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Chapter 617 - 617 Chapter 617 Reuniting With The Princess

617 Chapter 617 Reuniting With The Princess

Chapter 617 Reuniting With The Princess

Wang Meng rushed into the crowd with his sword after Lu Yu killed Vince. He began to slash indiscriminately, killing everyone on their team without mercy.

Even if someone tried to flee, Yun Zirou would catch and kill them.

The temporary campsite was covered in blood, and the air was filled with the smell of iron after a series of shrieks.

Wang Meng wiped the blood from his face as he approached Lu Yu.

“I took care of them all, brother. Just relax.”

“The strength of this group of people is mediocre. They appear to be an intelligence gathering unit tasked with tracking down the prince.” Xu Yuan stated. “As a result, this team’s combat power is low.”

“Their stronghold shouldn’t be weak, and they have many more soldiers there.” Xu Yuan continued.

Lu Yu gave a slight nod. “That’s correct. I’m afraid we’d have a difficult time if we were to fight them head-on.”

“If they find out we massacred a team of theirs, we’ll become enemies with them.”

Xu Yuan expressed his concern.

They had only recently befriended Elizabeth, so ending their friendship so quickly would be unwise.

The Lionheart Empire and the Star Science Chamber of Commerce were their only allies. The rest of the teams here were their adversaries.

If this continued, they would find themselves in a difficult situation.

“If they can track down the truth, I will answer her honestly. I doubt they even care about this 100-man squad.”

Lu Yu’s gaze shifted to Han Xuefei as he spoke.

She squatted on the ground and smiled as she stroked the trembling Golden Retriever.

“It appears to be terrified. Why don’t we take him with us?” Han Xuefei proposed.

“It’s nothing more than a hunting dog. If you want to bring it along, sure.” After getting Lu Yu’s approval, Han Xuefei stood up, took out a rope, and tied it around the Golden Retriever’s neck.

“This dog might be able to assist us in locating the prince. It might come in handy.” Lu Yu stated.

Yun Zirou approached and stroked the Golden Retriever’s head.

After being touched by her hands, the Golden Retriever was no longer afraid and began to bark happily.

“Go through their storage rings and take their scrolls. We’ll then teleport to Elizabeth’s side.”

Wang Meng quickly carried that out after Lu Yu finished speaking. He promptly extracted over ten scrolls and placed them in front of Lu Yu.

“These are the scrolls that the man named Vince was carrying. It has markings on it. Some will go to their stronghold, while the rest will go to Elizabeth.”

Lu Yu took up the scroll and unfolded it slowly as a ray of light appeared.

“It looks like we can teleport from here.”

Xu Yuan nodded. “That’s correct… and we’ll only require five scrolls…”

Wang Meng looked over to Su Qing, following behind Lu Yu, and asked, “What about her?”

“I’ll keep her in my pocket watch and take her out later.”

Wang Meng helplessly nodded. “That’s probably for the best. Let us now continue on our journey. We still have to keep going…”

Everyone took a scroll; these scrolls could only transport living beings, including dogs.

They opened their scrolls simultaneously and injected energy into them, opening a teleportation gate as it devoured them.


A wall appeared in front of Lu Yu as the light faded. Under the thick wall stood two soldiers in silver armor, and they were the empire soldiers.

Xu Yuan and the others appeared alongside Lu Yu.

“What is your name? Where did you get teleported from?”

A guard approached and inquired loudly.

Another guard noticed Lu Yu and quickly said, “They are the princess’s friends. Welcome.”

Lu Yu turned to face a guard and said, “I’d like to see the princess, so please open the gates.”

“Aye, aye, Sir!”

The guards retreated, and the fortress gates gradually began to lift.

Lu Yu and the others entered the fortress, and Lu Yu walked straight toward the villa after entering the majestic stronghold.

Elizabeth and a few bodyguards were already standing at the villa’s entrance. When they heard Lu Yu had arrived, they rushed out of the villa to greet him.

Elizabeth quickly welcomed Lu Yu as he approached. With a gentle smile, she addressed Lu Yu.

“We’ve met again.”

Elizabeth quickly approached Lu Yu and extended her small hand to shake his.

“I’m here today to inform you about something.”

Lu Yu turned around and looked at the Golden Retriever, saying, “This dog should be familiar to you, right?”

Elizabeth nodded as she looked at it. “That’s correct, and it appears to be my younger brother’s pet. What brings it here?” Elizabeth looked at Lu Yu with interest.

Lu Yu inhaled deeply, unsure of what to say.

“We ran into a group of people on our way back. They belonged to the Lionheart Empire’s army.”

Elizabeth had a rough idea of what happened after hearing this.

“They must have used this dog to track down my brother. But how did it end up in your possession?”

Lu Yu remained silent for a moment before slowly saying, “Let’s go in there and talk.”

There were far too many people present. Lu Yu was afraid that if he clarified things now, it would lead to a misunderstanding. They were, after all, from a mighty empire.

Even though Elizabeth found it strange, she led the way to the villa.

They sat on the sofa in the living room after entering the villa. Outside, the bodyguards and butlers stood guard.

There were only Lu Yu and Elizabeth in the living room.

“We can now discuss what happened after you met up with them.”

Elizabeth inquired, intrigued.

“I annihilated the entire team.” Lu Yu spoke calmly.

Elizabeth’s eyes widened with surprise.

“Why did you kill them? Is it to take this dog?”

Elizabeth quickly shook her head after saying that. She knew this was impossible, as it was far too absurd!

“That is not the case.” Lu Yu went on. “One of my friends was killed in action. Because the leader of that team said some unsavory things, I killed them all.”

Elizabeth took a deep breath and attempted to relax.

“I see what you’re saying. I wouldn’t probe much into it if they were being that rude. Besides, I don’t have a close relationship with the army.”

The royal family and the army did not have a particularly close relationship in the Lionheart Empire. The Emperor would always keep an eye on the army’s movements to ensure they weren’t plotting anything.

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