After Fishing For 10 Years, I Became A Saint Without Knowing How To Raise Beasts

Chapter 234 - It Does Not Apply To Me

Chapter 234: It Does Not Apply To Me

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When Tian Luohe finally left, the clan leader finally understood why this whole situation had transpired.

It turned out that Tian Luohe had come all the way here, not to slap him in the face, but to remind him.

He had completely misunderstood the situation.

Honestly, it was pretty terrifying to think about it.

If they really offended such a big shot, the only one who would suffer in the end would be their race. Since this big shot could destroy Andrew, his strength was definitely around the third-grade of the Dao seed realm, which no one in their race was a match for.

It was also unbelievable that they had gotten away with it.

They had actually shut a devil out of the door, and the devil had not massacred them in response.

Also, why did this devil come to speak for the red snake race?

Did the red snake race really have the clout required to invite such a terrifying person?

This was perplexing. By right, the only help the red snake race should have been able to summon was the angel race, who were located far away.

“I don’t understand, I really don’t understand. I can only say that this happened too suddenly.”

“But no matter what, I have to be careful in the future!”

“If it happens a second time, there won’t be a second chance!”

Disaster had come knocking, yet they had miraculously survived. Still, he now knew that the red snake race had a powerful backer.

There was no other choice but to back off.


“I’ll remember this name.”

When Yuchi returned to the angel race’s territory, Yu Huaqing immediately came out to greet him.

Yu Huaqing asked Yuchi calmly, “Senior, how is the situation with the red snake race like now?”

“The matter between the red snake race and the greedy wolf race should have been resolved. I asked the Tiandu division chief to intervene. I’ve met him once before. In any case, he promised me that this matter would be settled in two days.”

Yu Huaqing was quite shocked.

Yuchi had actually met this chief of the Tiandu division before?

“Was it Tian Luohe?”

“That should be the one. He’s so small, but also quite energetic.”

Yuchi really had met him before… But where and when?

Was Tian Luohe not renowned for staying at home and focusing on reproducing to try and produce another genius for the Tianluo race?

When Yu Huaqing asked him about it, Yuchi’s answer was very simple.

“Some time ago. I simply got them to send him an urgent message transmission and he came over. After a short discussion, he agreed to my request.”


Yuchi really lived in a different world!

To most people, going to the Tiandu division’s headquarters was akin to surrendering themselves to fate.

Furthermore, interfering with the affairs of another region’s Tiandu division was a taboo.

What else could Yu Huaqing say?

Other than smiling bitterly, he really could not say anything.

“Senior, you’ve killed the chief of the Tiandu division before, so you should be a very threatening existence in their eyes.”

“How did you still get help from the Tiandu division in this situation?”

Yuchi was surprised by Yu Huaqing’s reaction.


What was that?

Did it matter?

As long as he was strong enough, no laws or taboos would apply to him.

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