Absolute Great Teacher

Chapter 997 - Give Others A Chance to Live, Please?

Chapter 997: Give Others A Chance to Live, Please?

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Zhou Wenbin’s lecture theater was on the third floor, being one floor away from Li Ziqi’s.

For the entire class of 50 minutes, Zhou Wenbin’s performance could be said to be perfect.

“It must be 99 points at least, right?”

When the bell signaling the end of the class rang out, Zhou Wenbin heaved a sigh of relief.

Although teachers and students had come and left during the class, the room remained at full capacity. After all, the people waiting outside the corridors had been ready to fill up the vacancies at any moment.

“Some of them must have come only because of my ties with my great-grandfather. However, being able to use interesting content and personal charm to let them stay was my capabilities.”

It was impossible for Zhou Wenbin to feel unhappy.

With there being so many people, even if only two-thirds of them voted for him, the accumulated points would be quite big. Moreover, there’d surely be even more teachers and students coming for the next two lessons.

He then left the school gates, got on his horse carriage, and returned to the manor.

Zhou Wenbin had decided to give himself a short break.

“An opponent like Li Ziqi isn’t worthy of me going all out. I have yet to use my trump card.”

Zhou Wenbin started humming.

However, the old butler came looking for him in less than half an hour after he had arrived home.

“Young Master, something bad has happened.”

The old butler informed Zhou Wenbin of the grandeur of Li Ziqi’s class. He hadn’t intentionally collected information on the opponents, but many people wanted to curry favor with the Zhou Clan and thus provided him with the necessary information.

Zhou Wenbin, who had been planning to head out to enjoy the scenery after he had taken his bath, was stunned.

“A new spirit rune? A language? What rubbish is that?”

Zhou Wenbin was angry. “Isn’t this just trying to curry up to others by saying impressive things?”

“Regardless of what it is, her accumulated points will only be more than Young Master’s and not less!”

The old butler was very worried. If Young Master were to lose, how would their clan head be able to hold his head up high?

Zhou Wenbin’s countenance turned grim.

He had initially thought that he’d be able to win this round for sure, but things turned out in this manner. It seemed that he could only make a big move now. Moreover, he had to make modifications to the content and method of his teachings.

With that, Zhou Wenbin was no longer in any mood to go out to play. For his clan’s honor, he entered the study and started to simulate his next class’s lecture.

“Eldest Martial Sister, congratulations on clinching another round!”

During lunch, Lu Zhiruo offered her congratulations with tea in place of wine.

“It’s not the time for celebration yet,” said Li Ziqi, trying not to underestimate her opponents.

“Don’t worry, you’re sure to win,” Tantai Yutang chuckled.

He hadn’t been doing nothing over the past few days. He had looked for a group of people at hotels and teahouses to spread the news of Li Ziqi’s acts fervently. He especially focused on describing her looks as well as her identity as the Great Tang’s princess.

In these times, princesses were very valuable, especially one like her who was doted on by the emperor. Some wealthy people and nobles wouldn’t be able to see her in normal situations. Therefore, now that they had the chance, they naturally wanted to go and admire her.

“There’s no need to use those tricks. I’ll still be able to win against him.”

Li Ziqi furrowed her beautiful brows.

“Do you think that the people from the Zhou Clan are so honest? Some of the people I looked for had accepted the job from the Zhou Clan to boast about him.”

Tantai Yutang thought to himself. (You guys are too naive. You haven’t seen society’s dark side before.)

As long as Secondary Saint Zhou wasn’t dead, Zhou Wenbin’s accumulated marks would be high. It was because those great teachers would at least cast him a vote out of friendly ties.

This was just the way of the world.

“Your starting point is a lot lower than his from the start, so using a little trick is not a big deal.”

Qin Yaoguang felt the same too. They should use the necessary means to achieve their goals.

“Isn’t this too unfair?”

Xianyu Wei was stunned.

“Hehe, this is fairness.”

Qin Yaoguang took a sip of porridge. “You think that this is a competition between two people, but it’s actually a competition between two clans. Secondary Saint Zhou’s accumulated achievements will benefit his descendants. Why is that unacceptable? If you’re capable, then let your father be a secondary saint too!

“To put it more harshly, if Ziqi wasn’t Teacher’s student, she’d have been taken down long ago. Look at most of the other examinees. It’s normal for them to only have 20 or 30 people attending their classes.”

Xianyu Wei was a naive girl from the plains and hadn’t been through the harshness of society. Hence, she was stunned. She felt that her perspective of the world had crumbled.

“Teacher, is that really the case?”

Xianyu Wei looked toward Sun Mo who was sitting at the power seat.

“Most of the time, fairness is only present when both parties have similar status. That fairness itself is a regulation to decide what is fair and what isn’t. However, with regulation, there’d be people who had decided it. What do you think of these people then?”

When Sun Mo said these, he felt complicated emotions.

The Forbidden City was a treasure to the Chinese. It was a miraculous infrastructure that bore the weight of history and civilization and required to be protected. Even a single brick was considered a historical relic.

In the past, it belonged to the generations of emperors. When miscellaneous people got close to the city walls, they’d be shot down and killed by the guards. However, it now belonged to everyone.

One only had to pay for an entrance ticket to be able to go in and take a look inside. Even an emperor from the last dynasty would have to pay money to enter his own home.

Of course, one would also have to observe all sorts of rules. Otherwise, if any relic was damaged, they’d have to go to jail.

Many people thought that it’d be fair to break the rules of the old society. However, one day, everyone suddenly discovered that some people could drive their Benz in when the palace was closed for the day.

Did those wheels press down on the Forbidden City’s tiles that had been through the wind and rain across several centuries of history?


It pressed down on the commoners’ faces!

Xianyu Wei was stunned.

“Alright, let’s stop discussing such a topic.” Sun Mo got up. “Ziqi, after you’re done eating, come to my bedroom. I’ll teach you more tips.”

Sun Mo wasn’t really concerned about winning or losing. Therefore, he allowed the little sunny egg to have free rein. But now, he suddenly felt displeased.

(So what if you’re a secondary saint? Let this great teacher’s eldest disciple crush your great-grandson first.)

It was true that Ziqi had started off with a great disadvantage from the start of this competition.

If it wasn’t because she was outstanding enough, the world would be filled with voices that praised and boasted about how Secondary Saint Zhou had an outstanding great-grandson.

“Teacher, can I go and listen as well?”

Lu Zhiruo raised her hand.

“Don’t be making trouble!”

Jiang Leng advised.


The papaya girl knew that she had spoken out of place and quickly lowered her head.

“It doesn’t matter. Anyone who wishes to sit in can just come.”

Sun Mo didn’t mind. They were all his disciples after all, so the stronger they got, the better.

However, everyone knew that this was a critical period for their eldest martial sister and thus they didn’t join the lesson, leaving her time to be alone with their teacher.

Neither Sun Mo nor Li Ziqi came out for the entire afternoon and night. They even had their dinner in the guest room.

The second day came.

Li Ziqi’s class was still scheduled at 10 a.m.

This time around, she had benefited because of Zhou Wenbin.

Under normal situations, the latter it was, the worse off everyone’s condition would be. This was especially so for the teachers and students. They’d be mentally fatigued after listening to one entire day of classes.

Moreover, there was also a high possibility that they had cast the votes long ago. No matter how well the people at the back taught, they’d benefit less.

The judges were the ones to decide the timing in which the examinees would be teaching their classes. They wouldn’t let Zhou Wenbin cheat, but there’d be no issue with giving him the convenience of getting him a suitable time slot.

Those people who wished to sabotage Sun Mo would naturally place Li Ziqi and Zhou Wenbin at the same time slot in order to deal her a blow.

The bell rang and Li Ziqi walked up to the rostrum, getting into the topic.

“Today, we’ll be talking about the Black Tortoise Spirit Rune!”

Li Ziqi hung up a spirit rune on the blackboard. “Everyone only has one life, and it’d be impossible to restart if you were to die. Therefore, when going out in the world and exploring the Darkness Continent, life-saving measures become a necessity.”

Looking at that ‘circuit board’, all the students’ interest was piqued.

“Teacher’s battle tactic is really spot-on.”

Li Ziqi threw a glance at everyone’s expression and felt even more confident. She started teaching.

Sun Mo had said that in order to get more votes, she’d have to convince both the students and the great teachers at the same time.

The former craved to get stronger, hoping to get immediate improvements after attending the class. Therefore, she took out the Black Tortoise Spirit Rune and the Flame Explosion Spirit Rune to entice them.

At the same time, she continued to take the cute and amicable route, getting them to like her and become her fan.

The great teachers were further split into two groups.

The first group was those who were interested in spirit runes. After finding out about the content of her class the day before, they’d definitely come.

Therefore, she had to use a topic that had some depth to entice those great teachers with high star-level to ask questions.

Not only would she be able to get their recognition this way, but she could also give herself an imposing image in the students’ hearts. After all, an examinee who could have a discussion with high star-level great teachers must be very amazing.

The other group was those who didn’t practice spirit runes and were here to join the excitement.

In order to convince them, she’d have to use new concepts, new things, or content that was helpful to them as well.

The great teachers might not care for spirit runes like the Black Tortoise Spirit Rune and the Flame Explosion Spirit Rune, but they’d definitely care about the Ancient Massaging Spirit Rune.

After she was done talking about the two spirit runes, most people felt satisfied.

Li Ziqi looked around and saw that Tong Xugao wasn’t around and felt a little disappointed.

She had tried to find out from others and knew that he was a great teacher that had the highest level of achievement in spirit runes amongst all the judges.

Since that was the case, she could only skip the discussion phase and continue on to the next part.

Therefore, Li Ziqi hung another spirit rune onto the wall.

“Can everyone guess what spirit rune this is?”

Li Ziqi smiled. “I dare say that it is an existence that can overturn the common sense of the spirit rune world.”

She spoke with an impressive tone, but no one retorted. Even those great teachers were thinking about it.

“Announce the answer. No one can guess it!”

Liu Fan urged. Right now, this 5-stars great teacher wasn’t restrained at all.

“This is an Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands Spirit Rune.”

Li Ziqi turned her head slightly, appearing very cheeky. “Of course, our Central Province Academy’s students like to call it the God Hands Spirit Rune.”

“This means that God Hands can be performed when it’s used!”


A commotion broke out.

Sun Mo’s greatest reputation wasn’t Three-time Champion Sun but God Hands. It was said that this was a miraculous technique that could even change a person’s appearance.

As for fixing broken bones and recovery within 15 minutes, they’d just be child’s play.

Everyone felt that this technique would definitely be hard to learn. (Yet you’re telling me now that it can be done with this spirit rune? This feels like a big scam!)

“Then please allow me to pick a student here to display the effect of this spirit rune. May I ask who has recently experienced chaotic energy channels? Or did anyone hurt their bones before?”

Li Ziqi had planned on preparing a lame person, but such unaffiliated people wouldn’t be allowed to enter the school.

As the little sunny egg didn’t have Divine Sight, she couldn’t pick someone by herself. She could only ask. In terms of impressiveness, it was a lot weaker compared to Sun Mo.

Everyone’s attention was attracted by Li Ziqi.. No one had noticed that the 7-stars great teacher Tong Xugao had appeared along the corridor.

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