Age of Gods: Thousand Folds System

Chapter 192 - Lin Yan Was Being Pursued For The Object in Her Hand!

Chapter 192 – Lin Yan Was Being Pursued For The Object in Her Hand!

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Oh, it’s actually a deity of the infinite god system. It truly is terrifying!”

After hearing the words of that demigod, Sullo recalled the method of increasing the power of the infinite god system.

That was to absorb the essence of each planet to increase their power!

And the terrifying result they created was that the life force of the entire planet disappeared and the entire world fell into loneliness.

Therefore, the infinite divine artifact was also known as the evil god of the entire world.

It was surrounded and suppressed by almost all the divine systems.

However, this God King actually dared to invade the Vogah’s Divine Region. He was truly a force to be reckoned with!

According to what he saw, the situation wasn’t particularly good.

Right at that moment, Sullo erupted with his powerful divine power and arrived outside a Death Star.

He discovered that the origin of the Death Star had already been completely extracted!

As expected, it was the terrifying boundless god system’s evil god.

He knew that if he allowed them to do as they pleased, not even a blade of grass would grow, all living things would be destroyed, and the entire world would fall into destruction!

It was so terrifying.

Even if the mythical world that he was in could obtain the final victory, the entire world would also fall into an incomparably terrifying crisis, suffering extremely terrifying injuries that would make it difficult to recover.

If one was fated to have such a calamity, they wouldn’t be able to overcome it!

When he sensed the surge of energy from earlier, Sullo remember the War Theological Seminary!

Almost all the enemies in the entire world had suffered, so the War Theological Seminary he was in shouldn’t be able to escape either.

Even if the War Theological Seminary had many incomparably powerful sovereign gods, they might not be able to defend against the attacks of those immeasurable evil gods!

Perhaps his own Seminary had already fallen!

When he thought of this, Sullo became extremely anxious.

After all, that was the divinity school he had grown up in, an existence worthy of his protection.

Thus, he had to go back and take a look!

Sullo asked the demigod, “This situation is bad. Are there any teleportation portals I can access that will allow me to travel to other planes?”

“Exalted Lord God, of course we have one. I’ll take you there right away! Whichever plane you want to go to, this teleportation portal can teleport you there!”

After Sullo asked his question, the guardian brought Sullo to the planar teleportation array within this plane.

After that, they entered the teleportation array!

The instant Sullo stepped into the teleportation array, spacetime rippled out, and many enormous divine runes entered the teleportation array. Rumbling sounds could be heard from deep within the teleportation array, and a large amount of divine power rose up around the teleportation array as if protecting the teleportation array from being torn apart by space

The power of lightning around Sullo’s body surged up, accumulating energy for the teleportation array. The starlight around him dimmed a lot, as though it was supporting the teleportation array. 

With a boom, the teleportation array brought Sullo up, instantly disappearing without a trace. 

Within the galaxy, Sullo was floating along with the teleportation array at the various spatial nodes. The stars around him vanished along with the high-frequency vibration of the teleportation array.

In the starry sky, an intense light suddenly appeared and then quietly disappeared, attracting the attention of many gods. As the spatial nodes rapidly approached, the thunder energy around Sullo trembled, and the teleportation array slowly descended.

The surrounding space was suppressed to the extreme, as if an attack could tear it apart. As Sullo slowly approached the ground, the teleportation array also slowly crumbled, turning into divine patterns and disappearing into the horizon!

Sullo also headed straight toward it. It was the plane where his War Theological Seminary was located!

In a void, endless galaxies flickered incessantly, containing boundless divine power.

A group of figures dressed in gray robes were chasing after a god!

The leader was pressing down on the Guardian and seemed to be enjoying himself.

As for the pursued figure, he was only barely able to exchange blows with him. Thus, he had no choice but to flee as fast as he could! 

After all, the enemy was simply too powerful!

She was a god. Only when the enemy intentionally held back was she barely able to hold her ground against her assailant.

In fact, she was already prepared to be chased to death!

The Goddess being chased asked in despair, “Who… Who are you? What are your intentions?”

The gray figure said impatiently, “This daddy here is called Ripper. As for my intentions? Hehehe, it’s to kill as many people as I want! Hahahaha!”

The Goddess being chased was flushed as she cursed out, “Don’t even think about it. Even if my soul disintegrates, I won’t let you succeed in killing me! I believe that one day, you will definitely be punished!”

Ripper’s face turned black as he said with an unfriendly expression, “Hmph, an ant is an ant. Even your thoughts are so nave. Your lives are the same. You can be crushed to death easily!

As Sullo witnessed the scene before him, he realized that the Goddess being chased was actually Lin Yan!

Lin Yan’s current appearance had also undergone an incomparably terrifying transformation.

Her entire body flickered with divine light, and her armor was filled with powerful divine power. She had tied up her hair into a long ponytail that rested on her back.

Her appearance had become much more mature. She was even more charming than before!

In Lin Yan’s hand was an incomparably powerful energy crystal that contained boundless energy.

Right then, Lin Yan began to negotiate with her powerful assailants.

“Damn it, you gods of the infinite god system only know how to invade randomly!”

The pursuers were fearless.

“Hehehe, little kid, what use is it if you work so hard to get the energy crystal? You can’t go back! Today, you will die here! Die, ant!”

After saying that, the black flame in his hand lit up as he immediately went forward to attack Lin Yan!

Following that, the pursuer said in a bloodthirsty manner, ‘This black flame will slowly burn your body and soul, in endless pain until your life stops! Hehe!’

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