Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 2761 – Reunited!

Chapter 2761 – Reunited!

Yang Ye’s expression changed drastically at the sight of this, but just a moment later, the injury on her chest healed rapidly.

Meanwhile, Justice didn’t attack again, and it just floated there quietly.

A short while later, a voice resounded from far away, “Step foot into the world again and I’ll take your life.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Justice transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the distant sky.

Meanwhile, the woman in white gazed at Yang Ye, “I’ll help you keep away some of the stronger experts on the outside. The rest will be up to you.”

She vanished into the distance once she finished speaking.

Just like that, Yang Ye watched her vanish into the starry sky.

Yang Ye fell silent for a while, and then he looked toward the direction Justice had vanished.

She actually refused to let the woman in white enter the Three Dimensional Universe!

Yang Ye’s face was extremely gloomy.

What did she want?

What in the Three Dimensional Universe was worth all of this?

Yang Ye couldn’t figure it out!

Yang Ye turned around and left.

Suddenly, he stops moving and turns around. A towering giant was dashing toward him from nearby.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly upon seeing the giant.

Obviously, it was formed from those mysterious eyes.

They had probably sent the giant as a probe. Firstly, to probe Destiny’s attitude toward things, and seconds, to probe the Three Dimensional Universe’s strength!

So, when he thought up to this point, Yang Ye suddenly walked toward the giant.

Meanwhile, the giant’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye. A moment later, a powerful wave of pressure slammed down upon Yang Ye.

Suppression with aura!

However, this aura was like a breeze to Yang Ye, and it didn’t affect him at all.

Suddenly, Yang Ye vanished on the spot, and an afterimage flashed.

A moment later, a ray of light appeared above the giant.

The giant swung its right hand at the ray of light, and the space in the area rippled before it!

A moment later, the huge hand had struck the ray of light. However, it failed to sweep apart the sword energy. Conversely, it slashed down and slashed off the giant’s arm.

The sword continued downward and slashed all the way down from its head.

Yang Ye sheathed his sword at the giant’s feet and walked away.

The giant behind him suddenly split apart…

An instant kill!

A short while later, a voice resounded in the area, “Investigate him.”

Yang Ye returned to Universe City. As soon as he did, Jian Wudi and the others came to him. All of them heaved sighs of relief when they noticed that he was fine.

They had noticed the sudden turn of events, and they had planned to go to Yang Ye. However, Ding Shaoyao had stopped them. As far as Ding Shaoyao was concerned, if even Yang Ye and the woman in white couldn’t keep themselves safe, then all of them would be just going there to give their lives away.

Yang Ye said, “Have any Destiny Realm experts come here?”

Ding Shaoyao replied solemnly, “One did.”


Yang Ye’s face fell, “Are there no more, or are they unwilling to come?”

Ding Shaoyao replied softly, “According to my knowledge, there should be a few more, but there may not be many. However, I’m afraid they won’t be coming. Because the war between Eternal Kingdom and the desolate race was the best time for them to show themselves and take advantage of the situation. But they didn’t show themselves then. Obviously, they are either in closed door cultivation until they attain a breakthrough, or they don’t want to get mixed up in any trouble.”

Yang Ye nodded, “Since they refuse to come, it’s fine. We’ll deal with this ourselves.”

He glanced at Yan Wu and the others, “Go make the necessary arrangements and prepare to enter battle at a moment’s notice.”

They nodded and left.

Yang Ye went to the city center with Ding Shaoyao, and they met Chen Dao’zi there. Yang Ye said, “Brother Chen, please speed up the work on the formation.”

He needed to use all the strength available to him.

Chen Dao’zi was clearly aware of the city’s situation and nodded slightly, “I’ll speed things up, but I need some help.”

Ding Shaoyao said, “I’ll get you what you need!”

Chen Dao’zi nodded, “That would be perfect.”

Yang Ye left with Ding Shaoyao. On the way, Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “Help me look for some people!”

She asked, “The girls from the Nether Pavilion?”

Yang Ye nodded, “Investigate their whereabouts. I…”

He suddenly stopped at this point because he was slightly hesitant. He really didn’t want to drag them into this. They had really suffered because of the battle against the Soul Sect!

Ding Shaoyao spoke softly, “I know where they are.”

Yang Ye gazed at her, and she smiled, “They contacted me. They said that they will come, but they will be late.”

Yang Ye shook his head and smiled, and he felt warm inside.

Ding Shaoyao continued, “Besides them, there are some others.”

“Huh?” Yang Ye gazed curiously at her, “There are others?”

She nodded, “Some old friends.”

She suddenly looked to the sky, “They should be here.”

As soon as she said that, numerous sword howls resounded outside the city.

Sword howls!

A moment later, a few dozen rays of sword energy entered the city. Obviously, Ding Shaoyao had informed the others of their arrival, so no one stopped these rays of sword energy.

A few dozen figures arrived before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was stunned when he saw them.

The disciples of the Ancient Sword Sect!

They were actually the disciples of the Ancient Sword Sect, and they were led by Elder Xue, Gu Nie, Lu Yunxian…

All the survivors of the Ancient Sword Sect were here!

All of them bowed to Yang Ye, “Sect Master!”

Even though practically all of them were sect masters, as far as they were concerned, Yang Ye was the true sect master of the Ancient Sword Sect. They were the sect masters before their disciples, but they were the disciples before Yang Ye!

Yang Ye shook his head slightly, “What are all of you doing here?”

Elder Xue smiled, “It’s the most dangerous moment for our Three Dimensional Universe, so how can we not come here at a time like this?”

Gu Nie smiled, “Elder Xue is right. While we aren’t that strong, I believe that we’ll still be useful.”

Yang Ye chuckled, “If you’re here, what about your sects?”

Gu Nie replied, “You don’t have to worry about them. We’ve made the necessary arrangements.”

Yang Ye gazed at them, fell silent for a short while, and then spoke seriously, “Don’t worry, I’ll send all of you back the same way you came here.”

Gu Nie smiled, “Since we’ve come here, we’ve already disregarded our fate.”

Yang Ye felt rather complicated emotions in his heart. These people before him couldn’t be considered as weak, but they really weren’t strong enough when compared to the enemies they had to face now. However, they had still come!

They knew they may die, but they had still come!

Not for benefits, but for loyalty!

For some reason, as he gazed at the excitement on their faces, Yang Ye had a strange feeling in his heart.


Love between family wasn’t the only type of emotion in this world, there was friendship, brotherhood…

The Dao of Emotion encompassed everything.

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and patted Gu Nie on the shoulder, and then he said, “Come! Let me take you to see a senior, and you can learn well from him.”

As he spoke, he led them to Jian Wudi.

Yang Ye grinned upon arriving before Jian Wudi, “Martial Ancestor, they used to be part of my sect. Right, they can be considered your Grand Disciples too. So, give them some guidance, alright?”

At this moment, Yang Ye wasn’t acting like the person who established the new order in the Three Dimensional Universe, nor did he seem like the governor of Universe City.

Something worth mentioning was that Yang Ye was the governor of Universe City that everyone tacitly acknowledged.

Jian Wudi glanced at Yang Ye’s shameless antics, shook his head, and sighed, “Seriously…”

He gazed at Gu Nie and the others, “All of you can stay. As for how much you learn and comprehend, that depends on your own luck!”

Gu Nie and the others hurriedly bowed respectfully to him.

Even though they didn’t know who he was, Yang Ye was so respectful to the old man and even addressed him as martial ancestor, so how could he possibly be weak? The smart move was to grab ahold of this opportunity!

Yang Ye was relieved to see Jian Wudi agree. He had been quite worried because Jian Wudi was used to doing things on his own, so asking Jian Wudi to teach them may not work. However, the facts proved that he’d been overthinking things.

Yang Ye left after leaving Gu Nie and the others to Jian Wudi.

In the Primordial Pagoda.

Yang Ye returned to the cultivation room, and it was empty. An Nanjing wasn’t here.

Yang Ye scanned the pagoda with his divine sense, and then he shook his head and smiled.

It turned out that An Nanjing had gone to teach Erya!

Or to be more precise, they were sparring!

Not to mention An Nanjing, even he was quite fearful of Erya’s current strength. Her physical strength and defenses were more than just a level higher than before!

No one could gain an advantage over her when it came to physical strength and defenses.

After Erya started cultivating, Snowy started forging her things. Her only interest was forging Yang Ye’s treasures by constantly enhancing them!

However, some of her strange thoughts almost caused a lot of trouble!

For example, merging Heaven Executor with Burial… They weren’t the same sword, so they naturally couldn’t be merged. But she forced the merge… And then she’d been blasted away by the explosion. Luckily, she was unharmed. Because she would always stay far away before attempting to make them merge. Obviously, she’d realized that something bad may happen!

Once swords couldn’t be merged, she thought of a new thing… Merging demon beasts. So, the dragon and the others started to suffer instead.

Since she’d hit a wall with equipment refinement, it was time for demon refinement!

Actually, no one knew that Snowy had unknowingly created a new profession in the future world… A brand new profession!

In the distant starry sky, two white figures flashed by. The starry sky shook violently, and then waves of energy ceaselessly surged toward the surroundings. At the same time, two white figures were blasted backward repeatedly. They were pushed extremely far away!

A moment later, they stopped.

One of the petite women wiped off the blood on the corner of her mouth and looked off into the distance, “Little Qi, we should be there soon.”

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