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After Transmigrating, She Became the Mother of Two

After Transmigrating, She Became the Mother of Two







After Transmigrating, She Became the Mother of Two

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After waking up, she transmigrated into the body of a notorious actress with the same name as hers who was married to a wealthy man and had children.

Her mother-in-law did not like her, her husband did not love her, and the children one five year old and the other one did not even recognise her.

Jian Yi’s head was filled with water.

What was more s*upid-

She actually wanted to participate in a reality show with the babies? Raising two kids?

Then she had a lovely time being with the two children, but why did the legendary husband who didn’t love her get closer to her?

‘Wait, this bed is too crowded, don’t come up!’

Su Zixuan: I do things in my legal capacity, what’s wrong?

When ‘Mom and baby’ show was not aired, the audiences were like-

AAA: Do you want to restore your bad public image using your babies?

BBB: Taking advantage of the child to get married, and now using the child to clean up your social media image. Jian Yi doesn’t your conscience hurt?

CCC: Jian Yi, be yourself.

After the program was broadcasted-

DDD: Jian Yi, please marry me!

EEE: Is that the nanny? Did she get a master’s degree from a world class university? She is so haughty!

FFF: Mother-in-law, please accept the little girl.

GGG: I can’t wait for the Goddess, but I can wait for the little male God and the little Goddess to grow up!

WWW: Mom!