After Being Forced to Marry a Tyrant of the Enemy Nation

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Young Girls Are Cute When They’re Lovely And Soft

Su Pinting looked like she was out of her mind. She pushed the palace maid down. “Stop spouting nonsense! When did I ever say that?”

The palace maid sat paralyzed on the ground when she heard this. “Your Highness, you… you’re saying that even though I helped you, you won’t spare my family?”

Mu Chengxun’s back was hunched. His body was almost breaking in two when he heard the news.

Everything had happened too suddenly. Mu Chengxun couldn’t help but cough violently, spitting a mouthful of blood.

“Pinting, y-you…”

When Su Nuan watched the exciting scene unfold, she suddenly realized.

So that is what Feng Junyi meant.


She tilted her head and looked at Feng Junyi, who stood in front of her. He was looking ahead and did not have his eyes on her.

Just as she was about to continue watching the exciting show before them, Feng Junyi suddenly said, “Can you see clearly? I’ll bring you closer.”


Su Nuan was dumbfounded. When did I say I couldn’t see?

Before she could reject him, Feng Junyi wrapped his arm around her slender waist. With a leap, they landed beside Su Pinting and Mu Chengxun.


Su Nuan was shocked. Weren’t we peeping on them? Why did we come down?

“Your Majesty, please spare my life! It was the Fifth Princess who threatened me. Please spare my life…”

When the palace maid saw Feng Junyi appear with Su Nuan suddenly, she was scared out of her wits.

Su Pinting looked at Feng Junyi with her beautiful eyes. Her face, and even her lips, were pale. She stood trembling.

Even if Mu Chengxun was a blockhead, he understood what was going on.

He held his chest and broke away from Su Pinting’s hold. He knelt slowly.

It was as though a weight had been tied around his knees.

“I was… foolish.”

Su Pinting knew that there was no way she could explain herself. Even though she looked at Feng Junyi sadly, there was no response from him.

That was because the Emperor’s gaze never once lingered on her.

She bit her lip and looked at Mu Chengxun pleadingly. Lamenting her grievances, she choked out, “I really didn’t know anything. I was rarely out of my room in Yun Nation because of my weak health and illness. I don’t know how, but I offended this palace maid and my third sister. They worked together to frame me. Nuan Nuan is my youngest sister. She is lively and adorable. I can’t dote on her enough as her older sister, why would I do such a stupid thing? You should know this too.”

Mu Chengxun clenched his fists tightly.

Indeed, when he was in Yun Nation, no matter how hard Su Nuan tried to make things difficult for Pinting, Pinting always laughed it off.

She had always taken good care of the youngest princess. Even when the Third Princess made things difficult for Su Nuan, Pinting would stand up to protect her.

Su Nuan could see the sorrow in Mu Chengxun’s eyes. Indeed, Mu Chengxun’s heart ached for Su Pinting. Such a man was hopeless.

“Nuan Nuan…”

Mu Chengxun looked at her and pleaded.

Su Nuan ignored his gaze and hugged Feng Junyi’s arm tightly. She asked indifferently, “If I say that Su Pinting instigated someone to harm me, would you believe me?”

Mu Chengxun didn’t expect Su Nuan to ask him this question. He looked at Su Pinting and said calmly, “I only believe what I see. Nuan Nuan, Pinting is your older sister. Moreover, there is no evidence for this.”

This is ridiculous. If my host had still been yearning for this childhood sweetheart, then she must be blind.

“Evidence… Is this not evidence? Do you want me to be poisoned to death so that it can be considered evidence? General, you’re really biased. It’s obvious that you’re infatuated with the Fifth Princess.”

Su Nuan continued to look nonchalant. She tilted her head to look at Feng Junyi and smiled. “Big Brother Emperor, what should we do?”

She pouted her lips, looking ignorant and extremely adorable.

Feng Junyi glanced at Eunuch Wang, who had already brought out all the evidence.

Su Pinting saw this and collapsed on the ground.

She no longer looked weak and delicate. Instead, she turned to look at Feng Junyi and Su Nuan.

They already found the evidence, but they still went around in circles. Declaring to flog me and then pretending to let me go… This is all to make fun of me.

She clutched her chest so tightly she could barely breathe.

Another witness came forward and explained everything in detail.

Mu Chengxun, who had initially believed in Su Pinting, felt as though he was struck by lightning.

He supported himself with one hand and looked at Su Pinting with bloodshot eyes.

He didn’t expect Su Pinting, whom he had always believed in, to be such a vicious woman. How pathetic am I?

When he looked at Su Nuan again, he realized that he was no longer in the soft and adorable girl’s heart.

Su Pinting realized that she had been exposed and there was no way to salvage the situation. She suddenly burst out laughing. “Su Nuan, you are trying to kill me on purpose! But things are not as simple as you think, you tyrant Emperor and demon Empress! One day, you both will pay for this!”

With that Su Pinting stood up violently. She was ready to ram herself into the artificial rockery nearby.

However, Feng Junyi was prepared. He threw the sword sheath and it hit Su Pinting’s knee. Before Su Pinting could crash into the rockery and die, she fell to the ground.

Su Pinting’s face turned pale. She held her chest as the pain overwhelmed her and she sweated profusely. “Ah, the Tyrant Emperor and Demon Empress, kill me if you dare!” she cursed.

“I will not kill you. I want you to live well and have a good look at how distinguished my Empress is. Guards, cripple her legs. Drag out everyone else who tried to harm the Empress and execute them.”

Eunuch Wang didn’t dare to disobey him. He thought that the Fifth Princess of Yun Nation was gentle and weak, but she turned out to be vicious. He overlapped his hands before his chest and said, “Excuse me”. Then, he stepped on Su Pinting’s other leg.

Su Pinting shrieked and fainted.

Mu Chengxun was frozen. He looked at the little girl in front of him. There seemed to be something different about her. He opened his mouth to speak but, in the end, he realized that he was unworthy.

Su Nuan held Feng Junyi’s hand as they walked back to the palace.

She had been shocked by what happened just now.

I didn’t expect such a miserable end for those who provoked Feng Junyi.

No, I’ve always known. I just didn’t expect him to be so crafty.


Feng Junyi asked calmly. Su Nuan shook her head. “With you next to me, I’m not scared of anything.”

I’m a young girl, and young girls are only cute when they’re lovely and soft. I already have someone to shield me from the wind and rain, so I just have to act coyly and be cute. I just have to act my part.

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