A Sweet Marriage Is Worth Billions: Mysterious Young Master Moh's Cute and Sweet Wife

Chapter 4 - Did I Marry a Man or a Ghost?

Chapter 4: Did I Marry a Man or a Ghost?

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Shen Chengjing stood on the street as she watched the Land Rover drive away. Then, she looked up at the Bureau of Civil Affairs’ office building.

“Oh! Did I see a ghost?” She bumped her head against the glass door, and the pain brought her back to her senses.

She had been dragged into the Bureau of Civil Affairs and got a marriage certificate. Then the man ran away?

When Liu Sijie raced to the Bureau of Civil Affairs, she saw Shen Chengjing standing there in a daze with a marriage certificate in her hand.

“Someone is working at this late hour?” Liu Sijie pulled up her coat and sat down on the step before grabbing the marriage certificate from Shen Chengjing’s hand. Her eyes rested on the small photo on the booklet.

The man gazed at the camera coldly, and the chill emitting from the deep dark eyes was frightening. One could never ignore the presence of such a guy even though it was only a small photo. What would he look like in person? She just didn’t dare to continue imagining.

“Moh Yanchen? I’ve never heard of this name before.” Liu Sijie turned her head and looked at Shen Chengjing.

Obviously, she was still shocked. First the shooting and then getting married in the middle of the night. The two things happened in 20 minutes.

“Hey! Where are you going?” Liu Sijie followed her as she walked away.

This was a retail street. She glanced around at the quiet street and didn’t even see a trace of the shooting. The place that had been shot by the bullets had returned to its original look.

“Cheng, are you okay?”

[TL Note: In China, any syllable of a person’s name could be turned into their nickname.]

Shen Chenjing searched and felt around the place like a crazy woman for more than ten minutes before stopping.

“It’s impossible. I’m sure this is the place.” Shen Chengjing couldn’t believe what she saw. How is this possible?

She had seen the bullets hit the wall and was sure that he had killed one man; there had been blood on the ground. But now the ground was clean, and the holes in the wall were gone.

“Cheng, aren’t you a bit overly stimulated?”

After all, she was taking desperate measures to retaliate against the people of the Shen Family!

“Jie, you know people in the Bureau of Public Security, right? Find out his background for me.” Shen Chengjing turned around, caught her friend’s hand, and said firmly.

A few minutes later, Liu Sijie hung up her phone with a grave look.

“He said he couldn’t find any information about this man.”

Thud. The marriage certificate dropped to the ground. Shen Chengjing’s face was ashen as she looked at her friend. “Did I truly see a ghost? How can it be?”

She picked up the marriage certificate and looked at the photo. The man in the photo was proof that the whole thing was real.

“He found the file showing that you’re indeed married now,” Liu Sijie added.

Shen Chengjing felt as if blood was stuck in her throat and she might spit it out.

“What’s that look on your face? It’s a temporary yet urgent matter! No big deal! You lost nothing in getting a marriage certificate. In fact, I think this guy might be a big shot. Maybe God sent him to rescue you. Haha.”

“Why are you laughing? Those people won’t let me go so easily.” Shen Chengjing put the marriage certificate into her bag. She had to figure out a way to deal with them.

“Hello, Ma’am.” At this moment, she received a phone call, then she turned around happily and hugged Liu Sijie. “Jie, I got selected. The crew went to the school to cast for a teen drama, and I got selected as the supporting actress. Am I dreaming?”

She was about to graduate from the College of Arts in A City and had entered the co-op stage, but there were lots of good actors and actresses in the school. She could only do some small roles without having a strong background. She was astonished that she had been selected for the supporting female role! Her dream had come true! This was the first step of her career.

The Shen Corporation was a mid-sized company with a good future. Unfortunately, after her father passed away, Shen Zhicai stopped paying for her living expenses with the excuse that the company was short on funds. In the past years, she had to work for living expenses even though she was the daughter of the late president of the Shen Corporation. She had been ignored and forgotten by the family, and now her closest family were trying to take her inheritance…

“Congrats! My Cheng is finally getting lucky! Your husband must be a god of good fortune.” Liu Sijie still remembered the man on the marriage certificate.

“What husband?” Shen Chengjing rolled her eyes.

They bickered as they held hands and walked into a small restaurant for a late night meal. Liu Sijie couldn’t stop talking about the handsome guy named Moh Yanchen.

They didn’t notice that a figure was standing in the darkness. This person watched them for a long time before leaving.

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