Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 49 - The Final Function of the Railguns

Chapter 49: The Final Function of the Railguns

When Callie spoke of Peter’s impending return, the people who had been watching the broadcast began to voice their doubts.

“Who is this girl that suddenly appeared?”

“I know her. She’s the granddaughter of the President of the Federation.”

“Not only is she the granddaughter of the President of the Federation, but she’s also the girlfriend of General Peter…”

“General Peter? This name sounds familiar. I think I’ve heard it somewhere before.”

“He’s the Genetic General who previously killed the mutated vultures alone.”

“I remember now. Can General Peter really come back to save us?”

“Hmph! It’s the beasts that attacked the base city this time. What’s the use of relying on Peter?”

“Yeah, no matter how powerful that Peter is, he’s going to die when he meets the herd of beasts.”

There was no way Callie could know the citizens’ doubts.

After she finished speaking, she was grabbed by the guard beside the President of the Federation.

Then, the President of the Federation turned to Callie.

“Callie, stop messing around. Do you really trust Peter that much?”

“Yes! I believe him. Only he can save our base city…”

The President of the Federation waved his hand for the guard to release Callie.

“Callie, listen to me. I don’t care how much you believe in Peter, but you need to get out of here with me first.”


Callie looked incredulous.

The old man in front of her was her grandfather and the highest-ranking commander of the Federation.

However, he actually wanted to take her away from here.

Callie wasn’t stupid. In fact, she was smart.

She knew that her grandfather was not talking about leaving this building.

Instead, he wanted to escape from this base city.

At that moment, the President of the Federation reached out and grabbed Callie’s arm, pulling her outside.

“Callie, if we don’t leave now, it’ll be too late. We’ll pilot the newest flying mecha and leave this place.”

The President of the Federation did not use the word “escape.”

However, this instead made Callie feel worse.

She broke free of her grandfather’s grip.

“If you want to leave, leave! I want to stay.”

Then, Callie ran out of the President’s sight.

Just then, Callie’s communicator beeped.

When she saw that it was Peter who had sent a call request, she quickly clicked confirm in surprise.

She knew that Peter would not abandon her, much less New York Base City.

Time was of the essence!

Callie briefly explained the situation to Peter.

Peter told Callie.

In ten minutes, the Genetic Warrior he was bringing back would arrive at the base city.

However, there was a serious problem that Callie needed to solve.

There were still many mutated birds circling above the base city.

If the mutated birds were not dealt with, the flying squadron that Peter brought back would not be able to land.

They would be torn to pieces by the ferocious birds in the air.

Peter would be better off. After extracting the Thunder God genes, his strengthened body could withstand the impact of falling from the sky.

However, the genetic students couldn’t. After all, the gap between them and Peter was not small.

After ending the call with Peter, Callie immediately ran to the Federal combat room.

There was only one way to deal with the birds in the sky.

It was to use the railguns.

When the railguns were filled with energy, one attack could last for nearly five seconds.

Typically, railguns were used to kill high-level mutated creatures.

As long as the railgun was aimed at the target, few mutated creatures could escape.

It could be seen that the railgun’s attack was very powerful.

However, after one attack, the railgun needed 30 seconds to recharge.

If it weren’t for the fact that groups of beasts were attacking the city, the railguns would have killed most of the mutated creatures.

When Callie rushed into the command room, she saw General David of the mecha army.

She also learned that the railguns were about to attack the mutated birds in the sky.

In an instant, Callie guessed it was because her grandfather was preparing to flee in an aircraft.

The Federation controlled the railguns and planned to temporarily clear out an empty space for the President of the Federation.

It would allow the President’s aircraft to escape successfully.

Just then, David looked at Callie.

“Callie, you really should leave with your grandfather.”

However, upon seeing Callie’s stubborn look, David knew what Callie was thinking.

“Callie, it’s not what you think. Your grandfather took something important from the Federation.”

Callie turned to David with a puzzled expression.

“Callie, I can’t tell you exactly what it is.”

“Okay, the railguns are about to start firing.”

“I hope what you’ve just said is true. The aircraft that Peter General is on is going to appear.”

At that moment, mutated creatures started appearing on the streets of the base city.

Fortunately, the people had set up roadblocks in advance, which caused the mutant creatures to be slowed down.

When the mutated creatures charged at the roadblocks, the explosives buried nearby were ignited.

On the streets of the base city, the sound of explosives exploding could be heard.

This meant that every time there was an explosion, a person would perish together with the mutant creatures.

Meanwhile, the second line of defense near the city wall was about to collapse.

At this moment, a man shot a mutated creature with a weapon in his hand.

However, his bullets didn’t cause any fatal damage to the mutated creatures.

The enraged mutated creature howled into the sky.

It was prepared to charge forward and tear apart the human who had attacked it.


Suddenly, there was a violent explosion in midair.

Then, the engine of an aircraft roared.

The man looked up and saw that several aircrafts were hovering above him.

The moment the hatch of the aircraft opened, a tall figure jumped down.


The ground shook. The person who jumped down was none other than the Federation’s Genetic General, who had rushed over just in time.

It was Peter!

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