Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 35 – Bloodline Pressure

Chapter 35 – Bloodline Pressure

Yang Ye flipped his wrist, and the Profound Rank sword appeared in his hand as he revealed a savage expression. He wouldn’t wait for death to arrive, and even if he died, he would die fighting.

As for the white clothed woman, she had a calm expression, and it seemed as if all those descending Darkbeasts were merely fireflies.

The swarm of Nightbird enveloped down towards Yang Ye and the woman like a black net, and the impetus they revealed was extremely shocking.

“Am I really going to die here?” As he gazed at the Nightbirds that covered the heavens and the earth as they charged down, Yang Ye muttered in a low voice. Even though he didn’t want to die and wanted to resist, he was very clearly aware in his heart that even if his cultivation wasn’t sealed, he would be unable to escape the siege of so many Nightbirds.


Right when that black net formed from Nightbirds was 1.5m away from Yang Ye and the woman, a violet glow flashed, and the violet mink appeared before them. After that, a resounding cry that wasn’t sharp nor ear piercing shot into the sky, and at the same time, a strand of violet light enveloped Yang Ye and the woman.

After the violet mink appeared, the scene that followed was strange.

As soon as the violet mink appeared, the dense mass of Nightbirds instantly stopped moving, and they didn’t dare move forward at all. However, because there were too many Nightbirds at the back and the Nightbirds at the front had stopped, it caused the Nightbirds at the back to push towards the front while the Nightbirds at the front held their position.

Yang Ye and the white clothed woman were dumbstruck when they saw those Nightbirds being afraid to move forward at all. By relying on the illumination of the Moonlight Stone, the two of them clearly noticed that the Nightbirds at the front were actually shivering, and they seemed just like the grey wolf that lay down and shivered before them.

Even though they didn’t dare move forward, layer after layer of seemingly boundless Nightbirds encircled ceaselessly towards Yang Ye and the woman under the veil of endless darkness, and it was to the extent that in the end, it seemed like Yang Ye and the woman were enveloped by a black bell.

As he gazed at the boundless green colored eyes, Yang Ye felt his scalp go numb because the amount of Nightbirds was truly too numerous. Not to mention if his cultivation wasn’t sealed, even if the cultivation of the woman by his side wasn’t sealed, they would probably still perish at the bottom of this abyss.

The woman at the side seemed to be in a better state than Yang Ye. She didn’t look at the Nightbirds, and her gaze had descended onto the violet mink instead while her brows knit together tightly.


When it noticed that not only had those Nightbirds not stopped, more and more were arriving instead, the violet mink seemed to be angry. It let out a resounding cry while the violet fur on its entire body stood on end, and then a strand of an invisible pressure effused out from its body.

This pressure couldn’t be seen, but it was extremely clear to Yang Ye and the woman. Those Nightbirds sensed it as well, and especially that row of Nightbirds at the front. They seemed to be unable to endure it any longer, and they let out sharp cries before turning around and colliding with their companions.

There were too many Nightbirds at the back, so how could those few rows in the front charge off immediately? So, another strange scene appeared. Countless Nightbirds from the rows in the front seemed to be unable to knock their way out, and they actually started to attack their companions. It seemed like if they stayed here, then something extremely terrifying would occur to them.

When the grey wolf on the ground saw those Nightbirds attacking each other, its eyes actually revealed a glow of pleasure from the Nightbirds’ misfortune. Moreover, after the violet mink made an appearance, the grey wolf had stood up, and its body had stopped shivering.

When they noticed that those Nightbirds had actually started to attack each other, Yang Ye and the woman exchanged glances, and they both noticed the shock in each other’s eyes. After that, both their gazes looked towards the violet mink in midair. Exactly what’re the origins of this violet mink? It’s actually able to make those Nightbirds to not hesitate to kill each other for the sake of fleeing for their lives.

After around an hour of time, the Nightbirds had finally dispersed. However, they hadn’t vanished, and they’d appeared in the sky instead. Countless pairs of green eyes seemed to have formed a vast and dense starry sky. Obviously, they hadn’t given up on eating Yang Ye and the woman’s brains, and they were only staying away for now.

When it saw those Nightbirds remaining in the sky, the little fellow intended to head up there and continue driving them away. However, Yang Ye hurriedly restrained it. Even though these Nightbirds were extremely afraid of the little fellow, but cornered beasts would act desperately. So, if the little fellow pressured them too much, then if they went berserk, all of them would have to leave their lives behind here.

The little fellow was slightly helpless when Yang Ye restrained it. In the end, it glared hatefully at the Nightbirds in the sky, and then it seemed to feel that these lowly beings weren’t sensible. So, it waved its little claws to display its displeasure.

“Don’t be angry!” Yang Ye embraced the little fellow and rubbed the little fellow’s furry little head while he said, “Thank you.”

He was speaking from the heart. The little fellow had saved him twice. In the beginning, he thought that the little fellow only knew how to flee and didn’t possess any other abilities, but the facts proved that he was wrong.

The little fellow’s eyes narrowed while it revealed a cute smile, and then it flashed onto Yang Ye’s shoulder before it started rubbing its head on Yang Ye’s cheek as if they were very good friends.

Yang Ye embraced the little fellow again and said with a smile, “Little Fellow, don’t go in for now. Stay outside and help us deter those….” As he spoke, he pointed up above him.

The little fellow looked up at those green eyes, and then it nodded.

Yang Ye smiled when he saw the little fellow nod, and then he asked. “Why’re they so afraid of you?”

On that day, Yang Ye was extremely shocked when he saw the grey wolf being afraid of the little fellow. However, never had he imagined that so many Nightbirds would actually be so fearful of the little fellow as well, and they didn’t dare come forward in a situation where they would absolutely be able to attain victory. Moreover, they actually started killing each other for the sake of fleeing for their lives!

The violet mink blinked, and it seemed to not know how to convey the answer.

“That’s Bloodline Pressure!” Meanwhile, the white clothed woman at the side said in a low voice, “Darkbeasts stress upon Bloodlines. Darkbeasts with noble bloodlines aren’t just able to cultivate with amazing speed, they’re able to put pressure on inferior Darkbeasts. Just like the draconic pressure emanated by the Divine Dragons of legend. When Darkbeasts with inferior bloodlines stood before dragons, then not to mention battle, they wouldn’t even be able to resist that pressure!”

The little fellow looked at the woman and blinked, yet it didn’t shake its head or nod.

“A noble bloodline?” Yang Ye was puzzled, and he asked. “How does a bloodline become noble?”

The white clothed woman glanced at Yang Ye as if she was looking at an idiot, and she said, “It’s naturally because there’s a Saint Realm expert amongst that person or Darkbeast’s ancestors. No matter if its humans or Darkbeasts, so long as they become Saint Realm experts, then the bloodline within their bodies would mutate and possess some miraculous abilities. Moreover, their relatives and descendants would obtain some miraculous abilities because of this mutation of the bloodline. For example, natural talent in cultivating, being born with extraordinary physical strength, and so on and so forth. Of course, they have to activate their bloodline.”

Yang Ye disregarded the woman’s contemptuous gaze and said excitedly, “You’re saying that Saint Realm experts have appeared amongst the little fellow’s ancestors?”

Saint Realm experts! In order to become a Saint Realm expert, one had to pass through the Mortal Realm, First Heaven Realm, King Realm, Spirit Realm, Exalt Realm, and Monarch Realm before one attained the Saint Realm. Every single one of these realms was divided into nine ranks. So, becoming a Saint Realm expert was simply as difficult as ascending the heavens! In any case, there seemed to be no Saint Realm experts in the southern territory.

The white clothed woman gazed at the little fellow and said, “Since it can emanate pressure through its bloodline, a Saint Realm expert has probably appeared amongst its ancestors. However, I’m truly curious. It’s a mink, but why have I never seen such a mink. Moreover, there isn’t any information related to it recorded in any records about Darkbeasts.”

Yang Ye was slightly bewildered as well. The little fellow’s origins were really too mysterious. However, he didn’t care about that, because in any case, the little fellow was his companion now, and it wouldn’t harm him. As for it being mysterious, the tiny vortex he possessed was already sufficiently mysterious.

Meanwhile, the little fellow pointed its little claw at Yang Ye, and then it pointed towards the north.

“There’s something there?” asked Yang Ye.

The little fellow shook its little head and pointed again.

‘You’re asking us to head over there?” The little fellow nodded.

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to leap up onto the wolf, and then he looked at the woman. She hesitated for a moment before she leaped up and descended behind Yang Ye.

Yang Ye patted the grey wolf, and it understood what he meant and charged swiftly towards the north.

Even though he didn’t know why the little fellow wanted them to head in that direction, Yang Ye still choose to believe it unconditionally. Because his intuition told him that the little fellow wouldn’t harm him. Moreover, moving north or south made no difference at all to them.

With the little fellow present here, the grey wolf spared no effort and ran even more swiftly than before. This caused Yang Ye to feel extremely satisfied. However, there was one thing that made him be unable to feel happy — the Nightbirds above him. Those Nightbirds had actually started moving along with them, and their speed wasn’t slow at all. So, when Yang Ye turned back and took a glance, it was a boundless expanse of green light that entered into his eyes.

Besides making the grey wolf run faster, Yang Ye was utterly helpless towards this, and it was fine so long as those Nightbirds didn’t dive down and attack them.

During the night, the grey wolf had dashed madly for eight hours without stopping at all, and it had ran from the night until the day, yet it was still a path of bones that lay beneath their feet. However, those Nightbirds above them had vanished completely when dawn arrived, and this allowed Yang Ye to heave a sigh of relief.

After running for another two hours, a beam of light suddenly appeared ahead.

When he saw this beam of light, an overjoyed expression surged onto Yang Ye’s face. Since sunlight could illuminate that area, then even if they still hadn’t left Death Abyss, it still represented that they had hope of leaving Death Abyss. After all, sunlight wasn’t even able to enter the place they were at before this.

When she saw that beam of light, the white clothed woman behind Yang Ye revealed a rare wisp of a smile as well.

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