Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 2 – Beat Him to Death!

Chapter 2 – Beat Him to Death!

There was a training ground on Labor Peak, and it was extremely large and wan over an entire kilometer in every direction. It was completely paved with greyish white stones, and it was simple yet magnificent. There was an enormous stone sword that stood towering at the center of the grounds.

The enormous training ground before him was the place where Outer Court Disciples usually came to train, and it was the place Yang Ye had to clean today. It was naturally impossible for him to clear such a large place by himself, and it was the workload for four people in a day.

If it was yesterday, then perhaps Yang Ye would grumble about it. Because such a large place required at least four people working hard for an entire day to clean it completely. In this way, he wouldn’t have any time at all to cultivate today. However, his heart was filled with hope now, so everything was agreeable to him!

“Oh, isn’t that our number one piece of trash in history? Oh, right, it’s our Great Outer Court Disciple, Yang Ye. Our Outer Court Disciple really woke up early today huh? Have you already cleaned the training grounds? Haha….” Right at this moment, a sound of laughter that carried ridicule sounded out from the side.

When he heard this ridiculing voice, Yang Ye turned around to look at the three people that stood at the right. These three people were his workmates for today. Yang Ye had an emotionless expression as he gazed at their teasing looks, and his emotions couldn’t be discerned.

He knew the man in the lead, he was called Du Xiu, and he was a Labor Disciple as well. However, his reputation was terrible. Even though he was a Labor Disciple, he’d made others do his work for him since the very beginning. The reason Du Xiu was so arrogant was that he had an uncle and cousin brother. His uncle was Manager Xu of the Labor Division, and the over 2,000 Labor Disciples in the Sword Sect were managed by Manager Xu! On the other hand, his cousin brother was an Outer Court Disciple!

With these two people as his backing, Du Xiu could be said to be unbridled within the Labor Peak, and he looked down upon everyone.

As for the two others by Du Xiu’s side, the one on the left was Gao Qiu, and the one on the right was Li Ge. Both of them were Labor Disciples as well, but the two of them had another nickname — Bootlickers.

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and said, “Since everyone is here, then let’s divide the work! There’s four of us, so we’ll each be responsible for a side. It’s fair like this!”

“Haha!!!” Li Ge that stood on Du Xiu’s right roared with laughter, and he pointed at Yang Ye as he said, “Big Brother Du, did you hear him? He actually distributed work to Big Brother Du! I’m almost dying of laughter! I thought that kid would be sensible, but I never expected that he would be an idiot!”

“That’s wrong!” Gao Qiu gazed at Li Ge feigned seriousness as he said, “He’s a superior Outer Court Disciple. Even though it was in the past, he was still a member of the Outer Court. How could we make someone that has been an Outer Court Disciple do such lowly work? Big Brother Du, what do you think?”

“Haha!!!” Li Ge roared with laughter, and he looked at Gao Qiu as he said, “Gao Qiu, you’re good! You derided him in such a roundabout manner, I, Li Ge, am ashamed of my inferiority. No wonder Big Brother Du thinks highly of you!”

“Not at all, not at all!” Gao Qiu said modestly, “I’m just good at talking. You, on the other hand, can fight. Every time we encounter someone insensible, it’s always you who deals with them. You’re Big Brother Du’s right-hand man!”

For a time, the two of them started to praise each other.

Yang Ye gazed coldly at them, and he allowed them to flatter each other.

Du Xiu walked over to Yang Ye before stretching out his hand to pat Yang Ye on the shoulder, and then he grinned as he said, “Kid, the three of us aren’t feeling well today, so you’ll clean the training grounds by yourself today. Alright?”

“No!” Yang Ye swiped Du Xiu’s hand off his shoulder, and then he walked over to Li Ge and Gao Qiu before he said, “I know that all of you feel envious that I’ve been an Outer Court Disciple in the past, and you’re all jealous. After all, all of you were even more lowly than dogs before Outer Court Disciples in the past. Now that I’ve become a Labor Disciple from an Outer Court Disciple, all of you intend to use me to reclaim the dignity all of you lost in the past. I understand!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around, picked his broom up, and then walked towards the training grounds.

Yang Ye’s straightforward ridicule caused Li Ge and Gao Qiu’s faces to flicker between a livid and pale expression from rage, and they seemed as if they were poisoned. At the side, Du Xiu’s eyes narrowed slightly while his expression turned gloomy because amongst the almost 3,000 Labor Disciples in the Labor Division, there was never one that didn’t give him face like this.

As bootlickers, the ability to observe a person’s expression was a requirement. When he saw Du Xiu’s expression, Li Fe understood Du Xiu’s intentions, and he charged over to stand before Yang Ye and pointed at Yang Ye as he said, “Yang Ye, do you think you’re still an Outer Court Disciple? You’re just a piece of trash that wasn’t able to attain the first rank of the Mortal Realm in an entire year, and you’re the number one piece of trash in history! If Big Brother Du asked you to clean for him, then it’s because he thinks highly of you, don’t push your luck!”

“I’m a piece of trash!” Yang Ye stopped and said, “But I’m better than some slave that only knows how to be a dog at someone’s side. When your master is happy, you flatter him; when he’s unhappy, you come out to bark at others!”

“Beat him up! Beat him to death! I’ll take responsibility for it!” Du Xiu spoke with a gloomy expression. Never had anyone within the Labor Division dared to insult his dignity, there were none in the past, there wouldn’t be any now, and there wouldn’t be any in the future as well. He would absolutely not allow anyone to become an exception!

When he heard Du Xiu, Li Ge who stood before Yang Ye instantly started laughing savagely, and then he smashed his fist towards Yang Ye’s face. He’d wanted to attack Yang Ye since a long time ago, but Du Xiu hadn’t given the word, he didn’t dare to it. Because if he killed someone, then he wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences. But now, Du Xiu had given the word, so he had no worries any longer.

Yang Ye’s face sank when he saw Li Ge attack, and his figure swiftly moved two steps back to avoid Li Ge’s fist. At the same time, he raised the broom in his hand and suddenly swung it towards Li Ge.

“Smack!” Li Ge’s fist missed, and his head just happened to be struck by Yang Ye’s broom. A shrill cry resounded while burning pain spread through his face, and he took a few steps back successively before squatting on the ground in pain while ceaselessly rubbing his eyes with his hands. The broom was covered in dust, so that strike from Yang Ye caused countless specks of dust to fall into his eyes. The eyes couldn’t tolerate any dirt, and Li Ge’s tears were on the verge of flowing.

“Bastard!” When he saw Yang Ye actually dared to counterattack, Du Xiu’s expression turned savage, and he cursed furiously before charging forward swiftly and smashing his fist down towards the back of Yang Ye’s head. This number one piece of trash in history that stood before him had actually dared to insult his dignity, and this was something that Du Xiu couldn’t tolerate. Besides his uncle, he was the boss within Labor Peak, and everyone on Labor Peak had to listen to him!

Yang Ye was infuriated when he sensed Du Xiu attacking him from behind. He wasn’t someone that liked to cause trouble, yet it didn’t mean he was afraid of it. These three people before him had first humiliated him verbally, then asked him to complete a workload that was for four by himself. Now, they’d even attacked him directly, and he was truly infuriated!

Yang Ye turned around and suddenly smashed his fist at Du Xiu’s right fist.


The two fists collided, and then a cracking noise resounded. Du Xiu’s eyes instantly opened wide while an expression of pain suffused his face. The bones in his hand had been broken.

Du Xiu was just about to withdraw his hand, yet Yang Ye flipped his hand and grabbed at this moment. He grabbed ahold of Du Xiu’s weak fist before pulling on it forcefully, and then his right leg suddenly kicked towards Du Xiu’s stomach.


Du Xiu was instantly blasted flying, and he fell heavily to the ground after flying back by a meter.

Even though Yang Ye was a Labor Disciple just like the three of them, unlike them, he didn’t enjoy himself and waste time after finishing the work for the day. Every day, besides his usual work, all of his time was utilized to temper his body. No matter rain or shine, he’d never stopped since the moment he arrived at the Sword Sect!

So, even if he hadn’t become a Profounder yet, the strength of his body wasn’t something they could compare to.

After he dealt with them, Yang Ye turned around to look at Gao Qiu that stood at the side. When he saw Yang Ye look at him, Gao Qiu instinctively took two steps back, and then he clenched his fists tightly while doing his best to keep calm. He said, “Du, Du Xiu is Manager Xu’s nephew, and his cousin brother is an Outer Court Disciple. Manager Xu and his cousin brother won’t let you off for harming him!”

Yang Ye paid no attention to Gao Qiu that was trying to borrow the influence of Manager Xu and Du Xiu’s cousin brother. He walked over to Du Xiu that lay on the ground and squatted down before he patted Du Qiu’s face that was covered in fear, and he said, “Now, the three of you will clean the entire training grounds. Do you have a problem with that?”

Du Xiu gulped and was hesitating, yet when he saw Yang Ye’s clenching his fist, he hurriedly said, “No problem, no problem at all. We’ll start cleaning it right away!”

A wise man didn’t fight when the odds were against him. This principle was something his uncle had taught him, and it was of use to him now.

Yang Ye glanced indifferently at Du Xiu before he stood up, and then he supported the broom on his shoulder as he walked swiftly towards Cool Breeze Gorge. He knew that this wasn’t the end of this matter, and this fellow would definitely come looking for trouble with him. Du Xiu didn’t dare to do that himself, but he would definitely ask his uncle or his cousin brother that was an Outer Court Disciple to come go for trouble with him.

Presently, only his body’s strength was slightly strong, but he still wasn’t a Profounder. At this moment, he would absolutely not be a match for an Outer Court Disciple. For the sake of having the ability to protect himself, he had to train bitterly and become a Profounder as soon as possible. Otherwise, once that Outer Court Disciple came looking for him, he wouldn’t even have the ability to resist!

So, he had to intensify his training and strive to become a Profounder as soon as possible.

“Big Brother Du, what should we do?” Li Ge helped Du Xiu up and spoke in a low voice. Now, he understood that he was utterly not a match for that fellow called Yang Ye, and if he looked for trouble with Yang Ye, then he would be looking for a beating.

Gao Qiu who stood at the side remained silent because Yang Ye’s ruthlessness and decisiveness caused him to feel slightly fearful.

“Wait for my cousin brother to return from visiting his relatives in the mortal world. At that time, I’ll make him suffer!” As he gazed at Yang Ye’s figure in the distance, the glow of resentment flickered in Du Xiu’s eyes. It had already been five years, he’d been a Labor Disciple for five years, and there hadn’t been a single person that dared to treat him in this way and actually dared to attack him. When he thought of this, the resentment in his eyes grew deeper.


“Did all of you see that? That number one piece of trash in history, wait, no, Yang Ye. He bashed up those three bastards!”

“What? Really? That bastard, Du Xiu, was beaten up?”

“You wouldn’t be lying, right? Du Xiu’s uncle is Manager Xu, and his cousin brother is an Outer Court Disciple. Would that Labor Disciple called Yang Ye dare to beat him?”

“Why would I lie to you? I saw it with my own two eyes. Du Xiu and those two bootlickers of his acted as they usually did. They didn’t intend to work, and they asked Yang Ye to clean the training grounds by himself. Yang Ye didn’t agree to it, and then Du Xiu and the others attacked him. Yet who would have expected that they were bashed up by Yang Ye instead! Moreover, they’re even doing Yang Ye’s share of the work!”

“Haha! Nice! That bastard Du Xiu always relies on his uncle and cousin brother to bully all of us Labor Disciples on Labor Peak. Now, he finally bit off more than he could chew. Come, let’s go tell the others about this and let them feel happy as well….”

In next to no time, the matter of Yang Ye furiously beating up Du Xiu spread throughout the entire Labor Peak.

Yang Ye, on the other hand, had already arrived at Cool Breeze Gorge.

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