Age of Gods: Thousand Folds System

Chapter 52 - Return to Base Camp, The Provocateur

Chapter 52: Return to Base Camp, The Provocateur

Five days passed by in a flash, and two divisions from the Thunder God Army rushed over one after another.

Seeing that the Third Division was safe and sound, still firmly guarding their position, the commanders of the two divisions were extremely surprised.

When they called for help previously, didn’t they say that they were already in a dangerous situation with no chance of survival?

They had rushed over quickly, but yet, the Third Division was safe and sound. Each and every one of them was incomparably spirited. Did they think they were fools?

When they found out that it was Sullo who had saved the Third Division with a single finger, the two division leaders couldn’t help but give Sullo a thumbs up.

Under such circumstances, he was even willing to risk his life to stay behind and fight, saving the entire division from danger.

Such an existence was worthy of respect no matter what their ranking was.

The two division leaders patted their chests and promised that if Sullo wanted to compete for the position of Thunder God in the future, the two divisions would definitely give their full support..

With such a promise, three out of the thirty-six divisions that made up the Thunder God Army had promised to support him in the competition for the position of Thunder God.

If the other reserve Thunder God candidates were to learn of how quickly Sullo was getting the other divisions’ approval, they would probably go crazy.

Besides Sullo himself, the other reserve Thunder God candidates were already hundreds of years old.

After spending such a long time, there were very few reserve Thunder God candidates who could gain the support of three teams at once.

In such a short period of time, Sullo had already closed the gap between him and those veteran Reserve Thunder God candidates.

After all, although reserve Thunder Gods were in competition with each other, they still needed the support of the members of the Thunder God Army itself.

The three great squadrons had made a promise to support Sullo’s candidacy for the position of Thunder God. The timing could not have been any better!

After a few more days, Sullo’s Third Division prepared to set off, on its way to returning to the Thunder God Plane.

The other two divisions were in charge of guarding this battlefield during their return.

The squad leader, Kai Shan, was heavily injured, and more than half the Thunder God Army members there had been exterminated. It was no longer enough for Sullo alone to guard the battlefield. At this time, he had to be transferred back to the rear to recuperate.

At this time, Sullo’s name had long since spread throughout the Thunder God Plane.

Whether it was a high-ranking official of the Thunder God Army or an ordinary soldier, they all knew that there was a squad leader who, under the attack of the demon elites, resolutely refused to give up on his allies and vowed to fight back even if it would be the end of his life.

In the end, he single-handedly defeated the demon army’s sneak attack, ensuring the logistics camp’s safety. 

Then, he led the logistics camp to timely rescue the battlefield in front and protect the Third Division.

Regardless of whether it was due to Sullo’s strength or his character, countless members of the Thunder God Army expressed their admiration for him.

When Sullo led the squad members to walk on a street, many members of the Thunder God Army would greet him.

“Haha! You are that righteous Captain Sullo, right? Well done. As expected of a reserve Thunder God candidate!”

“Captain Sullo, I would like to ask, how did you manage to face the demon army without batting an eyelid?”

“Captain Sullo, I heard that you killed a demon prince who had the power of a seven-star High God. And now, you are only a four-star god. There’s such a big gap in power levels between you both. How did you do it?”

“Gah! Captain Sullo is truly young and promising. He’s only been a god for two years but is already at the level of a four-star god. He joined the Thunder God Army less than a month ago and has already been promoted from a squad leader to a division captain. He truly is a genius amongst geniuses.”

“Captain Sullo, what do you think of the nine reserve Thunder God candidates? Do you have any thoughts of competing for the position of Thunder God? I heard that your squad has expanded. Do you think I can join?”

One question after another continuously rained upon Sullo.

Right at this moment, a five-colored ray of light streaked across the horizon, carrying with it a powerful aura as it appeared in front of Sullo.

“Gah! Who is this? He’s so arrogant. He actually dares to race in the territory of the Thunder God Army?”

“Shh! Keep your voice down. This is the fifth reserve Thunder God candidate. He has the power of an eight-star High God. His current military rank has already reached the level of a squadron captain.”

“Oh my God! Why is such a monster here?”

“Hehe! The fifth reserve Thunder God candidate is the most arrogant and despotic. He usually doesn’t get along with the other candidates and almost always fights whenever they meet. Now that he’s here, he’s definitely here to cause trouble for Captain Sullo.”

“Then should we help him?”

“Are you crazy! When deities fight, mortals suffer. Although we are gods as well, in front of these powerhouses, we are no different from a bunch of bugs. Let’s just hide and watch the show!”

As they spoke, the members of the Thunder God Army made way for Sullo and the fifth reserve Thunder God candidate to fight against each other.

At this moment, the logistics officer, who had become Sullo’s vice-captain, recognized who this person was and hurriedly whispered into Sullo’s ear. “His name is Jing Jun and he is also a reserve Thunder God candidate. He is ranked fifth and everyone calls him the fifth Thunder God.

“He is a commander and commands 500 elite members of the Thunder God Army. His power is at the level of an eight-star High God. The most terrifying part is that this fellow is proficient in divine war arts. He possesses extreme speed and terrifying attacks.

“He once killed many nine-star High Gods, as well as a half-god sovereign. In fact, according to the rumors, he even escaped from the hands of a sovereign on the enemy side. His power can not be underestimated. You need to be careful around him.”

As he spoke, the five-colored light came to a halt. It was a miniature void warship.

On the void warship, a god dressed in a silver-white battle robe stepped out, a long spear in his hands that was surrounded by strands of lightning energy.

“Tsk! A four-star god, just a little radish head. He has the qualifications to become a reserve Thunder God candidate? It seems that the average level of our reserve Thunder God candidates is going to be lowered by others again. How pitiful. His strength is so weak, yet he is still in the limelight everywhere. His virtue doesn’t match his position. He will definitely fall!”

After saying that, the fifth Thunder God walked away with a disdainful look.

From the beginning to the end, he didn’t even look at Sullo, let alone let me utter a single word.

Seeing his arrogant appearance, the surrounding audience couldn’t help but burst into an uproar.

“This fifth Thunder God is still as arrogant as before!”

“Right, right! Although I’ve long heard that the fifth Thunder God isn’t on good terms with the other reserve Thunder God candidates, I didn’t expect that he would actually look down on his competitors so much.”

“But it’s no wonder. He has been a reserve Thunder God for more than a hundred years while Captain Sullo is still new and his power is only at the level of a four-star god. How could he not be bullied?”

“Hehe! Legend has it that this Captain Sullo, with the power of a four-star god, was able to kill a demon prince who was a seven-star High God. I wonder who will be more powerful in a battle between the two of them?”

“I’m also looking forward to this day. However, I feel that Captain Sullo is so loyal and young. His future is limitless…”

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