Alternate World: I Started With Two SSS Templates

Chapter 599 - 599 A Tie?

599 A Tie?

Heaven and earth shook and the great Dao rumbled. At this moment, everyone knew that a Saint had appeared!

With a slightly sinister face and a slimmer body, Lin Xuan did not undergo any further changes. He had already begun to transform into a dragon head, human body, and snake tail. This was not a mutation, but the path he had chosen.

Qiu roared and dispersed the clouds. He shrunk and turned into a small dragon that was one to two meters long. He circled around Lin Xuan and greeted him affectionately. Lin Xuan smiled and patted the dragon head. “You did well this time.”

Qiu seemed to like Lin Xuan’s head-rubbing as he flipped in the air in enjoyment. He then looked angrily at Roc Lord, who was staring at Lin Xuan with his sharp eyes.

“It’s okay, I’ll deal with that.”

Qiu was different from other beasts. It was a high-level pure-blood dragon, second only to the Dragon King. His talent was extremely high, and his strength was naturally unquestionable. However, it would definitely not be easy for him to refine the body, speak, and turn into a human.

He let Qiu help the ordinary people and clear out the large number of low-level monsters that were surging over. It was not just Qiu. Lin Xuan also had a large number of elves from the heart realm. They were led by the Twelve Golden Hairpins and seemed quite strong. They could help the ordinary people resist these endless low-level monsters.

The borderline mountain dungeon was not a world without demons. Instead, it was a world where one’s power was one’s own. In this world, individual strength was extremely important. When one’s individual strength reached a certain level, there was no need to care about the strength of a group. One could dominate all living beings with one’s strength. This was the meaning of a Saint.

However, although ordinary people and low-level demons couldn’t threaten human Saints and Demon Saints, it was undeniable that without ordinary people and low-level demons, it would be difficult for Human Saints and Demon Saints to live in this world. After all, they still needed to eat and drink.

Perhaps the Demon Saint didn’t care about the life and death of low-level demon beasts because they could reproduce quickly, but the Human Saint couldn’t ignore the life and death of every ordinary person. Who knew which person would improve and become a Saint later?

That doesn’t matter right now, back to the battle between Lin Xuan and the Roc Lord!

Before Lin Xuan had broken through, his strength was already close to the Roc Lord. Now that he had broken through, although his strength didn’t improve by much and only made up for his own flaws, according to the wooden bucket theory, he could carry more water, and Lin Xuan would be able to exert more power.

With a single step, the world changed!

This time, Lin Xuan did not use his Dao body, nor did he use his heavenly transformation. He only used the power of his physical body to easily tear the space in this world and then walked from one side to the other.

With one punch, the space was distorted!

Lin Xuan threw a very ordinary punch. There was no difference in posture or action from before, but in terms of strength and additional state, it became completely different. With a punch, the air exploded, and the trajectory of the punch turned into a vacuum. What was even more terrifying was that the position of the fist distorted space. It was as if the space would be shattered if the power was any greater.

Roc Lord’s eagle eyes weren’t just for show. He quickly caught Lin Xuan’s fist and reacted.

However, the Roc had overestimated its reflexes. Its eyes were indeed sharp because it caught the trajectory of Lin Xuan’s fist, but the fist still dealt a heavy blow and the Roc Lord couldn’t avoid it no matter what.


Just as Lin Xuan’s fist was about to hit it, its body finally moved. Unfortunately, it was still a step too late. It was still grazed by Lin Xuan’s fist and sent flying far away.

Zhang Jintao and Greenwood Lord both stopped. They knew that it would be difficult to deal with each other in a short time. At least, there would not be any results. Now, there was a winner between Lin Xuan and the Roc Lord. No matter what the result of their battle was, this battle between humans and demons would probably end early.

A Saint could completely influence a world war. In the last war between humans and demons, the human race had lost in this way.

The Roc Lord was sent flying by the punch, but fortunately, he wasn’t injured. After all, it was just a graze. A Demon Saint’s body wasn’t at the level where a simple punch would cause serious injuries.

Greenwood Lord heaved a sigh of relief. He could still fight and hold on. However, looking at the current situation, it seemed inevitable that the Roc Lord would not be able to defeat Lin Xuan, the new Human Saint looked like he had early preparations!

In fact, even if the humans and demons lost this battle, the demon race still had a way out. Yes, they still had a way out given by the borderline mountain dungeon, and that was to invade the Blue Planet. It should be known that the child of the world had been decided after the last battle between the humans and demons. It said that the demons would become the child of the world.

The borderline mountain dungeon was the place that provided the wild monsters the invasion. It could build a passage to the Blue Planet. Many demons would enter and occupy a part of the Blue Planet’s territory. As for the reason why they did not enter before, it was because they had not cleaned up the rear. Furthermore, they were not clear about the situation on the Blue Planet, so they still needed a lot of information before attacking.

Of course, there were restrictions on Demon Saints entering the Blue Planet, but there was no such restriction for those below Demon Saint.

However, he didn’t expect that a problem would appear in his plan to clear up the mortal world. A foreign Saint had risen up, and his strength was truly powerful. Even the Roc Lord found it difficult to contend with him and fell into a disadvantageous position. He could only rely on his extremely high speed to deal with him.

Lin Xuan’s ability to tear through space was astounding but he lacked some agility. On the other hand, Roc Lord was a Demon Saint, and speed was his strong point. He could fly freely in the air with considerable agility.

After missing a couple of times, Lin Xuan started to get impatient. He turned into a golden bolt of lightning and chased after the Roc Lord.

“Don’t be caught by me. If I catch you, I’ll-!”

The speed of the wind and the lightning was a contest of speed. In the end, the wind was caught up by the lightning. The two parties chased each other all the way from the demon world, crossed the borderline mountain, and then arrived in the human world. They crossed the human world and arrived at the sea. Finally, in the sea, both parties released their most powerful combat power and stirred up the environment.

In the end, the sea beasts lurking in the outer seas were drawn out. Lin Xuan fought two great Demon Saints alone, one being a Kun and the other a Peng. They were both extremely powerful opponents.

The ocean was dyed red, and the waves were boundless. In the end, the three sides could only end in a draw.

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