Ace Of Terrans

483 Humiliation.

As soon as Shi Lang cast his Shura realm, the people from the Ling Family shivered and fell to the ground, and soon their mouths were foaming. The Terran quickly stepped back, as did Shi Yua and Shi Ning. 


His words were akin to a bomb that dispersed the people. They all moved back quickly. Shi Lang looked at Ling Tian and said, “Young Master Ling, you can have this consignment. I will not take anything dirty back to the Shi house.” 

He was slapping the young master of the Ling Family, calling him and his family diseased. When has Ling Tian faced humiliation like this? He flung his sleeves and took out his fan. Shi Lang narrowed his eyes and took out a long sword. He asked, “Want to try something, Young Master Ling? Is the embarrassment from acting cocky without capital turning into humiliation?” 

The people in the surrounding began to talk, “Look, didn’t you say that Young Master is a proper gentleman? How come he is acting like this?” 

“Well, I do not know. Although I have heard a lot of rumors about the conduct of the Ling Family, I did not think any of them were true until now.”

“Shut up. What do you know, it is called manliness. He is taking the Shi family’s resources because they cannot handle them.” 

Shi Lang did not pay attention to the public attention. On the contrary, he wanted to have more people look at the scene. Too bad that it was outside the city and there were not many people. Ling Tian sighed and then flickered away from the scene. 

Shi Lang smirked at the scene and waved his sword. The ropes binding the young disciples were undone, and the terran asked, “Are you guys okay?” 

The disciples stood up and nodded one by one. Shi Lang nodded and said, “Good, take this consignment to the manor and have the fourth miss tend to your wounds.” 

The disciples nodded and said, “Yes, Young Master.” 

Shi Lang turned around and looked at the people. He bowed slightly and said, “I apologize that you all had to see such an embarrassing situation.” 

Then he walked ahead with Shi Yua and Shi Ning. The girls were happily discussing the scene just now, how Ling Tian had a red face. They had never seen Ling Tian like this. 

Inside the Ling Mansion, Ling Tian walked inside the courtyard and shivered. It looked like he was very angry. However, that did not seem to be the case. He laughed, and his skin began to squirm. His bones crackled, but he did not stop laughing. If anyone else were here, they would be shocked. 

The face changed, and it turned into Ling Shan’s. The young man sat on a cassock and said, “Ugh, it was so much fun. Too bad I only had one body transformation pill. It was fun to have Ling Tian humiliated. I wonder if I should befriend that young master of the Shi Family. He seems to be very nice.” 

The young man closed his eyes with a satisfied expression and meditated.

In the main family hall of the Shi Family, Shi Lang did not say because Shi Yua and Shi Ning were describing the scene to the elders with great enthusiasm. Once they were done, the elders complimented Shi Lang but also told him to be careful, and Shi Lang said, “We do not have to worry. It was not Ling Tian who we dealt with.” 

Then there was only silence in the hall. Shi Yulong regained his senses and asked, “Shi Lang, what do you mean it was not Shi Lang whom you dealt with?” 

Shi Lang smiled and said, “The person must be from the Ling family. He was wearing clothes similar to Ling Tian, and even though he was acting like Ling Tian, he was someone else. Yua, did you not notice his eyes? They were missing the usual chill in them.” 

Shi Yua was surprised, but when mentioned, she recalled what Ling Tian looked like and found that Shi Lang was right. She widened her eyes and asked, “Big brother, do you mean it was someone else portraying to be Ling Tian? What will he gain from it?”  ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

Shi Lang shrugged and said, “I am not sure who it was or what he will gain. However, this makes one thing clear. The inner circle of the Ling Family is not very clean. Seems like, I will have to investigate them more.” 

The three elders nodded and said, “The general history can be found easily. You will need to look for something that only an insider knows.” 

Shi Lang nodded and said, “Well, Tianxu Pavilion will hold a meeting in six days. Shi Ting, you will not step out of the manor unless you have mastered the basic sword skills.” 

Shi Ting wanted to protest, but Shi Lang raised his eyebrow at her, and the girl was suppressed. The first mistress said, “Lang, you can tell me anything. You have done me a big favor.” 

Shi Lang did not understand, and the Lady said, “You have tamed this devil of the family.” 

Shi Lang chuckled, and the others followed. Shi Ting was the naughtiest child they had, and Shi Lang could scare her with one glance was an achievement. The young Lady pouted and said, “You are all bullies. I will tell Grandpa when he returns.” 

Shi Yulong smiled, and the people coaxed her. Shi Lang watched the family and then recalled his own family. He wondered how they were doing or if the federation was in trouble or anything. He could not help but sigh at this thought. 

After the discussion was finished, Shi Lang left the hall. Since he was now the Young Master of the family, he was given a separate courtyard to live in. This place was very scenic and had a big garden and an artificial pond. 

Shi Lang sat down on a rock and began to ponder. He took out a device from his spirit tattoo. It was a digital data cube that could project holographic images. This cube was a piece of his old life that he carried with him. 

The terran watched the images play, and a smile appeared on his lips. Suddenly, he heard a voice, “Big Brother Shi Lang?” 

Shi Lang woke from his daze and raised his head to find Shi Wei at the door. He beckoned her to come in and found a maid following the girl. He asked, “Wei, what made you come here?” 

Shi Wei sat down on a rock across the pond and asked, “I finished tending to those wounded disciples and was going to my courtyard when I found some light flickering here. I found this interesting. Can you tell me what it is?”

Shi Lang smiled and asked, “What did you find interesting?” 

Shi Wei replied, “This object has no spirituality. How can it project images in the void? Also, who are these people?” 

Shi Lang told her what she needed, and suddenly Shi Wei exclaimed, “Sister-in-law is a fairy. You are blessed.” 

Shi Lang chuckled, and the girl said, “If only we had something like this in the upper realm, then it would be a huge hit. The people would have been able to record their memories. The image recording stone and formation are too costly for commoners. At least in the barren lands.” 

The terran nodded, and Shi Wei said, “You know, the condition of the barren lands is why people are always heading out to enroll in spiritual sects. The old and young stay behind and suffer.” 

Shi Lang nodded and replied, “Even if your statement is true, this situation cannot be changed. During my time here, I have been reading and researching. Do you know that heavenly herbs emit spiritual energy in their surroundings? However, finding a heavenly herb is difficult because it is not something one can get without facing strong competition. 

Another thing is that as a cultivator, the number of resources and opportunities to excel, you can score on your own, rare and shallow. Wherein a spiritual sect can help you. The experts there can help you master the skills that can make you strong, and you can gain fame.” 

Shi Wei said, “Big brother, but how can people just leave their families behind? Do they not have emotion?” 

Shi Lang replied, “Looking at the situation of the Shi Family, do you not think it is very humiliating? This powerlessness wouldn’t have taken over if you or someone had been in a spiritual sect. They can visit the family back even if they are far from home. Their rise in the world will raise the level of the family on its own.” 

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