Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: The Competition Begins

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The next morning…

Peter, who had not slept all night, washed up briefly.

Then, he tucked Callie, who had just fallen asleep, into bed.

Peter felt that Callie would not be able to get out of bed today.

Today was the day of the competition.

Students who were participating in the competition had to extract genes first.

This was the plan he had produced with Professor Peter.

In reality, extracting genes was also a test.

This was because everyone had different talents.

Thus, when the same gene potion was extracted by different people, a huge difference could be produced.

Take the Thunder God genes for example.

Before Peter had joined the genetics course, Professor Eugene had allowed many students to extract the genes. However, the best scenario was that their power was doubled.

Only Peter experienced a shocking 10 times increase in power after extracting the Thunder God genes.

Furthermore, his physical fitness had increased tenfold.

At this moment, Professor Eugene was directing the staff to push a cart to the square.

Meanwhile, more than 3,000 genetic majors lined up and waited to extract the gene potion.

This process would take some time.

Peter had an idea.

He asked the students who had finished extracting the gene potion to join the team that distributed the gene potions.

This would save a lot of time.

After everyone had extracted the gene potion…

Professor Eugene stood on guard with the staff.

It was mainly to protect the students whose bodies could not take the effects of the potion. After all, not everyone was suitable to extract the gene potion.

After 20 minutes of observation, 37 students had left the competition due to physical reasons.

Next, the remaining students were divided into ten groups.

The first test was the power test.

The students who were assigned to the same group started a heated discussion.

“Do you think that the power test will involve fighting mutated creatures?”

“You’re thinking too much. Do you want to go out and fight mutant creatures with your strength? Do you think you are Big Boss Peter?”

“Why does Professor Eugene take Peter so seriously? He even allowed him to host this competition.”

“Nonsense! If you can kill a few hundred mutated vultures, you can do it too.”

“Look, Big Boss Peter is walking towards our group.”

Peter went to the first group and selected a few students whose strength had reached the standards of a D-Grade Genetic Warrior.

Then, he brought them to transport the machines that would test the power of the participants.

Half an hour later, eight Power Testing Machines were neatly arranged in the square.

The passing criteria for the power test was to reach the level of a C-Grade Genetic Warrior.

This was the test standard that Peter had set.

That was because the strength of the Thunder God genes was related to the power of the person who extracted them.

The more powerful they were, the greater the increase in power after extracting the Thunder God genes.

In reality, this was a rule that Professor Eugene had figured out.

Peter took his advice and simply set the passing criteria at the C-Grade.

Next, the power test began.

Eight Power Testing Machines were activated at the same time.

Then, a team of eight walked to the front of the Power Testing Machines and launched what they thought was their strongest attack.


Power: 2,743kg…


Power: 2,539kg…


Power: 4,038kg…

Peter glanced at the student who had just displayed a power of 4,038kg.

It was a great pity. After all, that student would be able to reach the standard if his power increased just slightly.

C-Grade Genetic Warriors had a power of 5,000kg.


Power: 4,610kg…


Power: 4,998kg…



Peter called off the test first as he had discovered a student who had displayed a power of 4,998kg.

He was only 2kg short of reaching the criteria. Something like this had actually happened.

Meanwhile, the student looked nervously at Peter.

For him, Peter was someone who could decide his fate.

Who didn’t want to become an elite Genetic Warrior and be the center of attention?

“Big Boss Peter! Please let me try again…”

Upon seeing the hopeful look in the student’s eyes, Peter remembered when he had just joined the genetics course.

At that time, his spot in the mecha course had been taken by someone else. Furthermore, his classmates had intentionally kept a distance from him.

Only Callie stayed by his side.

Upon thinking of Callie, Peter began to feel sorry for having gone too far the night before.

The number of times Callie had climaxed and spasmed throughout the night was uncountable.

He could not do that to Callie again in the future.

Yes, he would go back to see Callie after the competition and try again.

In the end, Peter allowed this student to try again.

The student was also very hardworking and promptly adjusted the problem of exerting force with his fist.

In reality, the main reason was because he was nervous.

After all, there was Big Boss Peter watching him, as well as several thousand students observing him from behind.

It would be strange if he wasn’t nervous.


Power: 5,038kg…

Upon seeing the results of his power test, the student jumped up in joy.

Peter was just as happy for him.

“What’s your name?”

“Big Boss Peter, my name is Beck.”

Peter smiled.

“Beck, congratulations on successfully advancing.”

“Thank you, Big Boss Peter.”

Beck thanked Peter from the bottom of his heart. If Peter hadn’t given him a chance…

He would have been eliminated.

Peter watched Beck return to the formation of students. Then, he saw a pretty figure out of the corner of his eye.

A girl with a good figure walked out of the formation.

“Professor Eugene, do you know the girl’s name?”

Professor Eugene immediately used his authority and entered the smart device to find information about the girl.

“Master… Peter. The girl’s name is Anna, and she is 24 years old. She is a C-Grade Genetic Warrior who lives in the slums of New York Base City…”

Peter raised his hand to indicate that Professor Eugene did not need to continue speaking. He had told Professor Eugene not to call him “master” outside.


Peter became interested in this girl.

Meanwhile, Anna had already arrived in front of the Strength Testing Machine and was ready to charge up her power to strike.

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