Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: God Creation Plan!

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Peter’s spot in the mecha course had been occupied.

Thus, he had no choice but to enter the Genetics College to study.

Then, Peter ran to the laboratory to extract the mutated ant genes.

However, he was discovered by the laboratory staff and brought to Professor Eugene’s office.

After that, Professor Eugene gave him a special gene potion.

This gene potion had been extracted from the blood of the suspected god.

Those people who had extracted the special gene potion before Peter could not maintain their power for more than a day after obtaining it.

Thus, Professor Eugene has asked Peter to find him three days later.

In fact, he just wanted to see if the power that Peter obtained would suddenly disappear after three days.

Who would have thought that after Peter obtained his power, not only did it not disappear, it even went beyond Professor Eugene’s expectations.

If he continued to nurture Peter with the special potion extracted from the suspected god, would he become someone with strength comparable to a god in the future?

This was what Professor Eugene was going to do.

This was his God Creation Plan!

In his eyes, Peter was the best candidate to implement the God Creation Plan.

However, the current upper echelons of the Federation had always focused on nurturing Mecha Warriors.

Meanwhile, courses like the genetics course that wasted a large amount of manpower and resources were still unable to defeat the mutant creatures on the battlefield.

The Federation would not invest resources blindly.

After all, Professor Eugene’s God Creation Plan was still developing.

He was still a long way from success.

Also, Professor Eugene had no idea about something.

He didn’t know that Peter’s strength had increased because of the Gene Extraction System.

Thus, General Gale from Genetic Command could only support Professor Eugene in a private way.

The next morning, the Genetic Command informed Peter to go to General Gale’s office.

Peter sat across from General Gale and waited for him to speak.

“Peter, you’re a once-in-a-lifetime genius in the genetics course.”

“I’m sure you’ve received the rewards from the Federation.”

“Next, will you continue studying at the Genetics College? Or will you leave the college and enter the battlefield?”

“I want to know your choice.”

Was there a need to make a choice for such a multiple-choice question?

Peter would definitely return to the Genetics College to continue his studies.

After all, he had only extracted 0.001% of the Thunder God genes back then.

However, his physical fitness had increased tenfold as a result.

Even a fool would know.

If he could extract more Thunder God genes.

Then the improvement in his physical condition would be very astonishing.

What about entering the battlefield?

Peter would only enter the battlefield now if he was crazy.

“Commander Gale, I choose to stay at Genetics College and continue my studies.”

“Okay! Professor Eugene will be returning to the Genetics College with you in the afternoon.”

They finished their lunch in the canteen at the Genetic Command.

Then, Peter and Professor Eugene returned to the Genetics College.

As soon as they got off the aircraft, Peter was taken to the laboratory by Professor Eugene.

He wanted Peter to extract another special gene potion immediately.

This time, he did not give Peter a sample like he had done previously.

Although the sample also contained a special gene potion, the amount contained in the sample was very small.

The contents could almost be measured in micrograms.

A few minutes later, Professor Eugene brought Peter back to his laboratory.

If they walked at normal speed, walking from the parking lot to his laboratory would take at least ten minutes.

However, it only took them a few minutes to get there.

It was obvious how anxious Professor Eugene was at that moment.

“Peter, extract the potion from this bottle immediately.”

Peter took the potion from Professor Eugene.

Then, he injected the potion directly into his subcutaneous tissue.

As expected, the system notification sounded again.

[Thunder God genes detected. Extracting…]

[You have extracted 0.01% of Thunder God genes. Congratulations to the host for obtaining a hundredfold physical enhancement.]

Professor Eugene saw that Peter had finished extracting the special potion.

Then, he looked at Peter expectantly.

“Peter, how is it? Do you feel anything special?”

Peter was speechless.

Professor Eugene was too impatient.

He closed his eyes and pretended to be absorbing the genes in the potion.

Meanwhile, opposite him, Professor Eugene rubbed his hands together anxiously.

He was still very afraid that Peter’s gene extraction would fail.

This would be equivalent to ending Professor Eugene’s long-awaited God Creation Plan.

At this time, Peter closed his eyes and silently opened the system interface.


[Power]: 12,090kg (Host has abundant physical strength and can exert 100% of 100 times the strength from the mutated ant genes.)

[Speed]: 47.2m/s

[Physical Strength]: 1350

As expected, the special potion that Professor Eugene had given him this time contained more elements of the Thunder God gene than in the sample.

His physical fitness had increased by 100 times. It was too powerful.

Most importantly…

After his physical strength reached a value of 1,350, the current amount of power he could use had also reached 12,090kg.

After all, the highest grade of generals that the Federation currently disclosed had a power of 12,000kg.

This meant that Peter’s current power had reached the level of an A-Grade Genetic General.

This speed of improvement was terrifying.

Professor Peter did not know how the Mecha Warriors in the Federation would react after knowing about this.

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