Absolute Great Teacher

Chapter 996 - A Flower Amongst Great Teachers, Devastating Beauty!

Chapter 996: A Flower Amongst Great Teachers, Devastating Beauty!

Translator: Lordbluefire

What was hung up on the wall was a Spirit Gathering Rune.

However, it wasn’t the type that was commonly seen in the Nine Provinces, but looked more like a diagram that was hard to describe and very strange. However, it still gave off a different kind of beauty.

It looked in fact just like a circuit board. However, just like how it was when Picasso’s painting had been introduced to the world, people would definitely feel astonished when they saw it for the first time.

Regardless of whether it was good or not, one had to admit that this thing surpassed normal human comprehension.

Sun Mo was unable to appreciate whether Picasso’s painting was good or not, but the flow and setup of a circuit board could be described as a work of art to some engineering students.

Even people like Sun Mo who knew nothing about it would feel that this thing had a technological sense of beauty. It would be understandable even if it was sold at a slightly higher price.

Hence, it’d be strange if the country bumpkins in the Nine Provinces, who had never seen light bulbs and filaments before, weren’t stunned and astonished by a circuit board.

“This is a spirit rune too?”

A new student asked.


The moment Li Ziqi said this, a great teacher retorted subconsciously.

“That’s impossible. This diagram is not normal, how can it be activated?”

After the great teacher said that, he felt that he had been too aggressive and thus felt a little ashamed since one shouldn’t treat a 15-year-old girl this way.

“I can activate it on the spot. But can you guys deduce what spirit rune this is?”

Li Ziqi wasn’t angry but continued to maintain a gentle attitude.

No one said a word.

“Thankfully I didn’t go in. Otherwise, I’d die from awkwardness.”

Wang Song felt a lingering fear.

“That’s right!”

Qian Hao was gloating a little. It was because the great teachers in the lecture theater were all being looked at by the students around them, clearly waiting for their answer.

But who could understand this spirit rune?

Therefore, all of them felt very awkward as if they were sitting on pins and needles.

These people represented her marks, so Li Ziqi would naturally not offend them. Therefore, she immediately spoke up to get the students’ attention back.

“This is a Spirit Gathering Rune!”

After Li Ziqi said this, she took down the spirit rune and tore it.


This spirit rune was like a fire that was thrown into the plains, causing all the spirit qi nearby to gather over.

Gradually, a small spiral formed and then gradually grew bigger.

The new students didn’t understand, but the teachers and students who knew about this subject were stunned.

(This… Isn’t this too unbelievable? And it seems that its effect is quite strong?)

The spirit qi in the lecture theater instantly became stronger, making everyone feel like a fish in spring water, feeling physically and mentally exhilarated.

“Teacher was right. Something simple and easy to understand can bring about the greatest blow to the audience.”

Li Ziqi didn’t change her expression as she observed the students’ expressions. However, she secretly heaved a sigh of relief inside.

This spirit rune was one that the little sunny egg had drawn herself. However, the source was from Sun Mo.

Given Sun Mo’s current level, he was standing at the forefront of the study of spirit runes. There were too few aspects that he could learn from, so he could only walk his own path.

This circuit board Spirit Gathering Rune was a small achievement he had made from his current research.

When Li Ziqi asked Sun Mo about what content she should teach, Sun Mo didn’t give her an outright answer but instead taught her some tips.

Therefore, there was the line she had said earlier.

He had also shared some sly moves, such as using peak-grade spirit runes to gather spirit qi and create a commotion.

Humans liked to participate in commotions. Those great teachers might be able to hold it in, but the students would definitely come over.

This battle tactic succeeded. Several students started to gather over from other lecture theaters when they heard the commotion.

“Everyone has seen it now. The study of spirit runes is a language that can influence the world. Grasping it will allow one to call upon the wind and the rain, moving mountains and filling up the seas.”

Li Ziqi used an exaggerated explanation. After all, youngsters, especially boys, liked great power.

The new students’ interests were piqued.

The great teachers weren’t influenced as easily.

“Language? May I ask what you mean by that?”

Liu Fan, who was along the corridor, found it troublesome to listen from outside and entered the lecture theater directly from the back door.

With him doing that, the other great teachers followed suit.

“The language I’m referring to is a concept on a wider view and not like the concepts of the Nine Provinces language, Yue Province language, or the ancient language.”

Li Ziqi explained.

“It is a language used in the study of spirit runes.”

Even a lot of great teachers were confused by this, let alone the students.

“Can you explain it in greater detail?”

Liu Fan asked.

Li Ziqi thought to herself. (Dear examiner, you’re really supportive!)

Li Ziqi secretly thanked Liu Fan in her heart before starting to explain things.

“In the past, there should have been many types of spirit runes. However, as time passed, what remained was the most convenient and easiest to learn. After all, such spirit runes would be passed down the most easily.”

Li Ziqi’s words made many great teachers nod.

Deep and profound knowledge would gradually disappear in the long river of history. It was because the world comprised more ordinary people than extraordinary ones.

Things that ordinary people were unable to grasp would naturally die out.

“I don’t know if you guys noticed it, but the prowess of the spirit runes we learned isn’t the strongest. It’s a far cry from some ancient spirit runes of a similar genre. However, in comparison, they are easier to draw.”

Li Ziqi continued to raise examples using the Spirit Gathering Rune.

It was because this was the most commonly seen spirit rune that all cultivators had used before. Therefore, it was a greater representative indicator.

“These spirit runes are like many different types of languages. It’s like how the same thing can be expressed using the Nine Provinces language, 12 types of tribal languages, or even the language of the villagers from the mountains in Yue Province.”

“Take for example, the words ‘kill you’!”

Everyone nodded subconsciously. This was true.

“Since spirit runes can gather spirit qi, condense water and start up fire, then they can naturally be used to do some things that are beyond human imagination.”

“There are no limits to humans’ imagination, meaning that there are no limits to the types and prowess of spirit runes.”

Li Ziqi’s teaching style was more light-hearted because she knew that she was young. Even if she put on a solemn front, she wouldn’t come off as awe-inspiring. Therefore, she might as well go the adorable route.

However, at a time like this, no one could care about admiring Li Ziqi’s adorableness. All of them were immersed in her teaching.

The great teachers like Liu Fan were all listening attentively.

Even though their memories were extremely good, being able to remember all the content of the class, they still felt extremely regretful for not having brought tools to take notes.

It was a disrespect to a good teacher for them to not be taking notes in class.

“Can you list an example?”

Someone asked.

“My teacher, Sun Mo, managed to let spring come upon withered trees with the usage of spirit runes, causing the withered peach blossom forest in the Dragon Subduing Academy to bloom in winter, sending the fragrance of peach blossoms throughout the school.”

When Li Ziqi said this, she was very proud.

Some students hadn’t heard of this matter before, hence, they were instantly surprised when Li Ziqi mentioned this.

Bringing spring upon withered trees!

Just the thought of it sounded really amazing. Moreover, this was something that was done in the Dragon Subduing Academy, one of the Nine Greats and the holy ground of the barbarians.

“To think that Great Teacher Sun is so amazing?”

In a short period, several people contributed favorable impression points to Sun Mo.

“Teacher Li, please continue!”

Liu Fan cupped his hands together, wanting to continue to listen to the class.

“Teacher Liu, there’s a limited time in which I can teach. We can’t keep trying to go deeper into this problem as the new students might not be able to understand it. We need to be considerate toward them.” Li Ziqi apologized. “But if you wish to hear more, we can talk more about it in private.”

“En, then I’ll wait until you’re done with the examination!”

Liu Fan nodded.

When the students heard this, they were instantly surprised. They then looked at the stars on Liu Fan’s teacher attire. There were five stars…

He couldn’t be here to give her support, could he?

A minority of the people with a dark mindset suddenly thought of this.

However, the great teachers present understood that the content Li Ziqi was speaking about was worthy of being researched deeper into.

“The study of spirit runes is a subject that has no limits!”

Li Ziqi took out another spirit rune and showed it to everyone. It was still one in the form of a circuit board. She then tore it up to activate it.


Amidst electricity flashes, many lightning balls the size of a fist circled around Li Ziqi.

“It can attack and defend, an indispensable equipment for travel and killing.”

Li Ziqi introduced, “These lightning balls will automatically shoot out toward the enemies when they get close to you due to static electricity. There’s no need for you to worry at all.”

“When you walk in the wilderness, this is the best means to avoid getting hit by a sneak attack.”

A lesson must be interesting.

To youngsters, they wouldn’t understand it when you talked about languages. They didn’t care about them either. However, when one started to describe the prowess of spirit runes, everyone would start to pay attention.

After all, who wouldn’t want to get stronger and have better equipment?

“Right now, I’ll talk about the structure of this spirit rune. As long as you learn it, you guys will be able to draw it too.”

Li Ziqi’s words caused all the great teachers’ ears to perk up.

The drawing of spirit runes must be done in a single stroke to assure the smooth flow of spirit qi. How to start the first stroke as well as the rest of the order was important.

Li Ziqi’s explanation of this spirit rune was equivalent to her teaching it to everyone.

Usually, when people got hold of a rare spirit rune, they’d try to hide it for fear that others would find out about it.

But now, Li Ziqi was scarily generous.

“Such a prodigy!”

Wang Song exclaimed and then perked his ears even more.

He didn’t want to miss out on a single word.

(I’m definitely learning this spirit rune.)

The live lecture reached great momentum.

Even though several tens of people were gathered along the corridor outside the lecture theater, all of them were silent and listening attentively.

If someone were to mumble softly, others would throw them a reproachful gaze to stop them.

Li Ziqi estimated the time and when the bell was about to ring, she ended the class in good timing.

“For the next lesson, I’ll be talking about two other new spirit runes. I hope that everyone can come and show support.”

Li Ziqi smiled.


Hearing this, the great teachers gasped.

(Are you guys bringing out all your resources just so that you can win? To think that Sun Mo is willing to go this far. If I were in their shoes, I wouldn’t teach such spirit runes to others.)

“Aren’t you afraid that Teacher Sun would punish you later on for being so ‘generous’?”

Liu Fan smiled and asked. He was wondering if Li Ziqi had taken things into her own hand in order to win against Zhou Wenbin.

“He won’t. Teacher said that only with more people learning spirit runes would the world’s profoundness be uncovered faster. Only then will humans be able to reach the top of the world, finding solutions to resolve war, hunger, hatred and vengeance, hardships, and other problems!”

Li Ziqi’s expression was serious and filled with admiration.

Her teacher was a great man!

Splash! Splash!

Hearing this, all the great teachers in the lecture theater stood up, wearing solemn expressions.

“Teacher Sun is really a role model for all of us!”

Liu Fan spoke up.

He used a more respectable address for Sun Mo. This showed that in his heart, he had recognized Sun Mo’s status in the study of spirit runes as well as in terms of his character.


Favorable impression points from Liu Fan+500. Friendly (810/1,000).

All the students were shocked, not understanding what was going on with these great teachers. However, since all the teachers had stood up, they didn’t dare to remain seated either.

Therefore, all of them stood up. They then felt greater curiosity and awe toward Teacher Sun, Sun Mo.

The great teachers were all surprised by Sun Mo’s thoughts and also envied him for having a good student like Li Ziqi. This was a 1-star great teacher examination that would determine one’s career path. Yet, she still kept on bringing attention to her teacher.

Some great teachers from the Golden Cherry Academy started to worry if there’d be examinees who’d be headhunted by Sun Mo after this examination.

The possibility of this happening was very high.. They must inform their headmaster to make early preparations.

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