Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Twenty Times More Rage

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After discovering Locke’s cunning plan, Callie simply sent a distress message to Carter, who was in the first team.

Firstly, the first team was the closest to their team.

Secondly, Carter’s family relied on the Federation, not the Locke family.

After Carter received the distress message from Callie.

He immediately operated the Intermediate-Leveled Mecha to come to the rescue.

He read the contents of Callie’s distress message.

Thus, he learned that Locke was plotting to kill Peter.

However, he couldn’t care less about this.

He would not become enemies with the Locke family for the sake of Peter.

But if something happened to Callie…

For Carter, this absolutely could not be allowed.

After all, Callie’s identity was too special.

Back then, when they were splitting up into teams, Carter had asked Callie privately.

He had asked Callie whether she wanted to join his team.

Carter didn’t think much of Callie. He just felt that if she was in the first team, at least he could keep Callie safe.

However, who would have thought that Callie would actually join the second team?

She had even been injured because of Peter.

“Callie? How are you feeling now?”

After Carter killed the mutated wild boar, he did not question the two Intermediate-Leveled Mecha Warriors in the second team.

Instead, he immediately activated Callie’s protective mecha.

As the person in charge of the entire combat test…

Only Carter had the authority to activate the protective mechas of others.

“Callie, it’s Peter. Do you feel unwell anywhere?”

Peter saw that Callie was gradually waking up and asked her with concern.

At that moment, Carter also came to Callie’s side.

He was even angrier when he saw that Peter was concerned about Callie.

“You’re just a low-leveled Genetic Warrior. How can you be worthy of Callie saving you!”


Peter turned to look at the white painted mecha.

“You don’t know who Callie is, do you? She’s the granddaughter of the President of the Federation…”

Callie had woken up, but her chest felt uncomfortable.

When she heard Locke mention her identity.

She looked at Locke with an angry gaze.

“Locke, are you crazy!”

Locke’s scowl deepened at Callie’s admonishment.

At that moment, Peter looked at Callie and instantly understood everything.

It turned out that Callie was actually the granddaughter of the President of the Federation.

The President was the highest-ranking person in the entire Federation.

However, Peter didn’t think much of it.

Whether or not Callie was the President’s granddaughter had nothing to do with him.

However, what Locke had just said pissed Peter off.

It seemed that in the eyes of most Mecha Warriors, Genetic Warriors were just cowards following behind them.

Meanwhile, Carter saw that Callie was awake.

“Callie, the detectors have sent your situation back to headquarters.”

“It will take about an hour for the aircraft sent by the Federation to arrive.”

Callie nodded.

Then, she was afraid to look at Peter.

Would Peter grow more distant from her now that he knew who she was?

She was very frustrated.

It was all because of that damned Locke.

However, she had no choice.

It was just like how Locke couldn’t do anything about her.

Unless Callie could get hold of evidence that Locke had framed Peter…

However, so what if she had the evidence?

Right now, Peter was not hurt at all. How would she explain the situation then?

Even her grandfather, the President of the Federation, was afraid of the power of the Locke family.

Meanwhile, Carter decided to wait until the aircraft arrived.

He wanted to remain here.

It was mainly because he was afraid that something would happen to Callie again.

He didn’t want to lose his rank as a Lieutenant Colonel.

As a result, the scheme orchestrated by Locke temporarily ended in failure.

Carter asked the two logistics students to look after Callie.

This was when Peter got distracted and opened the system.


[Power]: 12,090kg

[Speed]: 47.2m/s

[Physical Strength]: 1350

[Rage]: 20 times (Instantly increases physical fitness by 20 times for a duration of 10 minutes. There is a cooldown of 24 hours before it can be used again.)

Twenty times more rage!

Peter’s current strength was 12,000kg.

If it was enhanced by 20 times, he would reach a power of 240,000kg.

It was too terrifying!

One had to know that these were only the genes of a C-Grade mutated wild boar.

In the future, when he extracted the genes of higher-leveled B-Grade, or even A-Grade mutated creatures, how much more power would his rage provide?

Peter couldn’t even imagine it.

Obtaining 20 times more power by activating his rage was already an exaggeration.

As long as he wanted to, he could destroy an Advanced-Leveled Mecha from the Federation with one punch.

As for the mutated creatures…

They relied on their numbers to continuously defeat the Federation’s mecha army.

Take the solitary C-rank mutated wild boar discovered by the second team for example.

The Federation’s mecha army had paid a heavy price to clear out this area.

Thus, the students who participated in the combat test had the opportunity to enter this area.

If they encountered a herd of mutated wild boars, none of the 50 people present would survive.

Callie was in much better shape than before.

She could stand up and walk around.

She secretly observed Peter’s reaction, still afraid that he would notice.

After Peter exited the system interface, he saw Carter dealing with the corpse of the mutated wild boar.

The entire body of a C-Grade mutated wild boar was a treasure.

If it was transported back to the Federation, they could exchange it for a large number of points. Meanwhile, if it was sold to the black market, they would obtain even more points.

However, there was also a risk. After all, the Federation did not allow them to handle the spoils of war on their own.

The blood of the mutated wild boar gave off a strong smell of blood.

No one present realized that a huge vulture had appeared in the sky.

The vulture was attracted by the smell of the mutated wild boar’s blood.

However, the vulture was most interested in the humans below.

The vulture was in no hurry to descend. Instead, it sped up and left the area.

It was a vulture that had left the flock of vultures and had come out alone to find its prey.

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