Awakened: Evolving to Godhood

Chapter 180 - New Skill? Body Of Prey?!

Upon death, the thing that attacked him dropped a crystal. It plunged down the air and touched the ground, producing a clear clanking echo. He didn't miss that and turned to look at it. It was of a grayish-purple couple and shaped like a Tourmaline. Elliot's expression changed when information about it popped up in his mind, becoming one with his memories. The crystal held five units of impurities.

Impurity, like its name, was a substance harmful to humans and present in nature and everything found within. From humans and magicians to magic herbs and ores, everything has it within them. Although he hadn't heard of magicians knowing of any methods to expunge impurities from their bodies, he did know that alchemists can eliminate impurities from herbs and stuff by using alchemy. The amount of it varied from person to person. The more impurities in one's body, the worse their health. As magicians haven't learned a way to deal with impurities in their bodies, one could use this crystal as a material to refine a poison solely made out of impurities, one without any possible cures!

After all, the impurities in this crystal were not something that the immune system of the magicians could annihilate, nor could they release It as excretion, meaning it would stay in their bodies forever and forever, troubling them to their deaths.


Elliot picked it up, used the back of his cuff to wipe the dirt off its surface, and then stored it into the subspace. Then, he turned to the fruit he just purified. It was in his hand reach, and its quality has increased. At first, consuming it would've only increased his strength by a point but now it has increased to 1.1 points.

[Your Strength has increased by 1.1 points]

After consuming the fruit and gaining an increase in his strength, he purified forty-nine of them, killing the same amount of ghastly apparition in the process and earning several dozen crystals of Impurities.

The ghastly apparition that attacked him met the same end. Some of them were fast; Some of them were strong; Some of them had high stamina; however, all of them were way weaker than him, and he mercilessly blasted apart their face with a single punch, a one-hit combo that was extremely effective against them.

Ten or so fruits were left, but he ran out of God's Qi. He had no means of eliminating a unit of impurity from the remaining fruits, which was a trigger to pull the ghastly apparitions out of them and eliminate the danger inside of them. Consuming the fruits without doing so was the same as asking for a nightmare.

"What should I do? Should I try fusing spiritual energy with the essence of life? Would it overwork the magic matrix, causing it to be damaged?"

[No, I don't think so, as it is pretty solid. You should give it a try and see what happens.]

"Let's do this." Unlike the inner area of Medusa's statue and the place of the second trial, this forest that lacked magic energy left him with no choice but to mix spiritual energy with the essence of life to see what he would create.

Would it be like God's Qi or something else?

A look of curiosity flashed through his eyes as he performed several hand signs, a code to activate the energy fusion magic matrix. The magic matrix on his hand snatched spiritual energy and the essence of life from his body, fused them into one to create Nourishing energy.

[Nourishing Qi]

[Description: An extremely nourishing energy created by the fusion of one unit of the essence of life and one unit of spiritual energy.]

[Effects: You can use it to nourish a chicken into a phoenix! Its meat will be tender than the softest of butter, more flavorful than the best dist you had ever had. You can also use 50 units of it to achieve the Body of a Prey!]

"What the heck is that?!" Elliot's rolled his eyes at the last sentence.

Body of a Prey?

Why would he even bother powering up into something so degrading?

[Once you achieve that state, you'll release an extremely refined aroma that will entice all living beings, from monsters to humans, male or female. They will instinctively know that they can increase their strength by consuming the source of the aroma. Thus, they will come to find you. Humans might be able to hold themselves back, but beasts definitely wouldn't be able to do so. You can use this to your benefit and bait them towards yourself. They will come as hunters but breathe their last as prey!]

Noah praised the Body of a Prey to the Seventh Heaven. A sly look appeared on Elliot's face. He wasn't a prey as no one below the magic grandmaster stage was his match! As it said, he, a player above level 30, would be able to attract all the low-level critters towards himself, and then crush them with a single stomp, eventually, reaping unlimited benefits from using his new skill.

"This seems good." He wasn't sure how good it would go. He wasn't sure how good it would go. As they say, in life, certain things remain uncertain until a person experiences them by himself. He had to experience the power of such a body by himself to know how good it was.

However, for now, he had a bigger thing to do.

First off, he separated the fruits he had refined from the ones he hadn't.

"Gah!" "There's a ghost! It's killing me!" "Help!"

"Oh My God, Sandy Hook had returned from the dead to haunt me!"

"It wasn't me! I did my best to save you guys. Please don't come near me! Or else, I won't hesitate to attack you. Stop! Please, stop! Don't force my hands!"

"Ah, ghost! Ghost!"

Just when he finished doing that, Elliot heard crazed echoes coming from outside his house, and they undoubtedly belonged to the people he was familiar with. 

What the heck was going on?

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