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Chapter 278 - Wan Guliu Personal Invitation

Chapter 278: Chapter 278 Wan Guliu Personal Invitation

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Chapter 278 Wan Guliu Personal Invitation

Everyone looked at Wan Guliu and Lu Yu in the front yard. They were so shocked that they couldn’t speak.

As soon as Wan Guliu appeared, the pressing pressure that enveloped his body made everyone stop breathing.

Liu Ye and the other nine stood at the entrance and nervously stared at Wan Guliu.

They were all curious as to why Wan Guliu was there.

“Brother, the military sent someone here. It seems that something big is happening!” Fang Qi looked at Liu Ye with worry.

“It’s hard to say, but I think it must have something to do with Lu Yu destroying our strongholds.”

Liu Ye analyzed. “This guy crossed the line, even killing people when he attacked the Battle Pets Club’s stronghold. Just this is enough of a crime, right?”

“So, I think that Wan Guliu came here personally to punish Lu Yu!”

“That’s right, that must be the case. He must be here to take Lu Yu away! Let’s wait and see what happens!”

“True that. This kid got over his head, and that’s why he attracted the attention of the military.”

“Wan Guliu has a high position in the military, at least the rank of a colonel. For him to come here personally, Lu Yu must be doomed!”

The ten people stood there, waiting to witness Lu Yu’s downfall. They all had the same consensus that Lu Yu was about to receive his punishment.

The audience watching the live broadcast was also excited, even though they didn’t know why Wan Guliu came.

“Officer Wan is here personally. It looks like something big is about to happen.”

“Wan Guliu looks very imposing. As expected of an experienced veteran.”

“Why did he come to meet Lu Yu personally?”

The audience was curious yet looking forward to the conversation between Wan Guliu and Lu Yu.

Wan Guliu looked at Lu Yu and revealed a calm smile.

“I came here specifically to look for you.”

Liu Ye and the rest were excited when they heard Wan Guliu was here for Lu Yu. He was here to punish him!

Lu Yu nodded slightly. “Is there something you want to talk to me about? Do you want to come inside or talk here?”

Wan Guliu took two steps toward Lu Yu, and the distance between them was only half a meter.

At the same time, five bodyguards immediately stood guard around them, preventing others from approaching.

Wan Guliu looked at Lu Yu and said in a serious tone, “Last night, you broke through one of the Truth Department strongholds, and I already know about this.”

“I have to say that you did a good job. The Truth Department has always been one of the problems of the military, and we have a constant headache dealing with this organization.”

“So, when this news reached the military, everyone was excited.”

“It’s not just me. Many others saw something in you.”

“I’ve seen all of your achievements and the competitions you’ve participated in ever since you entered here!”

Lu Yu nodded. “I’ve been in the limelight recently, and it’s within my expectations that you’ve noticed me.”

Wan Gu revealed a gentle smile.

He placed a hand on Lu Yu’s shoulder. “Due to your outstanding performance, the military has unanimously decided to invite you to join us officially!”

Lu Yu was stunned when he heard this. Being personally invited by a high-ranking military official was not a treatment just anyone could experience.

The other people in the distance saw the two talking, but they couldn’t quite hear what they were talking about.

Liu Ye’s eyes were fixed on Wan Guliu, and his expression was strange.

When he saw the gentle smile on Wan Guliu’s face, he was shaken.

“What’s going on? What are these two talking about?”

Liu Ye’s heart started to beat faster. The scene he had been looking forward to didn’t happen as expected.

The people beside him also had complicated expressions.

“Why… why do the two of them feel like they’re getting more enthusiastic as they chat?”

“I see Lu Yu has a smile on his face too. It doesn’t seem like he’s about to get punished.”

“The two of them seem to be deliberately lowering their voices. I can’t hear them at all…”

They weren’t the only ones who couldn’t hear it. The audience watching the live broadcast couldn’t hear them either, and they could only see the scene of the two standing there talking.

For a moment, the live broadcast room audience was debating intensely about what Lu Yu and Wan Guliu could talk about.

At that moment, Wan Guliu looked at Lu Yu and asked, “How about it? Joining the military will be of great benefit to you.”

Lu Yu frowned slightly before replying, “Of course, I know the benefits of joining the military. If I have the chance in the future, I will definitely join the military to develop.”

Hearing this, Wan Guliu hurriedly said, “I will directly promote you to captain. If you join the military, you will skip five ranks and become a captain!”

The bodyguard at the side quickly walked over and whispered to remind him, “Sir, I’m afraid this is not quite in line with the rules?”

“In the entire military history, there has never been such a young captain.”

Wan Guliu turned his head and glared at him, “Do I need you to teach me that?”

His tone became cold and strict.

The bodyguard hurriedly took two steps back and didn’t dare say another word.

Lu Yu was highly excited about Wan Guliu’s invitation.

This was a high position in the military.

If Lu Yu joined the military normally and advanced step by step, he would have to go through three private ranks, corporal, sergeant, staff sergeant, and the three lieutenant-ranks, to get to the position of captain.

Jumping five ranks in a row had never happened in the military.

From this, it wasn’t hard to see how much the military valued Lu Yu.

“How is it? You should be tempted, right?”

Wan Guliu looked at Lu Yu with great anticipation.

In his eyes, Lu Yu’s potential was huge. As long as he nurtured him well, he would definitely become a powerhouse who could dominate an entire region in the future!

Therefore, he couldn’t wait for Lu Yu to join the military.

Lu Yu thought for a moment, as this invitation was extremely tempting to him.

He had to seize this opportunity.

Lu Yu raised his head, looked at Wan Guliu, and asked, “I will definitely accept this offer. However, I have a question. Do I have to go right now to get this offer of jumping five ranks in a row?”

“Of course not. You don’t have to rush, as I will keep this offer for you.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly, “If that’s the case, then I might not go for the time being.”

Hearing this, Wan Guliu frowned slightly and rubbed his chin.

“Do you intend to stay at the university and cultivate?”

“Do you have any plans for your future development here?”

Lu Yu turned his head and looked at Yun Zirou, Su Qing, and Lin Kang standing in the distance and the members of the Featherwing Club behind them.

“I plan to take good care of the forces I have built up first. Then, I will head to the upper houses of the university!”

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