Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering

Chapter 1947 - Her Status in His Heart

Chapter 1947: Her Status in His Heart

Hearing Ah You’s words, there was no fluctuation of emotions on Ye Jie’s handsome face.

He got up from the bed and changed his shirt. His slender fingers buttoned his buttons one by one.

His handsome facial features were calm and cold, his scarlet lips pursed slightly as he exuded an aura that was untouchable.

Ah Zuo and Ah You had been with Ye Jie for many years, and Ah You’s personality was a little similar to Ye Jie. He was always calm and composed, and no one could read his mind, while Ah Zuo only revealed some of his emotions.

He stood at the door, feeling a little anxious.

After all, it was Princess Qingcheng from K Country. It was suspicious that she had suddenly fallen down the stairs.

Ah Zuo glanced inside the room. Crown Prince had already changed.

He looked extremely meticulous, untainted, and indifferent.

After so many years, it seemed like nothing could affect his emotions.

He was eerily calm.

Ye Jie walked out of the room with Ah Zuo and Ah You following behind him.

When they arrived, no one had noticed that Ye Qingcheng had fallen yet.

Ye Jie crouched down and checked Ye Qingcheng’s breathing.

A clear and cold voice sounded. “Ah You, send the Princess to the hospital and leave quietly. Ah Zuo, get the surveillance footage. You don’t have to alert the others in the castle.”

Seeing the Princess in a coma, there were no emotions in his dark and beautiful eyes.

Ah Zuo thought that if Ye Qingcheng found out that his master did not care about her, she would definitely be furious!

After all, she had always wanted his everything.

Although Ah Zuo was not as calm as Ah You, he was rather quick in his actions.

Soon, he got hold of the surveillance footage Ye Jie wanted.

Ye Jie turned on his laptop.

Ah Zuo stood behind him and looked at him sitting on the chair, his white clothes sharp and his back straight. He was like a god from the heavens. Ah Zuo was glad that he was a normal man.

Otherwise, how could he do his work properly facing such a stunning face?

In the surveillance video, Ye Qingcheng was leaning against the balcony as the night breeze blew at her long hair.

She was still wearing that fiery long dress.

Not too long later, a figure wearing a white nightgown walked in front of her with dazed eyes.

Ye Qingcheng lifted the ruby bracelet on the girl’s wrist gleefully.

They got into a fierce argument.

A loud sound echoed through the car.

Ye Jie shut the computer.

His long fingers were well-defined and pressed between his eyebrows.

“Your Highness…” Ah Zuo had also seen the surveillance video just now.

Before he could finish, he heard Ye Jie’s cold voice. “The surveillance cameras are damaged, got it?”

Ah Zuo was shocked.

It was such a big thing but Master was going to hide it.

Even if the woman who had done it couldn’t become the Princess Consort, she still had a place in his heart.


After Ah Zuo left, Ye Jie went to the floor-to-ceiling windows, his slender body only moving when the sky turned bright.

Bo Cixue woke up after hearing the alarm.

She seemed not to have slept well last night and her head hurt slightly.

However, she was young, so her bad sleep did not affect her skin.

There were many guests who were around her age and younger than her in the castle. Bo Ci Xue had always been noble and elegant in front of outsiders. She asked the makeup artist to come in and help her put on light makeup and the stylist chose the clothes she was going to wear today.

Most of the clothes in the wardrobe were clothes that socialites should wear.

They were all limited edition collections from major brands, but were all elegant and presentable.

The stylist had chosen a white chiffon dress for Bo Cixue.

Her long hair fell over her shoulders, her exquisite makeup and elegant clothes making her look extremely obedient.

Bo Cixue looked at the girl in the mirror and furrowed her eyebrows slightly.

No one behind her noticed.

She did not like to dress like this, but since she was young, the servants in the palace who taught her etiquette had taught her this.

A rich young lady should behave like a rich young lady.

She had to be a role model with her every action and smile, and could not embarrass the Royal family.

Bo Cixue walked out of the room and the castle’s butler told her, “Young Miss, Crown Prince and the other young masters are already in the dining room downstairs. It’s just that Second Young Master hasn’t woken up yet.”

Bo Cixue waved her hand. “Let him sleep. I’m sure he must be tired from the busy day before.”

The butler had a headache when it came to the topic of Bo Jingyu.

Forget it. If Young Miss did not call him up, he would not be able to.

How could the two of them be so different when they were from the same womb?!

Bo Cixue arrived at the dining room downstairs.

Seeing the young man sitting beside Tiantian and Yuyu, a warm and gentle look appeared in Bo Cixue’s bright doe eyes. “Good morning, Brother Xiaojie.”

The man was wearing a white shirt and black pants with the buttons buttoned neatly. The exquisite fabric outlined his slender figure and he sat there like a painting. His temperament was noble and outstanding. He also vaguely exuded the dignity of someone who had been in a high position for a long time.

Ye Jie nodded at Bo Cixue. “Good morning.”

Bo Cixue smiled and sat on the empty seat beside him. When they were close to each other, she could faintly smell the cold scent on him.

He smelled fresh, elegant, and unique.

After Bo Cixue sat down, she greeted Tiantian, Yuyu and the young ladies from other rich families.

Bo Cixue took two bites and suddenly realized that she did not see Princess Ye Qingcheng. She was slightly confused and asked Ye Jie softly, “Why don’t I see Princess Qingcheng?”

Ye Jie wiped his dark red lips with a napkin and replied simply, “She has something on and returned home first.”


Bo Cixue felt that something was wrong.

When she saw Ye Qingcheng last night, she had been so clingy to Brother Xiaojie. How could she have returned so early in the morning?


She then looked at Ye Jie. His face was calm and cold, and she could not see what he was thinking.

Did he not even send Ye Qingcheng back?

Did he like Ye Qingcheng or not? If he didn’t, why had he given her a ruby bracelet that represented love?

Bo Cixue puffed up her cheeks but suddenly realized that it was indecent to do such a thing. She raised her head quickly and looked around.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she found that no one was looking at her.

After breakfast, the young masters and young ladies left one after another.

Ye Jie was busy with work and after letting Bo Cixue know, he left with Ah Zuo and the bodyguards.

Bo Cixue looked at his cold back and could not help chasing after him.

“Brother Xiaojie…”

Ye Jie stood still.

Ah Zuo and the bodyguards stepped back, leaving Bo Cixue and Ye Jie with some private space.

Ye Jie had a hand in his pants pocket and seeing Bo Cixue jogging toward him, a faint smile appeared on his handsome face. “Why?”

“Brother Xiaojie.” Bo Cixue looked at the man who was much taller than her and pouted her red lips. “Did you go to You City to avoid me?”

Ye Jie looked at the thin snow, his eyes dark like it was the bottom of the sea. “Why would I do that?”

Bo Cixue’s long and thick eyelashes trembled, and she looked a little pitiful and innocent. “If you hate me, I’ll try not to look for you in the future. Don’t go to a place with hard conditions just to avoid me, okay?”

Ye Jie raised his slender and fair hand and patted Bo Cixue’s head lightly. “Although I have a high status, I need to have some achievements in order to gain the acceptance of the public.”

“It’s not because of you. Don’t think too much.”

Ah Zuo went forward. “Your Highness, there’s a call for you.”

Ye Jie smiled faintly at Bo Cixue. “Brother will go and work first.”

Bo Cixue looked at Ye Jie turning around and pulled his sleeve lightly. “Brother Xiaojie, is Princess Qingcheng your girlfriend?”

Ye Jie did not answer her and said, “When I have a girlfriend in the future, I’ll bring her to meet you.”

He turned around and got into the car.

Watching the majestic departure of the cars, Bo Cixue bit her lip, a bitter pain spreading in her heart.

She seemed to be falling out of love every day!

In the afternoon, Bo Cixue and Bo Jingyuan also returned to the city.

Bo Cixue had just finished her college entrance examination and she had not thought of where she would go to university. Her parents wanted her to go to the capital, since she herself preferred the Capital University.

After all, she had never been separated from her family since she was young.

Several luxury brands invited her to watch their fashion shows. Every quarter, she would receive such invites.

When it was the holidays, she would go for a show with several socialites.

But she had not been in the mood for the past two days.

She did not know why, but she felt slightly uneasy.

Bo Jingyu wasn’t on vacation yet. After school, he would only come back after he playing around outside.

Every time, his family had to wait for him for dinner, so Bo Yan sent a message saying that no one would wait for him if he did not return home in time for meals in the future.

But Bo Cixue would still quietly ask the servant to leave a portion for Bo Jingyu.

After dinner, Bo Jingyu sneaked to his sister’s room.

Bo Cixue had just taken a bath and was wearing a loose white dress.

She only wore such a short skirt in her own room. After all, well-bred young ladies were not allowed to wear such clothes outside.

When Bo Jingyu found Bo Cixue, she was lying on the daybed reading a book.

Hearing the sound of the door being pushed open, she was about to take something to cover her legs but when she saw Bo Jingyu, she was too lazy to move.

Bo Jingyu looked over and saw only long legs.

“Sister, how do you want me to find a girlfriend in the future? You’re so pretty and slender. How can I find someone like you?”

Bo Cixue knocked her brother’s head lightly with the book. “Alright, stop your flattery. Did you cause trouble again?”

Bo Jingyu chuckled. “I finished spending my allowance.”

“What did you do? It just started this month.”

“Sister, I want some privacy.”

“Did something happen?”

“No. Although I’m playful, I will never do anything against the law.”

Bo Cixue hummed. “I’ll transfer it to your WeChat.”

“Long live Sister.” Bo Jingyu secretly took a photo of his sister’s beautiful legs when Bo Cixue transferred the money to her.

Her sister had such beautiful legs, it was such a pity for him to see it alone.

She just gave him an allowance, so shouldn’t he help her?

After taking the photo, Bo Jingyu immediately sent it to Ye Jie’s WeChat. Although he knew that Brother Xiaojie hardly logged into WeChat, he still wanted to try.

Hmph! He did not believe that Brother Xiaojie would not be moved when he saw his sister’s beautiful legs!

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