Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs

Chapter 635: Didn't get bullied

Chapter 635: Didn’t get bullied

Xu Sheng Mei was completely infuriated with old Zhou Family.

Earlier on, they were dissatisfied with her because of her dating partner. Was it wrong for her to pursue her own happiness? If she didn’t fight for it by herself, how can she have a good life?

Putting these aside, what about afterward? Later, she took the initiative to lower her head. Their attitude were neither cold nor warm. It was her brother’s matter that made her most angry.

He was going to be locked behind bar. Old Zhou Family clearly had some connections, but they won’t help. Even when her parents came over and begged on their knees, old Zhou Family won’t budge.

Her mother was extremely furious at that time. She directly declared that she would cut off the relationship. No longer have old Zhou Family as maternal family in the future!

In the past two years, Xu Sheng Mei continued her business, but had never stepped half a foot to old Zhou’s house.

“Maybe caused they are too disappointed in me.” Xu Sheng Qiang shook his head.

“Qiang Zi, you don’t need to go there. You’ll just get scolded and disciplined. Now our family has nothing to do with their family. Why go? Better off running a store than anything else. Now the business is getting better and better.” Xu Sheng Mei persuaded.

She had made a lot of money in the past two years and even opened a second branch. She currently ran two stores and earning more than 1,000 a month was a easy task.

“I’ll properly work. However, I have to drop by grandparent’s side,” Xu Sheng Qiang maintained.

He came over the next day. When he came, Mother Zhou was telling the new nanny to make pancakes with fruits.

Don’t look at her current age. She still got a good appetite and good health.

The nanny was from a nearby household. A middle-aged woman. She used to work in a state-owned hotel, but was laid off. Second heard about it and went to invite her.

Only need to be responsible for three meals a day and then wash the clothes.

There was a washing machine for the laundry. It can be said to be a very easy job. One hundred and thirty yuan a month. Of course, she was definitely happy to do it.

Usually she would ask Father Zhou, Mother Zhou, and old Wang what they want to eat. Then she would cook them. Her excellent culinary, cleanliness, and hardworking trait made Mother Zhou satisfied.

At first, she felt that the salary was too much. Back in their generation, they may not necessarily save a hundred yuan even when they worked the whole year on farm work.

However she accepted it now. She didn’t need to buy groceries and cook. She had a lot of time to go to the park and find other old ladies to listen to Beijing opera and sing it. That lifestyle were pretty beautiful.

After instructing today’s meal, Mother Zhou planned to go out. Then she came across this unfilial grandson.

Mother Zhou was stunned and blurted out: “Qiang Zi, you are out?”

“Grandma, I’m out.” Xu Sheng Qiang nodded.

Mother Zhou’s expression changed: “Wasn’t it supposed to be the end of the year? Don’t say you escaped!”

Xu Sheng Qiang shook his head and replied, “Grandma, I was properly released.” He explained the reason to his grandma. Only then, his grandma didn’t look at him with an angry expression.

Mother Zhou was relieved. If he escaped, then old Zhou Family will send him back personally!

“The last time your mother came here, she severed her relationship with me and your grandpa. You don’t need to come again.” Although Mother Zhou let him in, she harrumphed.

At that time, she was so mad that she almost didn’t catch her breath. Before, she didn’t think there was anything wrong with her eldest girl. But now, she seem to be riddled with bad habits!

This grandson became like this must be because of her. If she didn’t disciplined him well, how could he be so reckless!

It wasn’t just her educating children. How come Fourth’s Wife educated Da Wa and his brothers so well? And all of them became successful!

“Grandma, you know my mother. She loved me dearly. She must have been terrified when this matter happen to me. That’s why she was a little bit reckless. Grandma, don’t lower yourself to her level.” Xu Sheng Qiang responded.

“I’m too lazy to. I don’t expect her to support me. With your uncle and aunt, your grandpa and I don’t have to worry!” Mother Zhou snorted.

The little old lady was full of confidence now. She had a son and a daughter-in-law raising her. She didn’t need to look at anyone’s face. As for Eldest Daughter, she was another’s daughter-in-law and another’s mother. Didn’t need her worried about her at her age.

So if she want to sever the relationship, then sever. Anyway, they won’t see other face more than a few times in this lifetime.

Xu Sheng Qiang said: “I know that both my uncle and aunt are filial.”

“Since you’re out, I won’t say anything else anymore. You don’t like to letting me say it anyway. Just live your life well. You don’t need to go to your uncle and aunt anymore. They are travelling and aren’t at home. Properly manage your business.” Mother Zhou spoke.

For this grandson, it was impossible for Mother Zhou to say she wasn’t disappointed.

How many times did he and his sister make her enter the hospital due to anger? Fourth’s wife was right. If she wanted to give up her blessings in the future due to these matter and make her body broken, then there was nothing to say. Just hire someone to go to the hospital to take care of her. No one else had time to go.

Everyone was busy with their own affairs. Just a or two days was enough. Who can bear it if was often? It was best to hire someone.

So Mother Zhou couldn’t be delicate even if she want to at that time. She was discharged from the hospital as soon as possible.

She also thought it through.

Her life was so comfortable now. Grandsons have growth. Granddaughters married well. She and her partner were in good health. Why should she be upset because of her son-in-law’s affairs. Especially when her daughter and son-in-law severed the relationship.

Mother Zhou felt flame were burning when she thought about it. Wasn’t this ruining herself in vain?

That’s why she thought it through and didn’t get involved in these things. She can just live their old couple’s life.

Xu Sheng Qiang sat here for a while before leaving.

Although he knew that his uncle and aunt weren’t at home, he still dropped by. He didn’t know how much Zhou Family had developed in the past two years. He saw Zhou Gui Lai in the tea shop with a big boss who came to buy tea, drinking tea.

He was taken aback for a moment. Still, he entered.

Zhou Gui Lai knew that he was back yesterday, so he wasn’t surprised. He motioned for him to sit. Then continued to introduce tea to the big boss.

When the big boss left, he bought four thousand yuan of tea. Truly a big customer.

“Come out early?” Only then Zhou Gui Lai turned to Xu Sheng Qiang.

“En. Came to walk around. Is this tea shop yours?” Xu Sheng Qiang asked.

“It was opened the year before last.” Zhou Gui Lai nodded and said, “Have you been to grandparent’s place?”

“I have.” Xu Sheng Qiang replied, “Someone was taking care of me inside. Did Zhou Family use connection?”

The life inside was naturally difficult. However, he didn’t get bullied too much after he went in. Someone would help him, but they never said a word. Why would they help him out of the blue? Could only be old Zhou Family.

“Have tea.” Zhou Gui Lai saw that him had guessed it and gave him a cup of tea without continuing to speak.

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