Apocalypse: Living with a Cute Baby

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: What A Shame

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The huge man replied and nodded. His eyes were more focused towards the front.


He was afraid that they might miss Li Ran.

‘If Brother Nan’s wife was in danger, I would definitely be the first person to rush forward and protect her!

‘I will be her shield!’

“Are you guys helping people along the way?” Cui Chong said as he looked at the three people behind him.

They were all looking out of the window and did not say a word.

A boy looked at him coldly and then turned his head away without saying anything.

He was really rude.

However, the smile on Cui Chong’s face did not disappear.

“Pay attention to both sides of the street and see if you can find anyone. If there’s a car or a person, let me know,” said Fang Lin.

There was nothing wrong with having an extra pair of eyes to help look for Li Ran.

“I’m familiar with this street! I’ve also figured out how to avoid the zombies here. The four zombies from earlier only found me because I was careless. I do have survival skills,” Cui Chong said in a bold tone.

After getting into the car, his fears seemed to disappear. He was very lively.

Fang Lin glanced at him.

Cui Chong continued talking, “We do not need to bother with the Duyue Supermarket. That place is overrun with zombies. The zombies seem to have some intelligence. They like to wander in those kinds of places. However, if we go a little further, we will reach an industrial area. There are fewer zombies here. There’s a higher chance of someone hiding there.”

“Anyway, let’s go there.”

Fang Lin narrowed his eyes.

Suddenly, he said, “There are two cars over there.”

Lin Nan sped up and stopped near the cars. Then, he got out of his car.

He turned around and ordered, “Fang Lin and I will go. You guys stay put. Don’t come out.”

“I’ll go too. I can help too. I’ve been here before. I know this place very well,” Cui Chong said.

Lin Nan did not refuse. So, he got out of the car.

Cui Chong then said, “Let’s split up. We’ll be able to cover more ground.”

Lin Nan nodded and went into the nearby house where the two cars were parked. There was no one there.

Fang Lin followed him.

“It seems that someone has been here, but they have left.”

“Her car is here. She should be nearby.”

Little did they know, Li Ran was trying to hide but she could not because somebody was following her.

It was obvious that the person would not give up until they caught up to her.

Initially, the person had been stealthily following behind. However, after a while, the person became more brazen.

Li Ran was covered in sweat. She found a house and immediately went in.

Just as she was about to exit from the back door, she bumped into the person.

It was a man. He was standing there, just waiting for her to come out.

The man sneered. He had a malicious gaze. After taking a closer look, he realized that Li Ran was stunning. Her figure was really amazing, and she had a sexy look on her face!

He instantly knew that he wanted to sleep with her.

“Ever since I saw you, I knew I had to have you. Don’t worry, follow me. I will protect you.”

As the man spoke, he moved closer to Li Ran.

Li Ran quickly backed away. She looked at him warily and said coldly, “My husband will be here soon. You better not try anything weird. Otherwise, you’ll be in trouble.”

Now, Li Ran could have just left.

She could hide in the mysterious space.

However, she recognized him. He was from the group of people that she had met earlier. That man even insulted her a few times.

Yet, he followed her.

‘How shameless!’

“Your husband won’t come. He’s most likely dead somewhere.”

Li Ran thought of the iron ball.

As it appeared, she grabbed it in her hand.

She was ready to escape at any time.

The man suddenly tried to attack her. Li Ran’s eyes widened.

Just as she was about to enter the space, an angry voice could be heard. She stopped in her tracks.

The man attacked again but this time, not at Li Ran.

Li Ran managed to catch a glimpse of the other person.

Unfortunately, it was not Lin Nan. She was obviously disappointed.

Cui Chong subdued the man in just a few seconds. He then said disdainfully, “How could you do such a thing. You’re disgusting.”

The man struggled but was pointless. He barely had any strength.

“If only I wasn’t starving! You think I can’t beat you?”

He gritted his teeth.

‘I was so close! The woman was going to be mine!’

He was furious!

Cui Chong could not care less. He raised his eyebrows at Li Ran and said, “I think you’re the person my saviors are looking for.”

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