang Yan. When she saw the stubble on his chin, she poked it with her finger curiously.

When her finger slid to his Adam’s apple, Shang Yan could not help but swallow. He hugged the woman in his arms tightly and said, “Okay.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you. Don’t be afraid!”

Qu Xiao listened to his heartbeat and felt a sense of security that she had never felt before. She nodded heavily and said, “I have a way to shut Qu Qi up!”

Very quickly, the father-daughter drama of Qu Group dominated the trending searches list and became a huge discussions amongst netizens.

Qu Xiao sat in front of the computer, her red lips curling into a teasing smile. Qu Xiao selected a few recordings in a USB drive to post onto the online forum. A few seconds later, the words “Upload successful” appeared on the screen.

In the lively forum, Qu Xiao’s clarification post quickly received attention.

“Go steal confidential information from Shang Group! Otherwise, you will have to deal with the consequences!” “Kneel down! Unfilial daughter! I will teach you a lesson today…”

In the recording, Mr. Qu’s cold and vicious words made the netizens feel a chill down their spines.

Public opinion turned around one after another. The netizens who had originally reprimanded Qu Xiao for being cold-blooded and heartless used increasingly fierce words to criticize Mr. Qu’s savage behavior, angrily scolding him for being so ruthless to his own daughter. Following that, some extreme netizens went to the Qu family’s villa and threw smelly eggs at their French windows to stand up for Qu Xiao.

In the villa’s living room, Mr. Qu was so angry that he went crazy spinning around on the spot, thinking of how to get back at Qu Xiao.

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