Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Peter Has Been Chosen By Locke!

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There were a total of 40 students participating in this combat test.

Besides the ten students from the genetics course.

There were also ten students from the logistics course.

Meanwhile, the mecha course had sent the most students.

They sent a total of 20 students.

In addition, the Federation had sent out ten Intermediate-Leveled Mecha Warriors.

Thus, this team had a total of 50 people.

When Carter considered that the area that needed to be cleared for this combat test was larger, he simply divided the 50-man team into five small teams.

Every two Intermediate-Leveled Mecha Warriors were responsible for leading eight students.

They would form a ten-man team.

As a result, Peter and the other nine genetics students would be separated.

They would randomly join one of the five small teams.

Very quickly, the Intermediate-Leveled Mecha Warriors voluntarily split themselves into five teams.

Carter and another Intermediate-Leveled Mecha Warrior formed the first team.

Next, the mecha students would choose their teams.

However, the mecha students didn’t expect Locke not to choose the first team, which was led by Carter.

After all, this guy had a strong background and cherished his life.

The mecha students had thought that Locke would choose the first team without hesitation.

After all, due to Carter’s strength, he was very famous in the Federation’s mecha army.

Most importantly, Carter had a lot of experience on the battlefield.

Entering Carter’s team would provide him a higher chance of survival than the other teams.

At this moment, an Intermediate-Leveled Mecha that was painted white walked into the second team.

Callie, who had been silently observing the division of groups, saw that Locke had chosen the second team.

Her heart skipped a beat.

What was Locke up to again?

Had Locke, who usually cherished his life, suddenly changed?

Was he trying to prove himself to her by not joining Carter’s group?

Just as Callie was deep in thought, two mecha students had already joined the second team with Locke.

Then, another mecha student walked towards the second team where Locke was.

This way, the quota for the four mecha students in the second team would be full.

However, Callie suddenly operated her mecha and accelerated towards the second team.

She took up the last slot for the mecha students in the second team.

It wasn’t that Callie had accepted Locke, but she had a feeling that Locke was acting out of character today.

By joining the second team, at least Callie could keep an eye on Locke’s every move.

She was afraid Locke would do something to Peter.

Meanwhile, the white painted mecha was overjoyed to see Callie voluntarily join his team.

Locke controlled his white mecha to raise his right mechanical arm. He was greeting Callie.

However, Callie still gave no response.

He seemed used to Callie’s reaction.

Thus, Locke controlled his mecha to face the front.

However, due to the cover of the mecha, no one could see Locke’s expression at that moment.

Locke was in the cockpit of the white mecha with a ferocious expression.

“Damn woman, I’ll show you what despair is next.”

“Don’t you like that Peter…”

“I’ll let you see how he dies!”

Locke’s twisted mind made it impossible for him to tolerate Callie’s indifference to him anymore.

No one else could get the woman he couldn’t have.

However, would he use force to obtain Callie?

It wasn’t that Locke didn’t want to, but Callie’s grandfather was the President of the Federation.

He was not stupid enough to offend the President, the highest authority in the Federation.

This was because he could not bear the consequences that came with doing so.

Not even the Locke family could protect him.

At this moment, the mecha students had all chosen their teams.

Next up, the logistics students would choose their teams.

Each of them was piloting a short, wheeled mecha.

Each mecha was loaded with ammunition for the Mecha Warriors.

There was also food and drinking water that were distributed according to the number of people in each team.

Soon, all the logistics students had chosen their teams.

The last one to choose their teams were the students from the genetics course.

Peter didn’t have any requirements as to which team he would join.

He casually walked towards the fifth team which was closest to him.

The captain of the fifth team was just a Major.

His name was Barker.

At this moment, Barker, who was in the cockpit of his mecha, suddenly received a private message.

“Barker, kick Peter out of your team!”


This was Locke’s voice!

Barker could tell right away.

After all, Barker’s father was an executive at the Locke Mecha Company.

How could he not be familiar with the voice of the eldest grandson of the Locke family?

“Young Master Locke, what are you doing?”

“Cut the crap and do as I say!”

Barker’s entire family had to rely on Locke’s family.

Thus, Barker did not dare to disobey Locke.

Barker operated his mecha and raised his arm, pointing to a genetics student behind Peter.

At the same time, his voice could be heard outside the mecha.

“Come here. I want you.”

Barker was no fool. He didn’t banish Peter directly.

Instead, he randomly assigned a genetics student to replace Peter.

This way, others would think that Barker was entrusted by someone to take care of that genetics student.

As for Locke, he didn’t care about Barker’s petty tricks.

As long as he could get Peter out of the fifth team, his goal would be achieved.

Peter was only momentarily taken aback, but he immediately guessed as much.

Barker must have recognized his classmate.

Thus, Peter had no choice but to leave the fifth team. He planned to join another team.

At this moment, a mecha student beside Locke saw Locke nodding his head.

Then, Locke immediately activated the external voice function.

“Hey, Peter, come to our team!”


In that instant, Callie, who had been secretly watching Locke, completely understood Locke’s plan.

This cunning Locke was playing dirty tricks.

He had really inherited the Locke family style.

However, then again, Callie couldn’t stop Locke from plotting.

How could she stop him?

She could stand forth and tell Peter.

“Don’t come here, the white mecha wants to harm you.”

However, Peter would definitely ask, “Why does he want to harm me?”

Callie couldn’t tell him the truth.

After all, if she pissed off Locke here…

Given Locke’s nature, he would do anything to get back at Peter and even Peter’s family.

Now, there was only one thing that Callie could be thankful for.

Fortunately, she had chosen to join Locke’s team.

If her guess was correct, at least she felt that she could secretly protect Peter.

As Peter joined the second team, the five teams ran towards their respective areas.

They began to search for the remaining mutated creatures.

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