Age of Gods: Thousand Folds System

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Crush The Believers And Shock The Gods

A level-7 grand mage could already float in the air.

As for Sullo’s Holy Human Spirits, their strength was a minimum of at least level-7.

Each of them stood in the air and cast spells down wantonly.

Fireballs, scorching rays, burning hands, firestorm, burning cloud spell, flaming sun explosion, meteor explosion…

Each of these powerful fire-type spells with a wide area of effect was cast effortlessly without any care.

On the spatial arena’s grounds, flames burned everywhere. Every second, tens of thousands of void bugs would be turned into ashes in the flames.

There were also countless meteorites in the sky that burned with raging flames, pouring down like rain.

Every single meteor that fell from the sky would cause a terrifying explosion, causing circles of mushroom clouds to rise up and shaking the dimensional arena until it was on the verge of collapse.

The few people at the periphery who were hosting the preliminaries almost had their faces turn red in order to maintain the arena’s stability.

From ancient times until now, they had never witnessed such a ‘freak’ appearing in the preliminaries.

He was clearly just a three-star demigod, but the battle’s aftermath had caused the dimensional arena to almost collapse. They, as examiners, had to expend divine power to maintain it. They almost wanted to cry but now was not the right time for that.

At this moment, the void bugs within the dimensional arena were reduced to ashes under the grand mages’ flame attacks.

The arena, which had originally been formed from the laws of space, was now covered with a thick layer of black ash. It was as though a large number of cinders had been piled up in a glass jar and scattered about, an eyesore for the surrounding gods.

However, no one felt that there was anything wrong with this. On the contrary, they all cheered for Sullo.

In their eyes, Sullo was just like them. He was an ordinary god that had started from the bottom up, relying on his own talent and hard work.

As for Sullo’s mysterious opponent, it was rumored that he was the son of a certain big shot. He relied on his family’s strength, which made the surrounding gods feel dissatisfied.

Moreover, the mysterious opponent actually used such a shameless tactic, which was even more despicable.

At this time, the number of void bugs had already begun to decrease.

Previously, there was a dense mass of void bugs, almost like an endless wave.

But now, the void bugs’ numbers had clearly decreased.

In some areas, after the void bugs were all destroyed, there were no new void bugs that came to replenish them, exposing a blank area.

The Holy Human Spirits under Sullo had been floating in the air, raining down spells.

Furthermore, the void bugs did not know how to fly even if they had power in numbers.

In the end, they could only be slaughtered by others. Facing the magic attacks from the sky, they had almost no ability to resist.

When the mysterious contestant hiding in the void bug swarm saw this scene, he could not help but become anxious.


A shrill cry was heard from the void swarm.

When the void swarm heard this sound, they could not help but pause in unison.

However, in the blink of an eye, one void swarm after another gathered together and formed a huge figure.

When the Holy Human Spirits in the sky saw this, they immediately used fire magic against it.

The violent explosion immediately shattered the sound formed by the void swarm.

But even so, the void insect swarm still desperately gathered together.

The giant-like ‘insect man’ was organized by the void insect swarm just like that.

The insect man’s arms, head, and even its entire body were all constructed from void insects.

Countless void insects wriggled on top, driving the insect man’s movements and causing everyone’s scalps to go numb.

With each movement, a large number of void bugs would fall down like a black rain of bugs.

But very soon, more void bugs would replace them.

The bug man roared toward the sky, its huge fist smashing toward the Holy Human Spirits in the sky.

However, compared to the enormous and incomparably heavy void bug man, the Holy Human Spirits were extremely fast.

They continuously dodged the bug man’s attacks and destroyed the void bug groups at an even faster speed.

Previously, the void bug groups were scattered across the entire space arena.

But now that these void bug groups had gathered together, they became a living target.

The Holy Human Spirits’ attack efficiency was higher, and the speed at which they cleared the void bug groups was also faster.

Three to five Holy Human Spirits working together could blow up a single void insect man.

The scales of victory began to tilt toward Sullo’s side.

The godly spirit spectators outside the arena could not help but be stunned and amazed by this unrestrained battle.

They were truly too shocked. Sullo’s methods were full of tricks and he had neutralized the enemy’s attacks time and time again. His performance was almost perfect.

Up until now, the identity and background of that mysterious contestant were revealed to them.

He had a high god backing him and had been taught by a famous teacher since he was a child. He had opened up his divine domain, far surpassing ordinary deities.

In order to seize the Thunder God’s divine seat, he had even gone into hiding for decades, accumulating an unknown amount of foundation.

Although his strength had always been suppressed to the level of a three-star demigod, the faith power he had accumulated over the past ten years was enough to make people shudder in fear.

According to the rumors, this fellow had been fighting in the outer realms for many years and his combat experience was extremely rich.

Just the number of gods who had died at his hands was far too many.

In fact, during one of his battles against the enemy god’s divine domain, he had even managed to escape from the hands of a veteran high god, which was why he had been listed on the enemy’s kill list. He could be considered one of the great geniuses of the entire divine domain.

But even such a powerful opponent was still completely crushed by Sullo, just like all the other competitors.

How powerful was Sullo if he could defeat even him?

This was simply inconceivable!

The Holy Human Spirits continued to attack like mobile turrets.

The void bugs began to disappear in large swaths, transforming into dust that scattered about the spatial arena.


When the last void insect man fell completely, a black shadow flew out, turning into a streak of dark light and charging toward Sullo at a speed that was difficult to see with the naked eye.

The dark light was like a shuttle, moving with lightning speed. Even the space was torn apart, unable to heal for a long time.

When the spectators outside the arena were cursing at the shamelessness of the sneak attack, they couldn’t help but hold their breaths as though their hearts had been struck by a giant hammer.

This speed was too fast.

Even space itself was unable to block its advance.

How would they themselves deal with this?

Many people deduced that if they were to encounter such an attack…

However, even a group of old high gods…

Ultimately they came to a solution: there was nothing they could do!

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