After Being Forced to Marry a Tyrant of the Enemy Nation

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Let the Tyrant Drink the Happy Water

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Feng Junyi’s gaze softened.

Why is it that I always find her eating when I visit?

What a glutton.

He glanced at the sword in his hand and threw it to Wang Ze before walking towards her.

Su Nuan was lying on the bed and eating happily.

When the Emperor did not visit her chambers, she realized that she lived a carefree life.

After eating for a while, she got up and was about to pick up the bowl of soda to drink when she noticed the shadow enveloping her by the bed.

This is…

Looking up, she saw Feng Junyi in front of her.

Speak of the devil. I’m so unlucky.

She knew that ancient palace etiquette was complex. Yet, she did not even bother to comb her hair and casually wore her hair in a bun. Moreover, she was dressed in cool undergarments and did not look presentable.

But the Emperor was right in front of her, so she couldn’t dress up now.

Fortunately, she was already used to such situations. She got down from her bed calmly and asked sweetly, “Big Brother Emperor, why are you here so early?”

The girl had a fair complexion that was tinged red, making her look even more delicate.

Her big, clear eyes stared back at him. When she smiled, her eyes formed little crescents and looked like thousands of stars were gathered in them.

He had just returned from the royal court. The ministers, who had nothing better to do, presented memorials to the throne. Then, they began concerning themselves with his harem.

They claimed that Yun Nation was full of ambition and was on the verge of a resurgence. The harem only consisted of one Empress, and she was also the princess of Yun Nation. Therefore, the ministers of the court were pressing him to hold a concubine selection.

In the end, he dragged one of the nagging ministers out and flogged him 20 times before they dropped the matter.

His head was still buzzing when he left the court.

But when he saw Su Nuan, his head became much clearer.

“What are you eating?”

He glanced at the plate of snacks that the girl had placed beside the bed. Although he was curious and puzzled, he did not express it.

He was also curious about the black substance, which resembled medication, on the stool next to the snacks.


Su Nuan looked composed, but her heart was pounding inside. She calmly picked up the plate and pointed at the potato chips inside. “These are made of potato slices. You cut the potato into slices and put it in boiling water to heat it. When it’s cooked, fry it with oil. I call them potato chips. It’s especially delicious. And this, this is… Happy Water. I made it myself. Do you want to try it?”

It wasn’t as if she hadn’t noticed Feng Junyi’s pent-up frustration from his face. She thought about how the Emperor always dealt with all sorts of trivial matters from the ministers. He always seemed tired. Hence, she picked up the bowl of “fat otaku happy water1,” walked in front of him, and held the bowl in her hands up high.

Feng Junyi was too tall.

She had never thought that a guy who was only three years older than her would be so tall.

She had previously only reached his chin when she combed her hair into a bun. Now that she was barefooted, she was even shorter.

She took a glance and noticed she was only at his shoulder.

Feng Junyi frowned in disdain.

He could smell the black substance that Su Nuan had held close to his mouth. It was the sweet smell that she liked, but it also smelt somewhat sour and even medicinal.

What caught his attention was not what she was holding but her slender hands.

As she held the bowl, her sleeves slid down, revealing her slender arms. Unlike her face, which was a little pudgy, her arms looked exceptionally slim and thin. It was as if he could lift her with just a slight touch.

What made him most curious was the round and cute little bun on her head. He had the urge to mess it up.

“Just take a sip. I guarantee you’ll be happy.”

Su Nuan knew that the tyrant, Feng Junyi, was naturally more skeptical. In addition, the soda resembled poison at first glance. The tyrant might even think that she was trying to poison him to death.

Hence, she withdrew her hands casually and gulped down two large mouthfuls of soda before burping beautifully.

“Look, it’s delicious. You’ll feel refreshed after drinking it.”

She brought the bowl to Feng Junyi’s lips again. Even Wang Ze was so frightened that his heart almost jumped out of his chest.

He was about to stop her when he saw the Emperor take the bowl held by the Empress and gulped down two mouthfuls.


Feng Junyi also burped, and his face turned from red to black.

He had been taught to be well-behaved since he was young. A Prince should carry himself like one. He had never burped nor farted in front of others, but he actually burped in front of someone.

Wang Ze was so frightened that he immediately knelt on the ground and kowtowed. But even then, he did not dare to beg for mercy. Instead, he kept shooting glances at Su Nuan, hinting for her to kneel and beg for mercy too.

Of course, Su Nuan noticed the eunuch giving her a meaningful look.

She had a plan. The Emperor’s expression had changed drastically. First, his face was red because he was embarrassed, then it turned black because he became angry from embarrassment.

He was a little angry.

Just as she was hesitating whether to kneel or not, she heard Feng Junyi ask, “What exactly is this? Why does it have bubbles?”

After he drank it, the heavy feeling in his chest dissipated along with the burp, and he felt relieved.

“Well… it’s a secret. I’ll tell you in the future, but only to you, Big Brother Emperor.”

She had a mysterious look on her face. Feng Junyi thought of her as the Yun Nation’s tool to please him. His expression grew cold.

He sat down on the couch and started to talk business.

“Did the Empress Dowager hold you back to talk today?”

Su Nuan knew that Feng Junyi was not on good terms with the Empress Dowager, so he must have planted someone in the latter’s room. She didn’t hide the truth from him. Instead, she confessed, “That’s right. The Empress Dowager seems to like me a lot these days. She gave me some snacks today and even gifted me a few hairpins. She also told me not to come dressed in so many heavy layers when I visit her at her chambers. She’s afraid that it’ll be too heavy and hurt me.”

There was happiness written all over her face, and she looked sincere and adorable.

Feng Junyi’s gaze darkened. “Don’t interact with the Empress Dowager so much in the future.”

She stuck out her tongue and nodded seriously. It didn’t matter if she could really limit her interactions with the Empress Dowager, but she did look especially sincere.

While they conversed, a young eunuch came in and knelt. He then whispered something to Wang Ze. Wang Ze waved him away and walked to Feng Junyi, reporting in a low voice, “Your Majesty, the Empress Dowager has invited you. She said she has something to discuss.”

Feng Junyi’s relaxed expression turned stiff once again. “Got it.”

He glanced at Su Nuan, lifted his robe, and strode out.

Su Nuan watched on curiously, but she knew she was not in the position to influence the relationship between the Emperor and the Empress Dowager.

Changshou Palace.

Palace maids and eunuchs knelt along the path Feng Junyi took.

When the Empress Dowager saw her son, she immediately said, “You’re here, Your Majesty. Please take a seat.”

However, Feng Junyi rejected her immediately. “I’m not going to sit. Why did you call for me, Mother?”

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