A Sweet Marriage Is Worth Billions: Mysterious Young Master Moh's Cute and Sweet Wife

Chapter 48 - Who Exactly are You

Chapter 48: Who Exactly are You

Zhou Yuncheng and Wang Chenghao looked at each other again and made a gesture of tacit understanding. Since their brother was so tight-lipped, how could they just sit around and wait for their deaths?

“Recently, Brazil hasn’t been peaceful. Have you received any news?” Wang Chenghao tactfully changed the topic.

Zhou Yuncheng reached out and put his arm around his shoulder. The two of them laughed strangely.

“I suspect that the person from Brazil has already arrived in China. There is a virus called S.T. that has somehow reached my camp. Many soldiers have been infected.”

Moh Yanchen’s face turned ugly when he said this.

Mo Qiu had been busy researching the antidote for the past two days. On his way here, Mo Qiu had called to say that he was done with the antidote and that the soldiers were all fine.

He had followed this clue and secretly investigated, which pointed toward the Poison King of Brazil. However, they had always stayed out of each other’s way. Why did they have to make a move this time?

“F*ck, what he did is against the rules,” Zhou Yuncheng said in a stifled voice. The military was a special group. Once the outside world intervened, it would cause unnecessary war. This was a taboo in the military.

The Brazilian Poison King was not a soldier. However, it was believed he understood this matter and would not make an unnecessary move.

“I suspect he is not the mastermind,” he said in a low voice. “The poison was injected into the ape-man, who entered the forest, stabbed a soldier and infected him!”

Although he did not directly say this, this situation was made to catch his attention. It was someone’s deliberate move. It was not an accident.

“If there’s anything you need help with, just let me know. We’re not pushovers either, brother,” Wang Chenghao patted his chest and stretched out his five fingers. “I haven’t hit you in years. My hands are itchy.”

“Don’t forget about me when it comes to this kind of thing.” Zhou Yuncheng also came over. Just as he finished speaking, his phone rang.

“Hey, baby! Of course, I miss you. How could I forget you? Have a shower and wait for me. I’ll be there in a while,” Zhou Yuncheng said wickedly and even kissed his phone.

“Behave yourself. Don’t act like you’ve never touched a woman before. It’s embarrassing.” Wang Chenghao seized the opportunity to tease him.

“Since there’s nothing else, I’ll leave.” He pretended to smile ambiguously, then got up, put on his coat, and left without looking back.

“Hey, we agreed to treat tonight.” Wang Chenghao couldn’t help but call out as he watched him leave.

Naturally, he did not lack this bit of money, but Zhou Yuncheng was famous for standing him up. When it came to paying, he was the fastest to avoid it.

“It’s time to go.” He raised his wrist to look at the time. He finished the red wine in his glass and was about to get up.

Wang Chenghao looked at him thoughtfully. “Brother Chen, have you let it go?”

“Yes, there’s nothing that I can’t get over.” Moh Yanchen looked at him calmly.

He had never been involved with two women at the same time. His family education and his years of experience had taught him to not only be responsible but also to be faithful.

The moment he had chosen to marry Shen Chengjing, all of his past disappeared in a flash.

“Very well, congratulations.” Wang Shenghao was a little excited and relieved.

He stepped forward and hugged Moh Yanchen tightly, patting his shoulder gently.

After Moh Yanchen left, he sat alone on the sofa, drinking his wine.

“Ah!” At that moment, a tall figure rushed forward and bumped into Moh Yanchen’s arms.

Rather than holding her, he reflexively avoided her in disgust. Without sparing a glance at her, he strode away elegantly.

“It’s him?” Shen Ziqian fell to the side in a sorry state. She had drunk too much and wanted to go to the toilet, but she did not expect her steps to be so unsteady. She almost fell but ran into an acquaintance.

That day at the institution, she had seen that this man was different from the others, but could not find out anything about him. It was really strange.

“Who exactly are you?”

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