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Chapter 558 - 558 Fall of Fallen Paradise Mountain

558 Fall of Fallen Paradise Mountain

After spending some time with his wife, Lin Xuan resolutely left the place. Before he left, he stopped in his tracks and looked at a certain large house in the Western Capital. There, a lovely woman was practicing her swordsmanship with her eyes closed.

After a moment of silence, he did not delay any longer. He formed a silent bolt of lightning and disappeared from the sky above the Western Capital. It was also at this moment that Su Huaizhou, who was practicing her swordsmanship, raised her head. Although her eyes were still closed, she could feel his aura.

Guang Quan, Wan Chai Pier.

Fifth King had been standing there for a long time. He held the sword in his hand and looked in the direction of the sea.

Fifth King stood another expert, who should be Star Moon. He was covered in a layer of Starlight, blocking the sight of others. Even Lin Xuan would have to spend some effort to see through this layer of starlight.

As for Lin Xuan, he was covered in a layer of black mist. He would not easily reveal his identity as well.

“Everyone’s here, let’s go.”

After Lin Xuan arrived, Fifth King nodded his head and said coldly. He then slashed the space with his sword and formed a space gate that connected Guang Quan and the Fallen Paradise Mountain. After the three of them stepped through, the space gate disappeared.

After one step, they teleported to another place. Although they were still on the seaside, given the position of the sun, the change of the surrounding temperature, and the smell of sea wind, they knew that they were in the Fallen Paradise Mountain which was tens of thousands of miles away.

The Fallen Paradise Mountain was a mobile island floating on the sea. The island was about 30 to 40 square kilometers. The streets and buildings on the island were neatly planned, and all kinds of shops were available. Of course, this was just the appearance. What was exposed on the sea was just a layer of camouflage.

The real paradise was underground, under the sea. It was a dark place with orders and rules. Therefore, the darkness in this area could hardly be driven away.

Lin Xuan and his team’s illegal intrusion naturally attracted the attention of the law enforcement officers of Fallen Paradise Mountain. They quickly gathered and rushed to the three of them. As they opened their combat glasses and saw their combat strength rising, their expressions changed from anger to calmness, then to a warm smile, and finally to humble flattery.

“Three earth-rank powerhouses? Oh my, where did they come from? We must serve them well, or else, we won’t be able to reason with them.”

“Greetings, I am Demigod Kayo Peterson. It’s a pleasure to meet you. How can I be of service to you?”

In the Fallen Paradise Mountain, the most powerful being here was Lu Dongfa. Although Lu Dongfa was from Taixia Country, his bloodline came from the Western God-type Angel. Although he was a fallen angel, his strength was commendable. Therefore, in Fallen Paradise Mountain, he called himself a God, and the earth-rank masters were respectfully called demigods.

Lu Dongfa wasn’t being arrogant. In a way, heaven-rank powerhouses were equivalent to gods with weak divine power. As for earth-rank powerhouses, they were equivalent to legends or demigods.

“Bring us to the underground world!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Earth-rank powerhouses naturally had the qualifications to go to the world under the Fallen Paradise Mountain. In the world under the Fallen Paradise Mountain, Lu Dongfa was the one personally overseeing it, so there was no need to be afraid of people causing trouble.

After the Dragon King Aether was killed, the Fallen Paradise Mountain entered the internal sea of Taixia Country. Lu Dongfa returned once, but Lin Xuan didn’t know about it. This time, Fifth King cut open the space to show respect to Lu Dongfa and didn’t directly open it to the underground world.

The law-enforcement officer was trembling with fear. He was only a mystic-rank ability user. In the regions outside Taixia Country, the higher-ups had the right to kill the lower-ranked ones if they pleased. He was also afraid that Lin Xuan and the other two would suddenly launch a killing attack for fun…

The entrance to the underground world in Fallen Paradise Mountain was in the central square of the surface world. There was a large black cave here, and one only needed to jump down from here to enter the underground world.

If the surface world still had a bit of civilized order, then the order of the dark forest in the underground world was the darkest order in the world. He took a step into the black cave, and his body kept falling down. In a few seconds, he arrived at a brightly lit underground world. There were fallen angel patterns everywhere. That’s right, this was the true appearance of the underground world in the Fallen Paradise Mountain.

The three of them floated in the air and slowly landed on the street.

The place was bustling with people, all of them were well-dressed, and there were many ability users with weapons at their waists.

The world under the Fallen Paradise Mountain was orderly. No matter what kind of deep hatred there was, they could not fight outside of the arena. Once such a situation occurred, they would be killed without mercy.

Therefore, even though it was a place ruled by evil forces, everyone was very honest. They didn’t steal or rob others. They lived a happy and content life.

Of course, an evil force was an evil force, and there was a reason for its name. There were legal casinos, legal brothels, legal smoke houses, gladiators filled with blood and hormones, and the heaven auction house that announced that anything could be auctioned!

It was not just that. Under the appearance of order, this was a dark, bloody, and evil world. Even the order here was distorted. Lin Xuan had seen with his own eyes a woman who had lost in a casino and was sold as a slave. The person who bought the slave hung a chain around the woman’s neck in a grandiose manner and let her be led like a dog …

What was justice?

It wasn’t order or rules, but respect for life and human nature. This was justice!

The corresponding evil was naturally disrespecting life and human nature.

The power of lightning surged within Lin Xuan’s body. He resisted the desire to destroy the place and smiled bitterly. In the end, he shook his head and continued to follow Fifth King.

He wasn’t a Saint and didn’t have the intention to save everyone here. He felt that this place was hell on earth, but others might think that this was their heaven. Here, their desires could be fully released.

Therefore, this place was called the Fallen Paradise Mountain!

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