Age of Gods: Thousand Folds System

Chapter 189 - Believers’ Search & Rescue Mission!

Chapter 189 – Believers’ Search & Rescue Mission!

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After arriving at a plane, Sullo immediately realized that something was wrong!

“Oh, did something happen? Why does it feel like a foreign invasion has taken place here?”

The plane in front of Sullo had clearly gone through a terrifying situation and was still undergoing drastic changes!

The originally brilliant galaxy was already on the verge of shattering right in front of Sullo’s eyes.

The entire world seemed to be trembling incessantly, like it was crying out in pain. 

The entire Ember River had already shattered beyond recognition as terrifying divine power continuously caused the plane to tremble.

The entire domain was trembling incessantly.

Smoke and gunpowder rose everywhere.

It seemed like a terrifying war had recently occurred!

Meanwhile, Sullo released his divine sense and began to explore everything around him and outside the plane.

While searching, Sullo also discovered many things and immediately became shocked!

“Impossible, why is there a war being waged here? Aren’t we protected by the God King?”

What shocked Sullo was that the entire plane was undergoing a terrifying war and its native survivors were under attack! 

The terrifying invaders were destroying everything in their path as they made their move.

The scene in front of Sullo looked extremely tragic.

The strength of those terrifying invaders was not something the remaining survivors could withstand.

With attacks being rained down upon them, the survivors were all killed one by one, their divine spark extinguished to prevent them from returning!

The terrifying difference in strength left them with no way to resist.

In the entire plane, only a few survivors were still struggling for their lives and fighting to the death.

However, it was only a matter of time before they were all wiped out.

“What exactly happened in this world? Why are the invaders so terrifying? Why aren’t the guardians from the other planes coming to help them?”

Sullo was very puzzled by everything that was going on around him.

Could it be that what had happened in God King Miro’s Divine Region was also happening here as well?

“No, no, no, that’s impossible. It’s absolutely impossible!”

After all, the strength of God King Vogah far surpassed that of the fallen God King Miro! Therefore, the chances of him being dead were extremely slim.

After a moment of lamentation, Sullo immediately began to traverse the galaxy in search of more information on what was going on. 

All Sullo could find was chaos and misery in every plane he went to. There were intruders everywhere, slaughtering any survivors they could get their hands on.

The entire world was on the verge of shattering under the attacks of the intruders.

This meant that the intruders would soon invade the entire Divine Region and ransack it until there was nothing left!

After traveling for some time, Sullo sensed a terrible flow of energy coming from a nearby plane. It was a huge surge of energy that was hard for anyone to miss.

Sullo followed the energy surge and arrived at a plane where a terrifying battle had occurred as well!

It was clear that a destructive battle had taken place. 

The intruders were exceptionally powerful, with the natives completely unable to put up any resistance.

As the intruders had already reached the weakest demigod level, the survivors were no match for the strongest amongst their bunch!

There were also many of them, providing strength in numbers that the survivors could not hope to fight against.

Thus, it was very difficult for the natives of the planes to put up any sort of resistance as they were massacred. 

None of the strongest demigods among the natives were fleeing.

They were all firmly guarding their homes.

Some of the more powerful demigods were currently protecting some survivors who weren’t deities!

This situation caused Sullo to be extremely moved.

It seemed like every plane had an incomparably powerful guardian.

Even if the plane was destroyed or their enemy was powerful, they would still stand their ground to protect their homes and families!

This was what true guardians were made of!

Upon seeing this, Sullo was extremely moved.

It seemed like he had to help them!

As he witnessed the guardians try their best to defend their home ground, he saw how they were no match for the enemies in front of them. 

After all, the enemies were simply too many and too powerful!

Nearly crippled to death, the invader was about to land the killing blow when Sullo finally intervened. 

He immediately unleashed his powerful divine power!

Boundless divine power continuously erupted, causing the entire world to tremble!

By the time that invader sensed Sullo’s terrifying divine power, it was already too late!

The terrifying power which erupted from Sullo instantly devoured him!

Such a terrifying scene caused even the demigod protecting the plane to be stupefied!

“Damn, there’s actually such a powerful deity coming to save us!”

As for Sullo, he didn’t care at all about what the others thought as he directly exploded out with incomparably terrifying power.

His terrifying power as a Highgod instantly killed all of the enemies who had attacked him!

Right now, Sullo’s power definitely wasn’t weaker than that of an ordinary Highgod!

The battle ended in an instant!

As for the demigod who was protecting this plane, he felt extremely grateful for Sullo’s help.

“Thank you, Lord God, for coming to my rescue!”

“There’s no need to thank me. This is my homeworld as well!” Sullo calmly replied.

“Forgive me, Lord God. However, I have a request I’d like to make from you.”0

“Oh, what is it? Speak.”

“Can you please help me find the remaining survivors on my home plane? Please, Lord God!”

Faced with the Guardian’s request, Sullo also agreed.

“Alright, I accept your request. You’ve been trying your best to defend your home, so this is nothing.”

After agreeing to the Guardian, Sullo directly released a large number of believers in his divine domain, preparing for a search and rescue mission.. 

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