Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 1943 - Nightmare (11)

Chapter 1943 “Nightmare (11)”

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“Why… Why is he able to resist my touch when he’s obviously not awake?” The girl bit her lips tightly in resentment, “This man, what in the world is he?”

“Miss, we need to leave. If the monarch finds out then she will be furious.” The maid’s expression became more and more anxious as she pleaded again.

The girl finally got dragged away by her maid after much struggle. Despite this, the reluctance in those eyes could not be dismissed. It’s so strong that merely being able to watch that slumbering prince charming was enough to satisfy her desire.


Right at the last second where both of them were about to step out of the stone chamber, the sleeping prince lying there motionlessly abruptly twitched. Next it was the eyes shooting open.

What kind of eyes is that? It’s as if all things under the heavens were within his grasp.

“You… hello, my name is Mo Xin Yan, you were brought here by my shifu, what is your name?” The girl tried to appear harmless by making a bright and innocent face.

Rubbing his temple tightly, the man’s actions were halted after hearing that voice as he turned to look over.

“You…” her breath nearly stopped in astonishment.

She had never imagined there would be such a perfect set of eyes. It’s enough to seduce and suck her soul out into him.

“Scram!” The man’s red lips moved only so slightly, yet the voice was intense and overpowering.

Surprised and taken aback, she promptly took several steps backward. Speaking with an aggrieved and wronged voice: “What’s wrong with you? Are you sick? Why are you so fierce to me? If you are unwell then tell me, I can call for the healers to come see.”

The man didn’t respond to her; instead, he had gradually stopped pressing his temple with that hand and lowered it. In light of this simple gesture, it was so flawless that she couldn’t gather her wits to process this great picture. Immediately, a thumping sound filled that heart due to the swirling emotions.

“Why don’t you talk?” Mo Xin Yan continues to press for a word after being ignored, “You haven’t told me your name yet. I am called Mo Xin Yan, you can call me Yan’er if you like.”



A sharp pain cuts down at the man’s temple and causes him to jerk reflexively. There’s nothing in his memory as if someone wiped it all away and left him with only a blank sheet of paper.

“Yan’er?” He desperately tried to recall the past out of instinct, but the more he thought about it, the worse that throbbing pain became. It’s as if someone was chiseling away at his head.

Mo Xin Yan rejoiced inside over her name being repeated: “Sir, if you like, you can keep calling me Yan’er from now on….”

The man’s eyes changed from the initial daze to a type of gloom. Smiling menacingly with a cold frosted light, “You don’t deserve the name Yan’er!”


Without a signal, the man flew from the bed and raised a hurricane in the chamber, which sent Mo Xin Yan to the ground due to how abrupt this blast was. It left the lady staring up in amazement at the direction of where the man escaped to.

“It’s over!” The maid was even more stunned. She remained at the doorway so she wasn’t as affected; nevertheless, the desperation and horror were all over that face. “The man left the secret chamber! If the monarch finds out then we are doomed!”

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