Age of Gods: Thousand Folds System

Chapter 48 - He Was In Grave Danger But Swore That He Would Not Retreat Even If He Died

Chapter 48: He Was In Grave Danger But Swore That He Would Not Retreat Even If He Died

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Upon seeing this extraordinary demon, the faces of the logistics officer and the members of the Thunder God squad couldn’t help but change dramatically.

“Captain, run! This is a royal member of the scythe demons. His power is comparable to that of a seven-star High God.”

“No. No matter what, we have to protect Sullo and leave. We can’t let him die here.”

An ordinary scythe demon only had one horn on its head. Its entire body was pitch-black as if it had come out of a coal mine.

However, this scythe demon in front of him had two horns sticking out of its head. Its entire body was burning with raging flames, making it seem extraordinary.

Furthermore, its terrifying demonic aura caused the entire battlefield to become chaotic and bloody.

The demon leader stretched out the scythe in its hand, directly drawing out an angel.

The scythe demon opened its mouth and swallowed the angel.

“Hahaha! Awesome, this is awesome! One more…”

After saying that, the scythe reached out again and drew another angel.

However, at this moment, a miniature dragon made out of lightning flew over and crashed into the scythe demon’s scythe.

The terrifying collision force and the numbness brought by the lightning forced the scythe demon back a few steps without any resistance.

As for the Lightning Dragon, it did not change in the slightest. It only flew back to its master’s side once more.

This was naturally Sullo’s move. The miniature dragon that flashed with lightning was his Immortal Lightning Dragon.

The twelve-winged Holy Angel was his strongest army of believers. How could he let this demon devour them so easily?

Even if they could be resurrected later, it was still unacceptable.

“Kid, I originally wanted to let you live for two more minutes but are you in such a hurry to die? In that case, this king will fulfill your wish. First, I will seize your soul and shatter your divine spark. Finally, I will break through your divine domain and capture these cute little angels.”

The scythe demon was furious. It turned around and charged toward Sullo.

A rolling black cloud enveloped the two of them.

Furious roars could be heard from within. Weapons were swung randomly and thunder was heard everywhere. However, they could not see clearly what was going on. They did not know who had the upper hand and who was at a disadvantage.

The logistics officer and the members of the Thunder God squad looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

Their mission was to protect Sullo and successfully leave.

But their target was already fighting with the enemy, so how could they move out?

Now, the defeat of the third Thunder God Army team was set. If the reserve Thunder God candidate died here too, they would end up being punished even if they escaped.

On the battlefield, with the help of the twelve-winged Holy Angels, the battle situation was barely balanced.

In some areas, some of the gods in the logistics camps had begun to fight back.

But they knew very well that unless Sullo defeated the scythe demon leader to shatter the demon army’s morale, this battle would end in their defeat.

But they also knew very well that with the power of a new four-star god, Sullo wasn’t strong enough to challenge a scythe demon king who was comparable to a seven-star High God.

This sort of hope was simply too slim.

“Gah! Let’s go all out against these demons.”

“That’s right. If we die, then at least we died fighting. If we just run away, we might end up living with our regrets forever.”

The members of the Thunder God squad inspired by Sullo charged toward the demon army with bloodshot eyes.

The logistics officer stomped his feet, then let out a helpless sigh. He also chose a scythe demon as his opponent.

He was a six-star god and his power surpassed most of the Thunder God Army. In the entire logistics camp, he could be considered one of the most powerful existences there.

However, he was a support-type god so his combat power was average.

The opponent he had chosen was the vice-captain of the demon army. His power was comparable to that of a six-star god but with even more formidable combat abilities.

Not long after, the logistics officer had been injured by the demon army’s vice-captain.

Fortunately, a few members of the Thunder God squad rushed over to support him after dealing with their opponents.

Otherwise, the logistics officer would probably have died in the demon’s hands.

However, the majority of them were three-star demigods. Only the two vice-captains were new four-star gods and their power was far from being on par with the demons.

As time passed, the members of the Thunder God squad were defeated one by one, injured heavily by the demon.

These scythe demons were indeed worthy of being born from a cruel place like the Abyssal Plane. Their strength was truly formidable.

And at this time, the battle between Sullo and the scythe demon king had reached a pinnacle stage.

“Damned two-legged sheep. You gods have occupied the most fertile place in the universe but are weak and incompetent. Your virtue doesn’t match your position. Only we demons are the most precious, and our strength is also the most powerful in the universe. Maybe your kind should live on the Abyssal Plane and struggle in the dark and sunless environment. You’ve stayed too long in such a fertile world, intoxicated by life and death every day…”

The sickle demon let out a hoarse roar of rage, the weapons in its hands constantly attempting to slash at Sullo.

However, Sullo was dressed in divine armor and wielded the Thunder God’s Hammer. He wasn’t afraid of the scythe demon at all.

With the help of nine Immortal Lightning Dragons, he was actually able to fight to a draw against this scythe demon king.

The two sides fought back and forth, almost forgetting about the battle outside.

The weapons in the scythe demon’s hands instantly grew in size, chopping toward Sullo in the air.

However, two Immortal Lightning Dragons roared as they crossed each other and flew toward the scythe demon’s weapon.

Like a pair of large scissors, they cut the scythe demon’s weapon in half.


A crisp sound rang out in the air as the scythe demon’s weapon was blocked in mid-air, unable to advance any further toward Sullo.

What made the scythe demon even angrier was that during this attack, the weapon in his hand was actually split into two.

“Gah! Damn you, I’m going to eat you alive.”

The scythe demon roared repeatedly but realized that he couldn’t even draw his weapon.

Not only that, but the lightning power transmitted from the Immortal Lightning Dragons actually made the scythe demon feel a slight numbness.

At this critical moment, the remaining seven Immortal Lightning Dragons flew out.

They bit the scythe demon’s hands, feet, and head.

The last Immortal Lightning Dragon flew into the scythe demon’s mouth.

“Ow! Damn it…”

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