A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

Chapter 1144

Chapter 1144 Her Dependence Seems to Be Too Much (1)

The others had already left for the restaurant, and there were only Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an in the long corridor.

While walking, Su Jian’an suddenly laughed out loud without warning.

Lu Boyan looked at Su Jian’an in confusion. “What’s wrong?”

At this moment, the elevator door slid open silently.

Su Jian’an pulled Lu Boyan into the elevator. After standing still, she stared at his face and said, “Two years ago, I never thought that I would have a daughter whom I would worry about in two years.”

She just felt that life was too tormenting while it also arranged surprises for her.

Lu Boyan paused for a moment before he asked, “Two years ago, did you think about your life by now?”

“Yes!” Su Jian’an said without hesitation, “Not only now. I had even thought about my life after 20 years!”

There was a touch of doubt in Lu Boyan’s deep voice. “How will your life be in your imagination two years later?”

“It should be no different from the days before I got married. Most of the time, I will be working. During my free time, I will be sleeping, eating, or cooking.” Su Jian’an thought about it seriously and gave herself a big approval. “There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with such a life!”

Lu Boyan sighed, and there was actually some self-blame in his tone. “It is all my fault.”

Su Jian’an did not understand for a moment. She looked at Lu Boyan in confusion and asked, “What do you mean?”

She could not understand Lu Boyan’s meaning, and she did not even understand his words.

Lu Boyan patted Su Jian’an’s head and said, “If I had come to you earlier, your future plan would not have been so boring.”

Su Jian’an was speechless.

“Is that kind of life boring?

“Before marrying Boyan, I spent more than a year in that pattern after returning from abroad when I finished my postgraduate study.

“How is this boring?”

Before Su Jian’an could figure it out, the elevator had gone to the first floor.

Lu Boyan held Su Jian’an’s hand and walked out. He said with a sigh, “Fortunately, we’re married.”

The more Su Jian’an pondered on Lu Boyan’s words, the more she felt that something was wrong.

Lu Boyan seemed to mean that after they got married, she was the only one who changed her lifestyle.

“This is a double standard.

“I would not allow it!”

Su Jian’an tugged at Lu Boyan to stop and looked at him with confidence. “Wait a minute, let’s talk.”

Lu Boyan stopped and looked at Su Jian’an calmly. “What do you want to talk to me about?”

Su Jian’an summoned up her courage and revealed the truth little by little. “Before we got married, you didn’t seem to have an interesting life, did you? What else did you do besides work?”

Lu Boyan said without hesitation, “Of course, I had other things to do.”

Su Jian’an was stunned. She didn’t expect that she would be refuted so soon, but there was still a trace of suspicion in her heart. She tentatively asked, “Like what?”

Lu Boyan said lightly and deservedly, “Like spying on you.”

Su Jian’an was speechless.

She suddenly recalled that before they got married, Lu Boyan had specially sent someone to keep an eye on her, take some photos of her from time to time, and send them to him.

Of course, Lu Boyan would not interfere in her life unless she was in danger.

When they first got married, Su Jian’an still did not know about this, nor did she find any clues in her daily life.

Not long after Shen Yuechuan hinted at her in a teasing way, Lu Boyan honestly told the truth.

However, if Lu Boyan had not mentioned the word “spying”, Su Jian’an would have almost forgotten about this matter.

He brought up the past. Su Jian’an found it unbelievable that he talked about his spying so naturally.

The most important thing was that although Lu Boyan was obviously somehow in the wrong, she still felt that he was gorgeous.

Su Jian’an blamed herself in her heart. “I can’t believe I would let him go just because of his looks.”

Lu Boyan looked at Su Jian’an, who was speechless. He smiled. His loving eyes gradually became gentle.

She tried to remain her posture. She took a deep breath, looked at him, and said, “You don’t need to spy anymore. I’m right in front of you. Feel free to do whatever you want!”

Lu Boyan smiled brighter, and his eyes became a little ambiguous.

He lowered his head and whispered in Su Jian’an’s ear, “Jian’an, I like the last part of your words very much.”

Su Jian’an didn’t know what to say.

She thought for a moment and suddenly found that her last sentence was indeed easy to cause misunderstandings.

She glared at Lu Boyan and pretended to be angry. “We’re not at home. Can you behave yourself?”

“Sure.” Lu Boyan then changed the subject. “But the premise is that I don’t need to behave myself at all when I get home.”

Su Jian’an was speechless.

She knew that Lu Boyan would not easily agree to any of her requests.

She could only turn a deaf ear to him.

Half an hour later, Uncle Qian stopped the car, turned around, and said, “We’ve arrived at the restaurant.”

It was a very authentic western restaurant. Luo Xiaoxi picked it on a whim.

After dinner, the group of people came out of the restaurant.

Twilight had quietly fallen, the street lights and the car lights were on, and the city’s fast pace had slowed down. Instead, there was a kind of casual atmosphere with a little ambiguity.

The driver of Su Yicheng had already driven the car over.

Su Jian’an held Lu Boyan’s hand and said, “Brother, you and Xiaoxi can go back first. Don’t worry about us.”

The signs of Luo Xiaoxi’s pregnancy had become more and more obvious. In her words, she felt that she was about to be a complete slacker. She just wanted to eat and sleep. She only had enough energy to plan her personal brand when she was in a special state.

Su Jian’an used to be pregnant twice and knew this feeling, so she wanted Xiaoxi to go back to rest early.

Su Yicheng held Luo Xiaoxi’s hand and said, “Call me at any time if something’s up with Xiangyi.”

Su Jian’an pursed her lips and nodded. It was unknown if she was comforting herself or Su Yicheng. She said, “The doctor said that Xiangyi is out of danger, and she should be fine.”

Su Yicheng didn’t say anything more. He got in the car with Luo Xiaoxi and went home ahead of the others.

Su Yunjin checked the time and found that it was getting late. She instructed Shen Yuechuan and Xiao Yunyun something and then went back to the apartment with Xiao Guoshan.

Xiao Yunyun kicked out of boredom and said, “Jian’an, everyone has gone back. Let’s go back to the hospital.”

Shen Yuechuan needed to go back to the hospital to rest, and Su Jian’an was also worried about Xiangyi being alone in the hospital. She replied, “Okay.” She got in the car and asked Uncle Qian to send them back to the hospital.

As soon as they arrived, Su Jian’an and Lu Boyan went straight back to the suite on the top floor.

Xiangyi was still sleeping, but she had changed her posture. It was unknown when she hid her hands in the quilt. Her sleeping face was quiet and well-behaved, which made people adore her.

Soon, the nurse came in and told Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an that Xiangyi’s attending doctor had arrived.

Su Jian’an felt nervous. She subconsciously grabbed Lu Boyan’s sleeve, walked out, and asked, “Doctor, what’s going on with my daughter?”

“Xiangyi is fine, Mrs. Lu. You don’t need to be too nervous.” The doctor handed over a checkup report and said, “I just came to inform you that Xiangyi needs to stay in the hospital for observation tonight. If there is no problem, she can go home tomorrow. ”

The doctor left the ward after that.

Su Jian’an breathed a sigh of relief, and she gradually calmed down. Then, she frowned, looked at Lu Boyan, and said, “Xiyu is still at home. Should one of us go back?”

Xiangyi needed to be taken care of, and so did Xiyu. They could not completely hand over their children to Uncle Xu and the others.

No matter how well-equipped the security system in the hospital was, they felt the need to personally take care of Xiangyi.

Lu Boyan wasn’t okay with Su Jian’an spending the night here, so he said, “You’ll go home. I’ll stay here to look after Xiangyi.”

Su Jian’an hesitated and refused. “You need to go to the company tomorrow…”

It took Lu Boyan a lot of energy to deal with a day’s work.

If he stayed here to take care of Xiangyi, he would definitely not be able to have a good rest, and he would be very tired tomorrow.

Lu Boyan knew Su Jian’an’s concerns and kissed her on the forehead. “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be worried if you stay here.”

Once he was worried about Su Jian’an, he would not be able to have a good rest either. It was better to let Su Jian’an go home so that he could sleep without worrying about her.

Su Jian’an knew why Lu Boyan was worried about her.

But she did not want to mention Kang Ruicheng.

The only thing she could do now was to follow Lu Boyan’s arrangement.

Su Jian’an nodded obediently. “I will go home then.”

Lu Boyan sent Su Jian’an to the gate of the hospital and arranged for a few people to follow her. He watched her car disappear from his sight and then turned to go upstairs.

Su Jian’an sat alone in the back seat of the car, and the seat next to her was empty. She suddenly felt a little unaccustomed to it.

Since the birth of her two kids, Lu Boyan had always accompanied her when she went out.

This seemed to be the first time they would be separated for a short time.

It was obviously a normal thing, but Su Jian’an felt lost, and her heart seemed to be empty.

“I’m doomed.

“My dependence on Boyan seems to be too much.”

The car stopped at Dingya Villas. Uncle Qian called her twice. Only then did Su Jian’an realize that they had arrived. She hurriedly got out of the car and went home to get Xiyu.

Xiyu was quite obedient. He was held in Nanny Wu’s arms and was drinking milk.

Seeing Su Jian’an come back, Nanny Wu smiled and said, “Mrs. Lu, you came back at the right time. We need to bathe Xiyu today. Uncle Xu has no experience, and I’m afraid that I can’t do it alone.”

Su Jian’an smiled, held Xiyu in her arms, kissed his little face, and said, “We’ll bathe him when he finishes drinking milk and has a rest.”

Xiyu found that someone else was hugging him, so he subconsciously raised his head and looked at Su Jian’an.

Su Jian’an smiled at the little boy and said hello to him, “Mommy is back.”

Xiyu smiled, tilted his head in Su Jian’an’s arms, and leaned against her intimately.

Su Jian’an was full of happiness. She fed Xiyu milk, let him rest for a while, and then carried him into the bathroom.

Xiyu was not like ordinary children who were afraid of water. On the contrary, he liked water very much. Every time he took a shower, he had a good time. After the shower, he would be in a good mood. He would lie with Xiangyi and laugh when someone teased him, which was rare.

This time, after Su Jian’an bathed the little boy, she carried him back to his room to put on his clothes as usual. In the end, she put him on the baby bed and wanted to pamper him to sleep.

Xiyu turned his head and found that the baby bed next to him was empty. He pursed his lips and suddenly burst into tears.

Su Jian’an had thought that the little boy would sleep obediently, but she didn’t expect to hear his cries and was caught off guard.

She was very distressed, but she didn’t know how to deal with it for a moment. She could only pick up Xiyu and pamper him in a gentle voice in her arms.

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