A Sweet Marriage Is Worth Billions: Mysterious Young Master Moh's Cute and Sweet Wife

Chapter 49 - The Wrong Person  

Chapter 49: The Wrong Person

Shen Ziqian stood up shakily and looked in the direction where Moh Yanchen had disappeared.

“Miss Shen.” At that moment, someone walked down from the stage and approached her suggestively.

Shen Ziqian choked on the perfume on his body. Frowning slightly, she elegantly walked to the bar, sat down, and ordered a cup of “Angel’s Tears”.

The man approached her and reached out to hold her fair wrist. “What? Are you not turning around so that you don’t have to acknowledge seeing an old acquaintance?”

She looked at the man with some annoyance. He was a good producer. When she debuted, she had, more or less, received some help from him, which saved her from some detours.

So what if she was a daughter of the Shen Family? In this deep circle, once she entered, she was already in deep trouble. Some things were beyond one’s control, and everyone in it understood this principle.

“How can that be? Producer Chen, you really know how to joke.” She took a sip of the “Angel’s Tears” and looked at him with a smile on her face. However, she quickly pulled back her small hand, and a disgusted expression appeared on her slightly lowered face.

“That’s true, I haven’t been able to contact you recently! I’ve been producing a TV series about time traveling back to the Qing Dynasty and I originally wanted to ask you to be the female lead,” he said affectionately.

When she heard “Qing Dynasty”, she suddenly had a thought before turning to look at him with a smile.

“Don’t tell me it’s ‘To Test the World’?”

“Yes.” He nodded slightly. This TV series was adapted with ‘To Test the World’. It was based on the theme of Qing Dynasty. The background of the dynasty was modified to make the whole story even more vivid.

“I heard that you’re using the new actress, Shen Chengjing, as your second female lead?”

“That was the director’s idea. The person he likes shouldn’t be too bad. His reputation is better.” Producer Chen nodded slightly. He felt honored to be able to work with Director Ou.

He did not notice Shen Ziqian’s eyes flash with a glimmer. After casually sending a message on her phone, she turned to say to him, “Same place. See you there.”

Producer Chen did not expect her to be so proactive. After all, She Ziqian was already an A-list actress. To be able to get a room with her was more difficult than ascending the heavens.

“Good, good.” He kept nodding his head as he looked at her in a wretched manner. His large palm kept caressing her exposed shoulder, wishing that he could pounce on her immediately.

In Room 341, Producer Chen was naked. He pounced on the bed to caress the sexy person on it. Without any foreplay, he squeezed in.

“Ah, it hurts.” The person on the bed tried her best to cooperate.

At that moment, Producer Chen felt that the sound was not quite right, probably because he had drunk too much alcohol. However, the pleasure he felt did not diminish, so he tried his best to keep on assaulting the person on the bed.

“Baby, I didn’t expect your body to still be so beautiful, even though I haven’t f*cked you for so many years.” His words were very vulgar.

Noise resounded in the room.

“Bang.” At that moment, the door was pushed open and lights were turned on.

Shen Ziqian had her arms crossed across her chest as she looked at the man and the woman on the bed. When saw Producer Chen’s fat body, she felt nauseous and wanted to throw up.

“What are you doing?” She asked sternly, but a smug look flashed in her eyes.

Producer Chen was startled awake by her voice. He raised his head to look at Shen Ziqian and then looked at the woman under him. He was stunned.

Zhou Qing pulled the blanket over her as she sobbed incessantly. “How could this be? I can’t live anymore!”

“You- Who are you?” Producer Chen felt that things had gotten strange. Shen Ziqian was clearly the one who invited him here, so how could it be someone else?

“Isn’t this the third female lead of your Qing Dynasty TV drama? It looks like this is the legendary unspoken rule. Forget it, you guys can continue.” Shen Ziqian said this and left.

Producer Chen complained in his heart. He had wanted to sleep with Shen Ziqian, but didn’t expect to have done so with another woman. However, doing it still felt very good. At this moment, he could only accept his mistake.

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