Absolute Great Teacher

Chapter 998 - Exceptional Showcase

Chapter 998: Exceptional Showcase

“If you play with fire, you’ll eventually get burned.”

No professional athlete could avoid injuries. To cultivators, the same thing applied. Many people had become crippled from over-cultivating.

Therefore, when Li Ziqi’s words ended, one-third of the students in the lecture theater raised their hands.

“There are too many people here. I’d like to ask the students who have lighter injuries to give up this chance to others.”

Li Ziqi proposed.

“This isn’t fair!”

Some students complained, instantly receiving the agreement from quite a number of people.

Given Sun Mo’s current status, most people could hardly pay for his service no matter how much they could offer. Hence, the students knew that they might not be able to enjoy God Hands in their lifetime.

Since there was an opportunity to do that now, they’d naturally not wish to miss out on it.

“After the examination ends, I’ll have a lucky draw and pick ten lucky students to be gifted with ten God Hands Spirit Runes. Therefore, please give this chance to someone who needs the help more.”

Li Ziqi repeated.

The students felt satisfied. At least, they’d still have a chance. However, when these words landed in the ears of the great teachers who were used to the vicious ways of society, they held a completely different meaning.

“This trick is really good!”

Wang Song teased.

“That’s right. Giving this favor would raise the favorable impression people have toward her tremendously. Those who are thankful would definitely vote for her.”

Qian Hao nodded.

“That’s not all. Giving away spirit runes will build up Sun Mo’s reputation and the Central Province Academy’s as well. Some students and teachers might even travel long distances to seek to be enrolled there.”

Wang Song thought deeper into this.

The great teachers who had a problem with their bodies would definitely head to Jinling to look for Sun Mo. If Sun Mo could cure them, his reputation would definitely increase tremendously.

In these times, great teachers who wanted to be famous across the Nine Provinces must not only have talent, but also need to have meritorious achievements. If Sun Mo healed a lot of great teachers, then even the great teachers who enjoyed great power and status wouldn’t dare to play tricks on him or pressurize him.

Fame was something good.

Take someone like Hai Rui for example. Even if he hated his political enemies to the extent that he wanted them dead, he wouldn’t dare to go too far when dealing with them. Otherwise, in the eyes of the citizens, he’d be considered a treacherous official.

(You’re saying that you’re a good guy?)

(Then why do you need to deal with Hai Qingtian?)

“I envy Sun Mo for having such a student who doesn’t even forget about spreading his name even during the examination.”

Qian Hao felt envious.

A guy had become the lucky one and got chosen.

“I’m Ruan Chenggong. When I strived to attain a breakthrough three months ago, I was too anxious for success, and it led to me losing control over my spirit qi. This damaged my heart, lungs, and energy channels. The doctor says that I’ll have to recuperate for at least two years.”

Ruan Chenggong explained his situation, looking dejected.

“En, please come over here!”

After Ruan Chenggong went up to the rostrum, Li Ziqi did a brief check of his situation and then tore up the spirit rune.


Under several hundred pairs of gazes, a genie condensed into form.

Of course, as it wasn’t summoned by a cultivator, it didn’t have any intelligence. It only had a stone-like expression and didn’t flaunt its muscles.

However, to everyone, this was already very amazing.

Tong Xugao looked surprised, wanting to get a closer look, but there were too many people.

The genie’s hands rested on Ruan Chenggong’s body. As it didn’t know how to check where the problem was, it’d perform the Circulation Technique and give a full-body massage.

Ruan Chenggong felt a little nervous to suddenly see such a muscular genie. However, when the genie’s hands rested on his body, his gaze went into a bit of a daze.

“Is… this the embrace of a mother? It feels so warm!”

Ever since he got injured, his body often felt piercing pain and soreness. But now, they were like weasels that were chased away by his mother with a wooden stick.

He could finally get a good sleep!

“It’s so comfortable that he has fallen asleep?”

“That’s definitely the case! He is already sleep-talking and calling for his mother!”

“Turns out that he’s a mommy boy!”

The students started commenting amongst themselves, but the focus was still on the genie. Just as they were making guesses on how the effect was, they saw Ruan Chenggong’s body trembling and he started to achieve a breakthrough.

Three months ago, he had failed.

Now, as the genie helped him to heal his energy channels and stimulate the potential in his body, he entered a breakthrough condition once again.

“Wake up!”

Li Ziqi called out at Ruan Chenggong, but he was immersed in the massage and couldn’t pull himself out of it.

Then, everyone saw that Ruan Chenggong just lay there without doing anything and then ended up leveling up.

The lecture theater was suddenly deadly silent.

It was because the effect of this spirit rune was too domineering.

“That isn’t right. This is the effect of God Hands and it isn’t considered a spirit rune.”

“But this God Hands is performed through a spirit rune!”

“Cool! This is too cool!”

As the discussions went on, thunderous applause rang out.

The students with healthy bodies were also planning to join Li Ziqi’s lucky draw now. This thing was amazing. Even if they didn’t use it themselves, they’d be able to sell it for a large sum of money.

Some anxious people started to raise questions.

Li Ziqi lowered both hands to gesture to everyone to be quiet.

“Everyone, please don’t keep your attention on this genie. If you guys really want to experience it, please attend my teacher’s Medical Cultivation classes.

“This is a subject started by my teacher. It’s currently well-known throughout the whole of Jinling. Some people would even sit in the lecture theater for a night in order to attend the class.”

Li Ziqi let out a soft laugh. “Let’s return to the spirit runes. The experiment earlier is to tell everyone that the usage of spirit runes we know of right now is still so miniscule. The people from the Nine Provinces haven’t even understood 10% of its profoundness.”

The students were still discussing away in the lecture theater, the topics focusing on the genie.

There was no helping it. The little sunny egg had underestimated the attractiveness of the ancient massaging technique.

“This is bad. The main topic has been obscured.”

Li Ziqi secretly thought that this was trouble and was contemplating on how to pull everyone’s attention back. Then she heard a voice ringing out.

“Can you talk about it in detail?”

This voice wasn’t loud, but the moment it rang out, the chaotic lecture theater instantly turned silent.

Li Ziqi turned her head and instantly felt elated when she saw Tong Xugao.

The fish had taken the bait.

This was the effect of the Fearful Silence great teacher halo. A great teacher who had been reinforced with this halo would make everyone nearby shut up no matter who they were.

The people around Tong Xugao also noticed him and quickly bowed and made way for him.

“Thank you!”

Given Tong Xugao’s habit, he wouldn’t usually make use of this advantage. But now, he felt too curious and thus he walked into the lecture theater.

“Can you raise an example?”

Tong Xugao cupped his hands together, his expression that of anticipation.

At the sight of this scene, all the other people watching were shocked.

Was the lesson taught by this little sunny egg so deep and profound that even a 7-stars great teacher wanted to listen to it?

Therefore, all the teachers and students perked their ears, regardless if they knew spirit runes or not.

There’d definitely not be any disadvantages to listening attentively. In the worst-case situation, they could still boast about this over drinks.

“Like I said earlier, the study of spirit runes is a type of language. Through various combinations, this language will be able to move the spirit qi, producing the effect that the user wants.”

Li Ziqi didn’t cower at all. “Take for example, creating the God Hands Spirit Rune.”

The little sunny egg paused. Seeing that everyone was listening attentively, she revealed the trump card that her teacher had taught her.

“Take for example, using spirit runes to simulate any cultivation art.”


The entire room was deadly silent. Everyone, even Tong Xugao, was no exception. All of them were astonished by this concept.

She was right. Such a train of thought wouldn’t just overturn the spirit runes world.

The great teachers who majored in spirit runes felt a lot of doubt in their hearts. They wanted to ask Li Ziqi questions but were unable to voice them out.

A feeling of perplexity rose in their brains.

This feeling was like a poor-performing student feeling at a loss when facing the test paper. They’d have a strong urge to bang their head onto the desk and kill themselves on the spot.

Tong Xugao started to ponder deeply, but the other great teachers couldn’t make sense of it at all. Therefore, they asked.

“How to simulate them?”

“This can’t be done, can it? Otherwise, why would people still cultivate? They can just buy spirit runes!”

“We can’t say that. Cultivating is a way so that ailments won’t be able to encroach upon us and it’ll also lengthen lifespans.”

Before Li Ziqi replied, people started making noises and the atmosphere was very lively.

“Everyone, be quiet and listen to Ziqi’s explanations!”

Tong Xugao spoke up.

The lecture theater fell silent once again.

“What’s the meaning of cultivation art? It isn’t for cultivating but to achieve certain effects. If that’s the case, if spirit runes can produce similar effects, wouldn’t it be a simulation?”

Li Ziqi thought of Sun Mo’s theories. “There are countless paths in the world, but in the end, all of them will lead to the same universal truth. And the universal truth is eternity! Be it cultivation art or spirit runes, the domain that can reach an extremity would be eternity!”

The lecture theater fell silent once again. The students felt that this topic was very high-end, and they didn’t understand it at all. On the other hand, the great teachers felt that what she said made a lot of sense.

Universal truth? Eternity?

They sounded so cool!

Tong Xugao’s brows furrowed deeper. In the end, they scrunched up so much that he could clamp a crab to death on his forehead.

After Li Ziqi said that, she waited for Tong Xugao to continue the conversation. But who would have known that he would be silent and ponder deeply?

(What should I do now? I can’t possibly just keep on waiting for him, can I? But if I don’t, would it be very rude?)

Li Ziqi wasn’t worried about her reputation. She was afraid that other people would say that Sun Mo was bad at teaching his students and that his students didn’t know the proper courtesy.

Just as the little sunny egg was caught in a conflict, a frightful aura started to emit from Tong Xugao. His teacher longrobe started to flutter in the absence of wind.


As Tong Xugao’s emotions fluctuated, the spirit qi in his body started to seep out subconsciously.

A terrifying spirit pressure gushed out toward the surroundings.


Under such a disposition, the students felt like adolescent beasts that were targeted by ancient ferocious beasts. Their countenances turned pale and they felt terrified.

“This is an enlightenment!”

The great teachers were astonished. What had Teacher Tong thought of?

Everyone’s gazes unconsciously looked toward Li Ziqi who was at the rostrum.

Was the prowess of that universal truth and eternity really so great?

Li Ziqi had clearly said something really amazing. However, they were too stupid and couldn’t understand it.

Otherwise, how could they explain Teacher Tong’s condition?

Enlightenment was something that came with luck and not through asking for it. Moreover, once a person encountered it, they’d usually get a great reward.

“Even if Li Ziqi fails the martial art portion of the examination, given her results of having helped a 5-stars great teacher break through his bottleneck as well as helping a 7-stars great teacher enter enlightenment, she’ll still be able to pass the exam.”

Wang Song exclaimed.

Li Ziqi would definitely get her 1-star title. Hence, Wang Song felt really envious of Sun Mo!

Not only had he created a new record, but even his first disciple had broken a great record.

(Zhou Wenbin?)

(Let me give you a silent mourning for three minutes. Even if Secondary Saint Zhou were to come himself, there’d probably be no chances of turning the tables over, let alone the fact you’re just his beloved great-grandson.)

This young lady had really made an exceptional showcase!

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