Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 36 – The Disaster That The Little Fellow Caused

Chapter 36 – The Disaster That The Little Fellow Caused

There were no bones, nor was there red mist. There was only a blue sky, white clouds, the sun, and verdant mountains that towered into the clouds.


Yang Ye leaped off the wolf and took a deep breath as he gazed at all of this. What a familiar scene.

The little fellow was obviously extremely happy as well, and it appeared in the distance with a few flickers. Yang Ye didn’t stop it, and he allowed the little fellow to do as it pleased.

The white clothed woman sized up the surroundings, and as she looked and looked, her brows had knit together. Even though this place didn’t have the rest mist and bones from before, the surroundings were covered in mountains, and these mountains towered into the clouds. So, the spot they stood at right now was like the bottom of a wok.

“We still haven’t left Death Abyss!” The woman said in a low voice.

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he sized the surroundings up before sensing the situation within his body. He noticed that his body still didn’t have a trace of Profound Energy, and his expression became solemn once more.

“This place is slightly strange!” The white clothed woman said in a low voice, “Look, the mist behind us is actually unable to float over, and there are no bones here as well. Moreover, it’s very quiet here, extremely quiet. There isn’t even a sound.”

Yang Ye’s brows knit together tightly. Just as the woman had said, he noticed that this place was slightly strange. It was still at the bottom of the abyss, yet why was the difference so great? This was extremely unusual.

“Do you have any thoughts about it?” Yang Ye looked at the woman and asked.

She pondered deeply for a moment and said, “No!”

Yang Ye rolled his eyes, and he was truly rendered speechless by this woman. Since they’d started fleeing for their lives until now, she’d basically not given him any ideas besides jumping down here, and she allowed him to do as he pleased. Isn’t she afraid that I would sell her out?


At this moment, a violet glow flickered, and then the little fellow appeared before them. There were numerous little violet shells of light before the little fellow, and there were over 10 red fruits within the shells. The little fellow sent those little light shells of light to Yang Ye as if it was presenting a treasure.

Yang Ye’s heart was warmed by the little fellow’s actions, and he stretched out his hand to rub the little fellow’s head. After that, he received the pile of fruits, and he passed two over to the woman. The woman didn’t refuse, and she just sized Yang Ye and the little fellow up with curiosity.

The fruits were the size of a fist, brightly colored, and were sweet. They tasted really good. Yang Ye ate two of them in one go, whereas, the white clothed woman ate one as well. The grey wolf seemed to desire to eat some as well, but after it was glared at by the little fellow, it lowered its head obediently and stopped looking at the fruits in Yang Ye’s arms.

The little fellow pointed towards the distance, and it seemed to be asking Yang Ye to head in that direction.

Yang Ye smiled and was just about to walk forward. Suddenly, he frowned while he held his stomach with both his hands. He felt like a strand of flames had arisen within his body, causing his entire body to swiftly heat up, and it was even to the extent that even his breathing had clearly quickened!

Yang Ye turned around to look at the woman, and he noticed that there was something slightly off about the woman. The woman’s face had flushed red like the glow of sunset, and it was unusually red. When he saw the appearance of the woman, Yang Ye swiftly glanced at the red fruit in his hand, and then he looked at the little fellow and said, “Little Fellow, what… what is this?”

When it noticed the unusual state Yang Ye was in, the little fellow blinked and hurriedly shook its little head.

“This is Union Fruit, and it’s a Profound Rank fruit.” Right at this moment, the white clothed woman walked slowly towards Yang Ye, yet a sword had suddenly appeared in her hand. She walked over as she said, “Darkbeasts can eat them as fruits, and it would improve their cultivations. However, if humans ate this fruit, then it would draw out their most primitive desires, and it these desired aren’t released, it would cause the flames of desire to incinerate them to death.”

Yang Ye forcefully suppressed the flames in his heart, yet his gaze couldn’t help but look towards the woman. He bit the tip of his tongue and tried hard to keep his mind clear, and then he looked at the white clothed woman who was walking towards him with a sword in hand as he said, “You… You…. What do you intend to do?”

The woman’s gaze was getting more and more blurry. However, she was in a slightly better state than Yang Ye, and her mind could still be considered to be clear. But she knew that she wouldn’t be able to persist for long.

The woman took a deep breath and gazed at Yang Ye as she said, “Kill you, and then kill myself!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the white clothed woman didn’t seem to do anything at all, yet the sword in her hand emanated a sword howl before it struggled free of her fair hand, and it transformed into a green ray of light that shot directly at Yang Ye.

She knew that since Yang Ye had consumed the Union Fruit, then even if she killed herself, Yang Ye wouldn’t let her corpse go. So, only by killing Yang Ye before killing herself would she be able to maintain her purity.

Yang Ye was extremely shocked in his heart. He’d never expected that this woman would actually attack him with the intent to kill, nor had he expected that this woman would actually be able to utilize that green sword while her cultivation was sealed. Fortunately, at the critical moment, a grey shadow pounced and struck the sword to the ground. However, in the next moment, the green sword shot once more towards Yang Ye.

“The sword has a spirit of its own!” Yang Ye was shocked in his heart when he saw the sword actually attack on its own. That’s a Sword Spirit of legend!

The word Sword Spirit referred to swords that possessed intelligence, and they were able to protect their masters on their own! Some were Natural Sword Spirits, and this meant that the sword’s quality was too high, or it obtained some sort of fortuitous encounter, allowing it to form intelligence.

Another type was Artificial Sword Spirits. These Artificial Sword Spirits were fostered by the masters of the swords. Only disciples of the Sword Sect that had attained the King Realm were able to place their swords into their Dantians to be nurtured by their Profound Energy, and after a long time passes, the swords would have a chance of forming intelligence and be linked to the heart of its master!

Of course, Artificial Sword Spirits weren’t as formidable as Natural Sword Spirits. Natural Sword Spirits chose their own master, and their intelligence was basically no weaker than humans.

On the other hand, Artificial Sword Spirits were fostered by their masters. Even though they possessed intelligence, if they didn’t obtain an extremely great fortuitous encounter, then it would be utterly impossible for them to possess true intelligence. At the very most, their intelligence would just be a bit greater than ordinary swords!

In short, no matter if it was a sword with a Natural Sword Spirit or Artificial Sword Spirit, they were extremely precious.

Yet now, Yang Ye had never imagined that he would actually encounter a sword with an Artificial Sword Spirit here!

Right when the green sword shot towards him, a strand of violet light appeared before Yang Ye, and it blocked that green sword.

However, the sword didn’t give up on attacking Yang Ye, yet it was forcefully pinned down by the violet mink and grey wolf. For a time, the violet mink and the grey wolf entered into battle with the green sword.

Yang Ye didn’t pay any attention to the two beasts and the sword. At this moment, his entire body felt as if it was being burned by fire, and it was burning hot, whereas, his consciousness became more and more blurry.

In the end, his gaze looked towards the white clothed woman at the side, and he noticed the woman’s watery eyes were completely crimson red right now. Moreover, her clothes were partially removed to reveal a large expanse of skin.

Yang Ye walked unconsciously over to the woman, and then he instinctively embraced her before naturally starting to kiss her.

“I… I’ll kill you!” As she gazed at Yang Ye whose face was completely flushed red, two rows of clear liquid gradually flowed down from the white clothed woman’s eyes. After that, the last trace of clarity in her eyes was covered by crimson red.

At this moment, there was only a single thought in the mind of Yang Ye who’d lost all consciousness — vent! He had to vent! As for what the woman said, he hadn’t heard it at all, and for a time….

Clothes flew into the surroundings while bodies lay across each other. An amorous scene silently unfolded here.

Unfortunately, there was no one who had the fortune to enjoy such a feast for the eyes….


At this moment, before Death Mountain Range, two old men that carried swords on their backs and wore robes that were a mix of blue and white stood there. The bearded white haired old man amongst them gazed at Death Abyss as he said in a low voice, “Junior Brother Yu Heng, do you think that little girl, Qingshi, really jumped down Death Abyss? Can that disciple from the Ghost Sect be trusted?”

The old man called Yu Heng said in a low voice, “Senior Brother, the disciples of the Ghost Sect naturally can’t be trusted. However, this time, those two disciples of the Ghost Sect were probably not lying, and Qingshi ought to have really jumped down Death Abyss. Otherwise, Qingshi who’d been inflicted by the Blackblood Seal would have definitely fallen into the Ghost Sect’s hands. If she fell into the Ghost Sect’s hands, then her Soul Tablet ought to have vanished. However, her Soul Tablet hasn’t vanished, so it means that Qingshi is still alive. If Qingshi is still alive, then she has definitely jumped down Death Abyss. Otherwise, it would be impossible for her to escape the Ghost Sect’s pursuit while her cultivation is sealed!”

“The Ghost Sect!” When he heard these two words, the bearded white haired old man’s face turned cold, and his eyes revealed ghastly killing intent. Moreover, a strand of invisible imposing aura surged explosively from within his body, yet it quickly dispersed.

When he noticed the killing intent in the old man’s eyes, Yu Heng hurriedly said, “Senior Brother, the Sect Master is in closed door cultivation in order to charge into the Monarch Realm. At this moment, we absolutely can’t disturb him with this matter! On the other hand, Martial Uncle Zui is roaming the world and isn’t in the sect. You’re in charge of the sect now, so you absolutely can’t act impulsively.”

The white haired old man shook his head and said, “I won’t act impulsively to the point of attacking the Ghost Sect. However, so many experts of the Ghost Sect have actually appeared in the Grand Myriad Mountains, so they’re definitely hiding some sort of secret. Yu Heng, notify the Sword Sect’s Sword Guard and ask them to send five people over here. You’ll lead the group to search for the disciples of the Ghost Sect. Kill every single one you find!”

“Yes!” Yu Heng replied before he said, “Senior Brother, Qingshi….”

The white haired old man sighed and said, “If Qingshi really jumped down Death Abyss, then we’re utterly powerless to do anything. Unless Martial Uncle Zui makes an appearance, otherwise, even if we go down there, we’ll only have a slim chance at survival!”

When he spoke up to here, the white haired old man pondered deeply for a moment before he continued. “Or we could ask a Darkbeast to help. But how could Darkbeasts possibly help humans? This isn’t the Ancient Battlefield.”

“We still have to give it a try!” Yu Heng said in a low voice, “Not to mention that little girl is the Sect Master’s daughter, even that little girl’s natural talent gives us no choice but to rescue her. With that little girl’s natural talent, an extraordinary expert would definitely emerge from my Sword Sect in the future. Moreover, that little girl is the one and only member of my Sword Sect that has left her name on the Hidden Dragon Rankings.”

The white haired old man pondered deeply for a short moment, and then he gazed at Death Mountain Range and said, “Yu Heng, you lead the group to clean up the members of the Ghost Sect, I’ll go pay Tiger Exalt a visit.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he waved his right hand, and the sword on his back transformed into a ray of green light that descended beneath his feet. After that, his entire body transformed into a wisp of green light along with the sword, and he instantly vanished into the distance.


Yang Ye felt dizzy, and his consciousness was slightly blurry, so he shook his head.

After a long time, he opened his eyes, and he was directly stunned when he saw the scene before him.

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